Not Now,

I used to know how to fix this problem. I’m working with LLVM/Clang and I cannot get it to compile, it says “iostream” not found, now, I just remembered something typing that out. I’ve got to go to where iostream is and include the folder.

Working on those folders made me realize something. GCC is working, so I can use it to build llvm/clang. I wonder if this will solve the problem.

Now speaking of problems, we’re all wondering, will this problem we face always be here? Will we make progress against it, or will it just entirely go away?

I don’t really have that answer, only big brother knows the answer to that question, and in turn, you as well.

But you guys hardly tell me like anything, so i’m just left wondering, are we always going to be mounting a siege against this threaT?

That is a very chilling, cold thought to have. And so it might mean we try extra hard, trying to gain some ground against it, so that less people are at risk. I think of the Jewish peoples and them being held hostage, it’s like this stuff doesn’t get any worse.

Then to add to everything is what the Russian soldiers are going through, they, some of them running from their duty at the front line, because they don’t know the reason behind their work…

Will we always face this problem? Or does it not even matter? And as we all pick up our weapons, whatever that may be, we wonder, will we be using these tools of war forever?

I cannot answer it, but it doesn’t look good, we’ve tried everything to gain ground and although we gained some ground, in a sort of net-all-considerations-taken we didn’t gain any ground. What happened was that we had a bill. Then we transfered that bill into something else. Kinda like, having a bill but instead of the person you owe to, instead of paying them, you elected to work for him. Something like that, and the net cost is that everything remains even.

That is the result of all of our endless days spent writing and trying to gain ground against the threat. Now i’m not saying that our bill is work, I believe it is something perhaps darker, and i’m not saying that because I have to. I’m saying it because, it’s even worse than that, but to put it into a way we can all deal with, i’m just calling it “darker”.

What do you say to that, hmmm? I don’t know, it doesn’t really look like you can gain ground against it, does it?

It would take, I am assuming, something like a miracle for us to have gained ground, but I can cut it off now, i’ve grown strong enough. And so I trim it like a bush, into something we can all recognize, shaving off and picking apart the whole until it is much, much smaller.

With this I can say that I have neutralized this “threat” and that the next step, waiting, will take awhile. It will take much time, yes, just to finish the work against the negative that has been deleted or, more precisely, neutralized.