How To Configure Almalinux 9

BY ADMIN · PUBLISHED JUNE 26, 2024 · UPDATED JULY 2, 2024 Edit: There could be errors in this document when talking about video codecs, I am not sure if almalinux comes with the ability to play videos like on youtube naturally, or that you need to install additional codecs from RPM Fusion, which are discussed in this document. I have a weird “workstation” graphics card that requires all this additional stuff to work correctly,...



I learned of these peoples yesterday. As I was getting ready for the day this morning I thought, i’ve got to at least try to save them. The best way, would be to upgrade this entity that is causing this stuff to happen. I don’t believe it happens as like the entity is choosing for this to happen. This morning they handed me my daily Salt. What I would use...


Know Your Enemy

The original “cost” was employed a long time ago, say, 2018, to try to circumvent physical payments. By physical payments I mean blood payments, a cost in human life. Originally it was 20 thousand trillion dollars ($20,000,000,000,000,000) but Mark Milley suggested in a recorded video with the Senate Intelligence Committee that we put more than that in. It’s purpose was to try to pay, in cash, instead of in blood,...



I haven’t watched this in a long time, … The plague doctor tells a story similar to mine, if you can get your head around the fact that this stuff is actually going on in a separate dimension. So you ask, where then? Where is all this stuff happening? It’s happening in a place that is in no relation to where we are right now on Earth. But this isn’t...


The Living Receiver

It isn’t quite a stalemate in Ukraine, people are losing their lives. But, Russia or, Putin, agreed to the endeavor under the condition I would support him, that is, he is just outright paying in blood for this show to carry on. And there’s another aspect to it, I was giving him actual information, that if you hypothetically paid in blood like a large amount, then that would benefit the...

Imperial Star Destroyer invades Earth's Navy 1920x1080 88

You Have A Problem With Your James Dean

Someone asked in a comment if I made this blog myself, well, I used the WordPress technology to make the blog, and they use PHP and MariaDB to make wordpress in, and that is made in C++… Not really, I didn’t make this myself, only picked a few colors, blue and red, maybe I should make it blue and gray for the Civil War! I was yesterday I went shopping...

Under Construction 4

Under Construction

Hold on while I redo my website, I saved all the old posts so I can re-type them sometime. I had to reformat my wordpress instance on my server because it wasn’t responding, I couldn’t get the pages to load to edit stuff. Hold on.