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This is like my 7th or 8th or 9th website. Each one had about ~50 posts and pages on it. All that writing has been lost, but it's effects are still felt. When I write I always have a goal of getting past like 100 post count, but I almost always chicken out, all this sensitive information just out there, it makes you bug out. I'm also very into computers, as many of the posts are computer related. I work with C++, Python on Bytecode Virtual Machines but I haven't made anything really useful yet, it's like there's a block or something preventing me from developing an Ai that builds upgrades for humanity. The project just goes nowhere, it's been 4 years of researching into how to work with C++, i've come a long way, but nothing ever transpires, it makes me think there's a lock on it or something.
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I just watched the recaps of this movie, “The Woman’s Battalion Of Death” and some of the scenes were pretty bloody, you have to like combat to like this movie, but the blood seemed just so real, and the director of it seemed such a far off, fake entity that I just decided that he wasn’t even real. The scenes in it, it was generally “cinematic” and all, but it also screamed that this was real blood. As you watch, look at not how the bloody scenes “could” be real, but look at them as though they are real, and that this movie just kinda came off of some kinda machine, or some alien printer with the technology to be able to make something like that happen. Remember the Ancients. More than all that I wanted the girls in this movie to be heroes, and I wanted the movie to...

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I was supposed to come with some really grand thing, like something much bigger than the defeat of Negative Energy, except I think that that episode has been called off. By something really grand, I meant like perhaps the start of the program “Satellite.” My plan is to develop a computer language, called Satellite, and in the language satellite develop another language, with an unknown name, then in that 2nd language develop an artificial intelligence that produces data. This was the really grand thing that was supposed to start except, I think it’s been called off. There is the fact that i’ve tried to write Satellite before, and I have failed, as if there were something physically blocking me from doing so. I just kinda start to drift away from the keyboard, then I guess I get up, and start pacing back and forth. Instead of programming the application. I...

I Live In A Huuge Glass House
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If you don’t know the saying, “If you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones” now you do. It means, don’t make fun of people if you are susceptible to being made fun of, as the tide could easily shift and turn against you. All the time I am in my head, i’m thinking, why is this person doing this, or why did that person just say that? I have a general formula that states that so many people “don’t belong” in this reality. All the while all of this is in my head, there too comes along someone perhaps slightly better than I am, or someone who is way better. Sure it doesn’t look like they would come from this reality, and it would appear that what i’m doing is calling a spade a spade, but what’s wrong with this? I fight it off constantly, when i’m awake...

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I was going to delete the last post, because it had a negative vibe and I believe that negative things can translate into something physical. In essence, this translates to.. the fact that somebody could be injured by just this harmless post, because we are weilding magicks, but there are, many, security mechanisms in place. First of all things like the last line of defense for this website, Plesk’s built-in security and added-on securities. These can prevent something from going terribly wrong, but we have yet to see evidence that it entirely blocks or ENTIRELY mitigates the threat. But i’m going to leave it there. Because, if there was damage, it has already been done, and I want to leave it there as a record of what has occurred here, the battle we have all fought, I want to present a completely accurate, nothing held back, portrayal of the different...

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So the net result of this is that you may not lose anything at all. Granted, by the time it comes back to you it will be like 5 years from now, that aside, we have to make these choices because I was looking around at the people. Some were poor, some were rich, very few were rich, we’re not taking your money away. In other words, we’re not taking your physical luxuries away, but we’re docking your mental luxuries. What happened today on May the 4th, I was up at my step-father’s house and he was telling me about how the board of this company got all the money that the company made, and the workers didn’t get anything. I matched it up to what he’s really trying to tell me on this May 4th: My staff, My high command is keeping all the profits and the people are...

The Looking Glass Wars
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The Looking Glass Wars was my first name for this kind of thing, and what it has become is to some, A Monster. The daily activities, just the daily coming and going, all the War and Chaos, Death and Pain, it has evolved into something like a monster. When I wake up in the morning, I don’t say to myself, “I’m a Monster, and i’m going to like Burn someones house while they’re in it” I don’t do that, and the reason I have brought this up is because we must, must, must at least try to do the right thing. You can’t go around planning to light a house on fire while it’s occupied. We all understand how things can get out of control if it does happen to happen, but your mentality is what i’m really talking about. We all know that theres no way out of this...

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The Link to download Ubuntu 22.04.4 is here, or in the middle of this page. The radeon amd drivers install the same regardless of what graphics card you have, your system is customized by the AMD install script “amdgpu-install” But, we want the best possible configuration that we can get, and that configuration or set of instructions to configure the configuration script is always the same, so I can provide it here for you. I have been working with my AMD Radeon graphics card for 3 or 4 years now, and i’ve got some knowledge on the subject of installing the graphics drivers. Don’t install these drivers on any version of ubuntu except these versions: This is not about RHEL, although that operating system is supported I have no experience on it, but the configuration of the install script is likely the same as this. Once you have ubuntu 22.04.3...

Terran Marine stacraft 2 drawing 754x1200 resolution image wallpaper quality
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My website just got shutdown because I was using drupal plugins. Drupal is a CMS, that I thought was pretty good, but it shut my whole server down just for using a few plugins on it. Of course, we cannot know for absolute certainty what shut the server down, as I don’t have access to stuff like how reality works, etc, but I can be pretty certain that it was caused by someone trying to gain a positive outcome out of a negative. The negative is that my site is lost, and the positive we have yet to see, but they cut their killing spree short when my backup system worked. Or plesks backup system. I was contemplating while it was down whether or not I should try to hit the person that shut the site down. Then I had a better idea. I’ll punish the next person, and the...

Jesus Christ high definition image for the blog
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I used to know how to fix this problem. I’m working with LLVM/Clang and I cannot get it to compile, it says “iostream” not found, now, I just remembered something typing that out. I’ve got to go to where iostream is and include the folder. Working on those folders made me realize something. GCC is working, so I can use it to build llvm/clang. I wonder if this will solve the problem. Now speaking of problems, we’re all wondering, will this problem we face always be here? Will we make progress against it, or will it just entirely go away? I don’t really have that answer, only big brother knows the answer to that question, and in turn, you as well. But you guys hardly tell me like anything, so i’m just left wondering, are we always going to be mounting a siege against this threaT? That is a very...

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I was originally going to make this about police, in addition to adeptus Mechanicus, but I decided that might be weird/too hard to do. And although I cannot do the Cult Mechanicus justice in one post, I will still try to get them something, however much that something turns out to be. For those who are unaware who the Cult Mechanicus are, you can search google for warhammer 40k mechanicus or something like that. They are a “cult” that is supposed to exist within the Imperium, but for many reasons they have drifted away from that deal while still holding onto their duties to the Imperium. Now if your wondering what the Imperium is, you need to pay attention more, because that is what humanity’s empire is called in the year 40,000. They have named it the Imperium Of Man, it’s a take on the word Imperial. Recently I heard...

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