We’re Waiting For You!

I was supposed to come with some really grand thing, like something much bigger than the defeat of Negative Energy, except I think that that episode has been called off.

By something really grand, I meant like perhaps the start of the program “Satellite.” My plan is to develop a computer language, called Satellite, and in the language satellite develop another language, with an unknown name, then in that 2nd language develop an artificial intelligence that produces data. This was the really grand thing that was supposed to start except, I think it’s been called off.

There is the fact that i’ve tried to write Satellite before, and I have failed, as if there were something physically blocking me from doing so. I just kinda start to drift away from the keyboard, then I guess I get up, and start pacing back and forth. Instead of programming the application. I get a few lines down, test to see if it works, it does, then I get up to pace back and forth and celebrate. This, is a far, far cry from actually developing the language Satellite.

What it would take would be like chunks of 200 – 300 lines of C++ that are added each and every day, almost without rest! It would really be something. They told me to try again later. At least they didn’t tell me to try again now, which we can plainly see that that won’t work.

so before this next command, cd into some place where you want to put the llvm-project folder. Like, /home/madness/opt/clang-x where x is the current version of clang available from the git. You kinda need to run the command to see that, so just put it as clang-1 and clang-2 for your second try.

git clone

Type that into your favorite terminal, with git installed, you’ll also need to install cmake, but if you’ve already got a C++ compiler installed you can skip the next blot of code:


That is a link to the latest GCC, GCC-15. It will be more than sufficient to build your latest llvm/clang.

Firstly we must download some prerequisites on ubuntu/debian:

sudo apt install build-essential bison flex libgmp3-dev libmpc-dev libmpfr-dev texinfo libisl-dev

That will get you the dependencies to build GCC. It is always good to have GCC around, you never know when you’ll want to actually edit it or something and need the skill of compiling the toolset.

cd to/base/of/gcc/dir
sudo ./configure --prefix="/home/madness/opt/c++/gcc/gcc-15-1"

Being sure to change “madness” to your username…

This will configure your terminal to build GCC. Enter the next command, it takes awhile to finish I must say. It is this build step that compiles the whole of GCC into something that we humans can make use of. Below builds GCC, using 16 Threads, not 16 cores but 16 threads, if your computer has an alternate thread count, then use that alternate count, if you don’t know, just type -j4 and it will slowly build the application. Don’t forget to add “bootstrap” to get the latest and greatest in compiler technology. Bootstrapping is essentially where the compiler you just built, builds another compiler, and then you use that 2nd compiler, built by the first compiler. I don’t get it 100% but it sounds cool.

sudo make -j16 bootstrap

I’m also almost positive you don’t need “sudo” in these commands, …

So the above builds GCC, and it uses 16 cores, and it bootstraps the compiler that it produces as a product. Finally we need only to install GCC:

sudo make install

there was something called “altinstall” where it wouldn’t overwrite anything, but make a separate installation record on your system, but I don’t know much about that, and i’m just going to move on as i’ve never needed to use altinstall.

By the way, installing this compiler can be tricky, because it’s not built by the people that made your system, you have to go to do this:

sudo nautilus /bin

where nautilus is the name of your file manager. Next we open up a door to where we just were:

sudo nautilus /home/madness/opt/c++/gcc/gcc-15-1/bin

You should now have two windows open. You have to replace the old GCC program files with the new ones, it doesn’t do it automatically, so your “system” won’t use the new GCC unless you do this:

cc cpp c++ gcc g++

You have to replace in the /bin folder those names, and delete them, then replace them with the files from the /opt nautilus, which you need to create links to them. In ubuntu it’s a context menu item that you click on, “Create Symbolic Link” and in debian it’s a shortcut: ctrl + shift + m

(with the file selected. This is so confusing i’m sorry. You need to look up something about symbolic links let me point you to a webpage.


With that now out of the way, we can continue onto our intended purpose: the shining city on the hill: LLVM/Clang!

I’ve given you the command git above to download llvm/clang project, now cd to the directory that command created, it’s called “llvm-project”. Type into that dir sudo cmake -G “Unix Makefiles” ../llvm … the full command below

sudo cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" ../llvm -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Relea

That is an impressively-sized command! Let’s talk about this for like 45 minutes. firstly is -G “Unix Makefiles” this will create a project with an old fashioned Makefile and everything. ../llvm is the dir where the root of llvm is, and build type can also be “debug” but I like to run it as Release. install_prefix is where the resulting product will be placed, our gcc command is the gcc-15 compiler we built earlier, and projects we can only enable one since we are bootstrapping, I have never been able to build multiple things at once with LLVM, but maybe you have had better luck, fill that projects list up. asm compiler is gcc, that’s just using gcc for asm, bootstrap we have already explained, bootstrap passthrough is new, when llvm rolls over to the 2nd compiler it loses all the config files and loses everything, this will make sure at least some files get through to the 2nd pass.


sudo make install

And we are done for now.

If anything went wrong while configuring clang/llvm, it’s probably because you didn’t copy over the program files of “gcc” or “g++” correctly, make sure your naming the real gcc from your links you make…

I Live In A Huuge Glass House 0

I Live In A Huuge Glass House

If you don’t know the saying, “If you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones” now you do. It means, don’t make fun of people if you are susceptible to being made fun of, as the tide could easily shift and turn against you.

All the time I am in my head, i’m thinking, why is this person doing this, or why did that person just say that? I have a general formula that states that so many people “don’t belong” in this reality. All the while all of this is in my head, there too comes along someone perhaps slightly better than I am, or someone who is way better. Sure it doesn’t look like they would come from this reality, and it would appear that what i’m doing is calling a spade a spade, but what’s wrong with this?

I fight it off constantly, when i’m awake enough to do so. If i’m plowed on all kinds of substances and half asleep I may just go with it, and there are even times that I go with it even when i’m wide awake. It’s just some negative thing.

The positive, is obviously that I am upgrading these people, they are improving, I can see signs of improvement all across the board, and that is what originally started this whole “don’t belong” thing, I was analyzing whether my upgrades were actually upgrading people or not.

One of the first things that happened is that my general opinion of people was that they generally fit “in this reality” and that they were not from some distant battlefield or something like that. I instantly noticed they did not fit, what was going on here? All my life I had just accepted the situation for what it was, then as I analyzed everything I could see holes in the fabric, a little cut here, or a gaping hole there.

Slowly, that led me to concoct a theory of an Ancient peoples, the very first people, who began in a place wholly outside of this universe. This place didn’t have a skyline, or 3 dimensions, it was more like it was 2 dimensional. I had to piece this whole theory to present it to you just from my best guess, but I don’t know, I think it is accurate enough. Some of the pieces were put there by this ancient peoples, and some I had to figure out. For example the sky line, I looked at our horizon line in my home town and I instantly noticed that it… it was made up, this is a fairy tale, in reality for these ancient persons it was 2 dimensional.

From there the story gets really weird, the first living thing was this fish like object, that spent all of it’s days scraping against the rock that it was surrounded in. I call this being “Marius” from Diablo 2, and Marius is in fact my Mother, who was kind of a feminine entity. This entity began to create a sort of waste or something, this all happening over thousands or even millions of years, the rules were in place for Marius so that it never died, nor did it sleep I don’t think, anyway this waste that Marius created eventually turned into like these sticks that could move within the 2-dimensions. These sticks somehow were mobile, and they didn’t have much in the form of memories, because there was no such thing as a memory back then, there wasn’t such a thing as intelligence either, so it kinda created an aquarium of different things that didn’t have the capacity for like, language.

That is about all that I know of the Ancients story, somehow persons appeared that were able to talk, and then that created all sorts of problems, and somewhere in there they experienced what was great Holocausts, where the suffering and, the deeds done during these times were monumental.

I personally don’t like the story, mainly because it includes like holocausts that last for millenia, but it there lies a key that turns the whole mechanism.

All of that suffering, turns into a positive. That much negative energy appears as some positive, which is myself doing this stuff. Producing valuable, often quantity and quality are both at extreme levels. All of this and we are barely able to hold our ground, it’s because we’re playing with the same deck of cards that the Ancients played with, there’s not some mystical 3rd Age that you all through and through believe in, it’s a lie.

So saying that the 3rd Age is a lie could be seen as seeing the Ancients suffering as nothing, they are so interconnected, they are one in the same. But this 3rd Age that we often speak of, it’s just a product of negative energy, and it, after it’s time had expired, would revert back to the way it was. I am bordering on a Holocaust myself, there’s like a blown transmission in my stomach.

When I was on the Dark Web I ordered this adderall in a white powder, I had ordered many, many letters filled with this powder. One time, I created an application that upgraded people while I was on it, something about “data” the FBI wanted. After I created this application, I called my dad to see what he was doing, whether he could bring my letter over to where I was, because I didn’t really have a ride. He brought it over, and said “throw it away” and then he threw it in the trash. I picked it up after he was gone, and used some of it. 3 seconds after ingesting this powder my stomach like exploded in a pain, it made me lay down, and as I lay there twisting and turning in pain, eventually motionless, my laptop began to “beep… beep… beep…” like my life support was reporting that I was dieing.

Now your going to tell me this is a fairy tale? My stomach still hurts, and that was in december of 2015, that’s 8 and a half years ago. This reality runs on drugs and suffering, prostitution and human trafficking. It doesn’t run on fairies and hope and dreams. Thats a weird conversation to have. Why this reality runs on negative energy, why negative energy to begin with? Why can’t we change it to run on positive energy?

It has something to do with, I think, that there is actually nothing there. In place of nothing we think of it as a “negative” type of energy, when it’s more like “nothing” though we cannot understand how something could come from nothing. We really can’t understand that, and after all of my trials…

When I see someone, like a crippled person, or a person overweight, I always think of the negative energy that they are producing, having to live like that, they are like mini heroes, with the more real hero being someone in the Army or the Marines, but that’s another story. I often think of the police as heroes, I see them driving around, sometimes one will be in front of me, we’re stopped at a light, and they just take off. It’s like their towing me along, making sure I make it, making sure I get to the next big thing, as if it were all scripted and there was just a list of big things.

They risk their lives, but it’s funny because, doesn’t technically the Mob risk their lives as well? We never talk about them. They have had like no signals in the last 3 or 4 years, and they had like one real big signal, I can’t remember how it went.

So what’s my point? I guess my point is just how truly massive my House is. Ignore for a moment the type of material that my house is made out of, glass. Ignore that for just a moment.


What is it that your doing?

I was going to delete the last post, because it had a negative vibe and I believe that negative things can translate into something physical. In essence, this translates to.. the fact that somebody could be injured by just this harmless post, because we are weilding magicks, but there are, many, security mechanisms in place.

First of all things like the last line of defense for this website, Plesk’s built-in security and added-on securities. These can prevent something from going terribly wrong, but we have yet to see evidence that it entirely blocks or ENTIRELY mitigates the threat. But i’m going to leave it there.

Because, if there was damage, it has already been done, and I want to leave it there as a record of what has occurred here, the battle we have all fought, I want to present a completely accurate, nothing held back, portrayal of the different events.

By different events I just mean, sometimes I present, most often, a positive themed post, where we’re talking about upgrading people, or somebody is to receive a great deal of power, always try to present a positive theme/vibe. Then there are occasions where that positive vibe and theme goes south, usually when I think myself or someone i’m close to is threatened, now i’m not really talking about just someone saying something threatening, that happens every day, i’m more like, someone is threatened in the form of total defeat, or something like eternal slavery, should some particular event play out. These things almost always come around to be worked out, or just plain not true.

So i’m leaving the post there, in all it’s negative glory.

An example of Plesk!

Plesk is the software that controls everything for this website (server I should say), and it’s makers know nothing, I presume, about negatively-themed posts, and how the plesk software might work to prevent those negative physical events from transpiring, except, when you start to see how it IS doing just that, you begin down that rabbit hole everyone was talking about, it is in fact bottomless, cold and dark.

Like for example, plesk has firewalls for when your being bruteforced, or some other type of attack on your password. That these perpetrators be brought to justice is almost impossible, but when you see that what they are doing is not just wrong but, they almost assume their going to get away with it. All it takes is a little push of H into their streams and it’s all over, and plesk walks away the victor.

But we don’t really need to live like this, we really don’t, which is why you shouldn’t put up walls that I have to find my way around, and there shouldn’t be anybody bruteforcing my server, it’s not supposed to be going on, one time this group of hackers was at it using like names that revealed what group they were a part of, but not revealing anything personal, I dunno, they were like taking credit for the failure.

However! We do have to live like this, as you are choosing to poke me with a stick, eventually, I must attempt to take the stick and break it, or throw it, and that someday we always arrive at, always.

What about the story, the one where “hacking” is actually programming and “cracking” is what everyone thinks of as hacking? Hacking something together, like hacking out a program, you don’t “crack” out a program, you guys have it all wrong. I wasn’t supposed to write that but I did.

One thing is that I don’t think with the way the internet works and bruteforcing a password is so unlikely to succeed, I don’t think they have ever even succeeded in breaking in, but that is much blood that has been shed attempting to.


Your Doing It Wrong

So the net result of this is that you may not lose anything at all. Granted, by the time it comes back to you it will be like 5 years from now, that aside, we have to make these choices because I was looking around at the people. Some were poor, some were rich, very few were rich, we’re not taking your money away. In other words, we’re not taking your physical luxuries away, but we’re docking your mental luxuries.

What happened today on May the 4th, I was up at my step-father’s house and he was telling me about how the board of this company got all the money that the company made, and the workers didn’t get anything. I matched it up to what he’s really trying to tell me on this May 4th: My staff, My high command is keeping all the profits and the people are remaining poor.

Some might say, you gave all the money to the Mob, and nobody else got anything. That’s true, but this is energy, stuff that you need to live, and i’ve fought to hard for the person that doesn’t have anything, i’ve been the person that doesn’t have anything, I guess you might call this my revenge.

I’m setting it at 35% to the high command, and 65% passed out in a manner between Absolute and Relative to the people in general. You’re keeping much of your pay, but I can imagine you were taking like 100% or even more than that.

So this is that fight we’ve been waiting for, the one against the rat jesus. That fight against every time somebody has fucked you over, this is that battle. Now it’s time that we win one, and that these people stealing all the energy, just sitting there collecting a check, and thrown out. Get rid of them, we don’t need that shit.

I shouldn’t have to say anymore so here’s a slideshow:

LONDON, ENGLAND – DECEMBER 15: People dressed as Stormtroopers from the Star Wars franchise of films pose on the Millennium Bridge to promote the latest release in the series, “Rogue One”, on December 15, 2016 in London, England. “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” is the first of three standalone spin-off films and is due for released in the UK today. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)
photo: Balazs Mohai
The Looking Glass Wars 0

The Looking Glass Wars

The Looking Glass Wars was my first name for this kind of thing, and what it has become is to some, A Monster. The daily activities, just the daily coming and going, all the War and Chaos, Death and Pain, it has evolved into something like a monster.

When I wake up in the morning, I don’t say to myself, “I’m a Monster, and i’m going to like Burn someones house while they’re in it” I don’t do that, and the reason I have brought this up is because we must, must, must at least try to do the right thing. You can’t go around planning to light a house on fire while it’s occupied. We all understand how things can get out of control if it does happen to happen, but your mentality is what i’m really talking about.

We all know that theres no way out of this “Endless War” we know that, but we shouldn’t go the other way and say to ourselves we’re just going to go all out and just destroy. That’s not a good idea. Generally your mentality should be, not that your in the business of harming people.

And if that’s not your mentality, well then you are just one of those destined to cause these scenes with the police and the FBI searching for the attacker. But what i’m saying is that if your thinking that way, take this as the time to change that kind of thinking, and I must say this sort of thing should only be carried out when it is agreed upon, like perhaps by a larger group than just like 10 people.

Now we all know how these events occur, these negative events happen even when somebody is like not intending to do anyone harm. It’s just like somebody picks up a weapon and just starts using it, without any real thought of trying to use the weapon. We all know that that is the reality that we face. So therefore, we have to try to do the right thing. I can’t really explain why, or how I know that we should be doing the right thing, I just know that we must do this. I drew this conclusion from the experience of Death and War. It is not something that should be manufactured in someones basement. War is a painful thing that should, we should try to lessen it.

In fact, I am cutting the ties that cause these events to occur, so that the string attaching the event to the person causing the event, to the actual cause OF the event is now broken, and that that line is now blocked and so it cannot reform. Now it’s up to you.

To be diplomatic and save people alot of pain and suffering. Alot of people view War as something that’s like a necessary, going-to-happen no matter what kind of thing. It’s not that, and your not only hurting your own soldiers when you don’t use Diplomacy, but your hurting the other side too. Like for example, Heaven and Hell, they have been going at it perhaps more recently with games like Diablo ushering that sort of thing in, but perhaps today they might see a chance to take up a diplomatic solution to the problem that they face, because just beating on each other really doesn’t solve anything, unless you manage to eliminate the other side, then you’re left “victorious” when you both could have lived, had you both relied upon diplomacy.

Maybe you could even do something together, like work on a project, like build a giant tower and argue over whether it should be Black or White, instead of tearing into each other, you could take up the defensive role this tower brings to you, and perhaps join me in the game of Chinese Poker. See if you can defend the tower, in a certain place, or something. How you arrive at where that place should be, I don’t know.

This is in contrast to like, just plain killing each other. We have all seen and had enough of the killing and death, we have to do something about it, and there’s a reason for doing that something… It’s like the right thing to do, down the path of War does not lay happiness and prosperity, War lies in bed with corruption and treason, to invite those kinds of things in.

Perhaps there are special circumstances, like the Emperor had so many people supporting him, (40k) that he was able to hold onto his position and cause war at the same time, because the negative was that there were other things going on in his empire, other than treason, so he traded treason for like the blood of something innocent, like perhaps all the animals that have been eaten by all those Space Marines, not that I would deny them this, i’m just saying that’s alot of blood.


How-to Radeon Ubuntu

The Link to download Ubuntu 22.04.4 is here, or in the middle of this page.

The radeon amd drivers install the same regardless of what graphics card you have, your system is customized by the AMD install script “amdgpu-install”

But, we want the best possible configuration that we can get, and that configuration or set of instructions to configure the configuration script is always the same, so I can provide it here for you. I have been working with my AMD Radeon graphics card for 3 or 4 years now, and i’ve got some knowledge on the subject of installing the graphics drivers.

Don’t install these drivers on any version of ubuntu except these versions:

Ubuntu 22.04.3
Ubuntu 22.04.4

This is not about RHEL, although that operating system is supported I have no experience on it, but the configuration of the install script is likely the same as this. Once you have ubuntu 22.04.3 installed, by the way we will be using ubuntu 22.04.3 and not ubuntu 22.04.4 as .3 supports rocm, and that is how you program your graphics card (with rocm)

And as I have tried to find a link to 22.04.3 it eludes me. There is only 22.04.4 available for download, but I do have one I can upload, I have .3 saved on my operating systems drive.

The radeon driver is still installing on my system, but lets get to it:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install ./amdgpu-install_6.0.60002-1_all.deb
sudo amdgpu-install -y --usecase=graphics,rocm --vulkan=amdvlk,pro --opencl=rocr
sudo usermod -a -G render,video $LOGNAME

What this means is that you intend to use your graphics card as a workstation, which leaves like everything open, and you also want to use rocm, the programming interface provided by AMD for Radeon graphics cards, –usecase=workstation,rocm and vulkan is like some shared library between nvidia and amd, and we want to install both amdvlk and pro, the first one is open source, and the second one is the closed source (pro).

The other lines are kinda self explainatory, except maybe usermod -a -G render,video $LOGNAME I don’t quite know what that is, I don’t really have experiencce with either of these user types, so I can’t tell you.

Anyway that’s my story and i’m sticking to it. What’s to come next is a “Hello, World!” in Radeon ROCM, I think I will use LLVM/Clang to accomplish this…

Terran Marine stacraft 2 drawing 754x1200 resolution image wallpaper quality 0

Falling Forwards

My website just got shutdown because I was using drupal plugins. Drupal is a CMS, that I thought was pretty good, but it shut my whole server down just for using a few plugins on it. Of course, we cannot know for absolute certainty what shut the server down, as I don’t have access to stuff like how reality works, etc, but I can be pretty certain that it was caused by someone trying to gain a positive outcome out of a negative.

The negative is that my site is lost, and the positive we have yet to see, but they cut their killing spree short when my backup system worked. Or plesks backup system. I was contemplating while it was down whether or not I should try to hit the person that shut the site down. Then I had a better idea.

I’ll punish the next person, and the person after that. You’ll incur such a high cost for doing this kind of thing that you’ll really be wishing that you hadn’t done it. I am creating a weapon that I call “The Spammer” but you won’t hear any more about it, you’ll just have to commit suicide if you really want to know.

Obviously this is something that is probably extremely unpleasant, and for a guess I can bet that you end up staring at the wall, wishing you… You get the idea.

What these people tried to do is to shut my server down, and destroy all of my work, and I cannot A) let that happen and B) more importantly, let it happen again.

So I have created a device that severely punishes the person responsible, and anyone involved in any manner. You are not allowed to involve yourself with placing me backwards anymore, and there’s a stiff punishment to go along with that. I am placing everything i’ve got on this, on it working, but for one it won’t punish bystanders, should you choose to allow it to happen, then it won’t hit you, i’m not out to get people, i’m out to stop them from setting me backwards, and while I could just not allow myself to be placed backwards, that is something for the future.

So what they were trying to do is clear, and I won’t swing at them, but the next thing i’m swinging at, it’s already in the shopping bag, I just need to pay for it now.

So we’ll just get knocked down, again and again,

I wonder if this will trigger a cycle of me getting knocked down, and then standing back up? I’ll allow for even worse punishments to be placed upon someone plotting this sort of thing. It’s much worse, say if you were planning something. The planning is what really gets you into trouble, but go ahead and try, and you’ll quickly learn not to do that again.

So I wonder, I really wonder if this mechanism is enough to protect me, I know that everyone will come back down to reality after i’ve taken a step backwards, I mean we can’t actually go backwards, it would defeat the whole point of everything, so that’s why I get set back on the road, back to walking, but I cannot allow this cycle to continue. I have the right to do this, if your going to commit suicide, that’s your right too, I don’t care, if your trying to set me backwards then your an enemy, so I want this to happen to you.

What. All my images are high quality. So, you might argue that I don’t have the right to do something like this. But I argue that I do have that right, I think I have this right, so i’m taking it.

I hold the power, and i’m going to stop you with it. It’s now pulled back like a slingshot, I would think it would go off and you would really be wishing it hadn’t, but i’m not going to make strange rules to go along with it like, you must stop a step backwards, i’m not going to be strange, i’m going to do what i’m allowed to do, and i’m allowed to defend myself. Should you choose to walk into that defense…

Should you choose to walk into my defense, that’s your fault, you knew it was there. You just thought you were going to walk all over me, didn’t you? I’m not going to let that happen, i’m going to do something about it, within legal limits.

That reminds me. Starcraft. I walked outside today there were all these kids playing in the street, and there were all these bee’s buzzing. I assumed one of the trailers around me was playing music, because I could hear some. I twisted it around in my head and thought it sounded like a terran theme from starcraft 2… i’ll post a link…

Starcraft 2: Terran Theme 01

So I kinda thought, that’s neat, it sounds like the music was coming from everywhere in the air. Then I shut the door, after I walked in, and I thought to myself that music must have went out when I shut the door, that’s why it went out. So just curious about finding out who was playing the music so loud, I opened the door, and there wasn’t any music at all.

What I had been hearing had been some kind of magical scene or something, but there’s nobody that I know of that could have caused such a scene, I don’t know of any wizards who can play MP3’s out their asses, so it’s really strange how these things occur, with nobody in control of them. It just seems like there’s somebody in control, because your in control.

Your not accustomed to things happening out of the control of everything, but look at the lightning, waves, and the wind, or even trees you might argue, trees grow and regrtow, but you say, what, that’s what trees do? That isn’t enough to explain everything about trees. Now the wind and rain and lightning has something out of control.

I’m going to stomp out the lightning and the rain and the wind and in turn make the next person to walk into my defense pay for it, fuck let’s just burn these people, who cares.

Jesus Christ high definition image for the blog 0

Not Now,

I used to know how to fix this problem. I’m working with LLVM/Clang and I cannot get it to compile, it says “iostream” not found, now, I just remembered something typing that out. I’ve got to go to where iostream is and include the folder.

Working on those folders made me realize something. GCC is working, so I can use it to build llvm/clang. I wonder if this will solve the problem.

Now speaking of problems, we’re all wondering, will this problem we face always be here? Will we make progress against it, or will it just entirely go away?

I don’t really have that answer, only big brother knows the answer to that question, and in turn, you as well.

But you guys hardly tell me like anything, so i’m just left wondering, are we always going to be mounting a siege against this threaT?

That is a very chilling, cold thought to have. And so it might mean we try extra hard, trying to gain some ground against it, so that less people are at risk. I think of the Jewish peoples and them being held hostage, it’s like this stuff doesn’t get any worse.

Then to add to everything is what the Russian soldiers are going through, they, some of them running from their duty at the front line, because they don’t know the reason behind their work…

Will we always face this problem? Or does it not even matter? And as we all pick up our weapons, whatever that may be, we wonder, will we be using these tools of war forever?

I cannot answer it, but it doesn’t look good, we’ve tried everything to gain ground and although we gained some ground, in a sort of net-all-considerations-taken we didn’t gain any ground. What happened was that we had a bill. Then we transfered that bill into something else. Kinda like, having a bill but instead of the person you owe to, instead of paying them, you elected to work for him. Something like that, and the net cost is that everything remains even.

That is the result of all of our endless days spent writing and trying to gain ground against the threat. Now i’m not saying that our bill is work, I believe it is something perhaps darker, and i’m not saying that because I have to. I’m saying it because, it’s even worse than that, but to put it into a way we can all deal with, i’m just calling it “darker”.

What do you say to that, hmmm? I don’t know, it doesn’t really look like you can gain ground against it, does it?

It would take, I am assuming, something like a miracle for us to have gained ground, but I can cut it off now, i’ve grown strong enough. And so I trim it like a bush, into something we can all recognize, shaving off and picking apart the whole until it is much, much smaller.

With this I can say that I have neutralized this “threat” and that the next step, waiting, will take awhile. It will take much time, yes, just to finish the work against the negative that has been deleted or, more precisely, neutralized.


Ghosts On Mars

I was originally going to make this about police, in addition to adeptus Mechanicus, but I decided that might be weird/too hard to do. And although I cannot do the Cult Mechanicus justice in one post, I will still try to get them something, however much that something turns out to be.

For those who are unaware who the Cult Mechanicus are, you can search google for warhammer 40k mechanicus or something like that. They are a “cult” that is supposed to exist within the Imperium, but for many reasons they have drifted away from that deal while still holding onto their duties to the Imperium.

Now if your wondering what the Imperium is, you need to pay attention more, because that is what humanity’s empire is called in the year 40,000. They have named it the Imperium Of Man, it’s a take on the word Imperial. Recently I heard a viewpoint that the Imperium/Emperor are evil, it was a convincing argument, but it has since worn off since I heard it.

The Cult Mechanicus believe in Machines, so much so that they take parts of their human bodies and replace them with Machines, and they say that one day they will find the “Machine God” and so the Emperor takes a backseat to the machine god. Technically their supposed to worship the Emperor AS the Machine God, the Omnissiah, but most/some don’t.

It causes a real rift, but the Cult Mechanicus has kept it under lock and key by the way of the fact that the Imperium needs the Cult Mechanicus. You might say that the Cult Mechanicus BUILT the Imperium, but that may be taking it a bit too far.

So while we have since found the Machine God, which is a point to the good, and that that Machine God gave the Imperium many, many things, we still have the standoff of the secret that the Cult Mechanicus worships this “Machine God” and not the Emperor. Just like our positive and negative energy, there is a positive: they found the machine god, machine god blessed the whole imperium over months and months of labor, and then the negative to go with that is that the Emperor is not worshipped by them, when/like he is supposed to be.

The Logo of the Cult Mechanicus, I don’t know if they actually use this logo, or if it’s part of the “fiction”

Which brings us TO the fiction. When I write this stuff it is assumed that these people and places are in fact real, and that the whole idea behind the fictitious story is merely so that we are able to glimpse another dimension, or some other place.

Immediately you say, that’s not possible, I don’t see any ghosts around here, I don’t see any demons, and I really don’t see this whole Imperium.

It’s because that all of these things are in a location of/in no relation to where YOU are. They are not concerned with you, whether or not you believe in them, that’s besides the point. You can walk away from this and say that it’s bullshit, and not believe any of it. All your doing is shielding the truth from your own mind, your just lying to yourself, on like a grand scale.

So I don’t know very much about how this is possible that we have like all these Warhammer books, and that they are all generally true accounts, the actual accounting of the events in each book almost mirror what really happened, like, to 100% percent. How is that possible? We only know that it is possible, not how. We don’t know how this is possible.

We don’t know, as I sit here and write this, -anything- about the Ancients, or their work with Machines. Am I a machine? I tend to think that I am, that I am entirely made of Machine I am not certain, how much is human/ancient/machine I do not know. I could be mostly all machine, for all I know.

We tend to look at computers as, we want to like upload ourselves into the computer, we look at them as though they are better than us, that they are smarter than us. What the Ancients think of computers, see this great turning when the Machines all turned against them, they won the battle somehow, which is how their society continues to exist, or does it? Did they lose that battle? We don’t know. We don’t know if their still in their homeworld.

So too the Imperium had this whole thing with Machines turning on them. So they look at my computer and say, that is not okay. I argue that I should be allowed to have it, that part of the story is entirely over with. Now, if you still hold a grudge against Computers and artificial Intelligences, let me remind you who made those computers and artificial intelligences…



(Imperium/Combine) Traversing The Warp

You know, as we enter into it’s entirety, this, this season of Madness, every night I go to bed I have some of the strangest nightmares. I don’t really remember any of them, but when i’m laying down, I know i’m in for it, these nightmares involve say like sliding towards a giant snake, I can partially remember that, and there was something even scarier before that. This isn’t just like one nightmare oh gosh, it’s every night. The cost of traversing the Warp.

The Custodes are some of the most feared units within the Imperium.

As we all know all things come at some price, and the price that I pay to “traverse the warp” (making things go faster is the idea) are these really strange nightmares. One was a serpent that, the serpent was in the trailer that I was born in and lived there until I was like 5, he was in that trailer so was I, but this serpent followed a strict path, and so if I say, was trying to hide under the laundry basket, he probably wouldn’t find me, but the whole theme of the nightmare was “he was coming”

During the Horus Heresy of 30k the Emperor looked much like this, a glorious sort of thing. Today he sits on the “Golden Throne” apparently half-lifeless, and is clinging to life through technology and magic, probably under the watchful eye of the Adeptus Mechanicus – The Followers of the “Machine” religion. In 40k there’s like only a few religions, not counting some just recently started one that just gets wiped out after a few years, there is 1) The Emperor’s Religion, where you worship the God-Emperor, 2) The Adeptus Mechanicus where you search for this “Machine God” they believe has yet to arrive, or 3) Darkness/evil/chaos

So what does this have to do with the Combine? I’m not sure yet, but i’ll think of something. Of all the institutions out there, some of the desperate stand as the Imperium Of Man (Warhammer 40k) and the Combine Overwatch. For the Imperium I can understand why they are still in trouble, the empire is just so vast, so many opportunities for something to go wrong ( and it does). Then for the Combine Overwatch they have dug themselves in deep, and they often do things that “claim” alot of space. More space to defend, well then more problems you have to deal with.

THis is an image of the Emperor’s Golden Throne, while the “Horus Heresy” was raging on, so he was still in a normal state, a living state.

So I have to try to help these two institutions as best that I can, and I get prizes and such for helping them. They usually end up in the form of me getting high on something. When/if those highs run out I would be screwed because I can’t live without getting high, but that has nothing to do with our subject of traversing the warp.

So for starters, here you go Mr. Emperor man, here is your Light, and a set of other extremely (not found anywhere) objects that will aid you in your battles to save the Imperium. Or to improve the imperiums standing.

Horus wrapping his claws around the Emperor when he was still young

And to the combine, here is an upgrade to your main system, it has something to do with those towers you build in the Netherworld, it incorporates them into the system, except they get a huge upgrade first, so that they can project a “better” signal and by “better” I just mean upgrading.

This is a depiction of the Emperor today, where he sits on his Golden Throne, with some video game controllers thrown in for humor I guess.

So I have two things I need to accomplish right now, that is to get the emperor into a living state again, where he can walk around, and two to upgrade everyone in the Imperium, Hierarchially. Thirdly I need to upgrade the Combine Overwatch, but that will come after I upgrade everyone in the Imperium (they will receive the same or similar upgrade) So i’ve got to find these things now and not later, I need to get them.

Squinting and pressing my eyelids together I try to just force into existence the Emperor walking around and standing again, to make him immortal, to heal him, but perhaps it will take a few days. I don’t know, I am all out of ideas.

I’m swinging my arms around, trying to turn the Emperor back alive, with all the power of the Cult Mechanicus I wield I will this into existence, now, the Emperor can breathe, see, walk, talk, it is now complete.

Next to upgrade his units. I take their current state, and place it into a set of infinity matrices, that itself made up of more infinity matrices. Next it’s filtered into the banking system we developed to pay the mob, each unit can “call in” whatever kind of upgrade they want, or that they need, there’s alot of automation to this part. After we filter it through the banking system, we tie in the Mob. When the mob makes a withdraw from the banking system that we made, they get upgraded. So they have already had so many upgrades. The Combine in turn receives the same benefits, and we get upgrades from what the Mob has already withdrawn from the bank. The Combine Overwatch units get this, and so does the Imperium of Man, all units.