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I have made this a page instead of a post because it will be an ongoing operation, and likely, won’t end even in our lifetimes. This is the assault on Hell, an attempt to stop the torture of people that they deem necessary to torture. One thing before we start, the other side (demons) can read this just as clear as you can, so we are at a disadvantage and it becomes a brute force type of thing, as they likely have had many, many years to prepare for this, and they won’t give in to our demands they cease their operation. When the nukes finally hit, most of them will likely be underground, leaving us an operation but i’ve thought of something to get around that.

So we will be contributing Starships for the operation, dreadnoughts, each group say protoss will contribute some, and zerg will contribute ships, and so my original plan was to go there and nuke the whole surface of the planet, but that leaves something still living: anything underground will have survived the carnage. So we have to have a bomb big enough to blow up an entire planet, and if you do, please send it into this Hell.

However, if we have to develop a weapon capable of destroying the planet Hell is on, then we need the Starships, the Dreadnoughts, there to serve as a base of our operations as we try to stop this (more than) insanity from occurring. I also suspect they are at least doing this on multiple planets, as you can see their technology in the Doom Eternal game, they are avid users of technology, and the siege will likely turn into a war of attrition, taking many years.

This is me doing what is right, and as you fire your guns, each bullet is another round that suggests that Madness isn’t really Bad or Evil or whatever you want to call it, i’m not a person that kills other persons. These bullets are writing that into the skies that they fly in…

These people are sick with a disease, so don’t get caught in a trap. If you really are going to land some units onto the ground, land really heavy like, everyone, everyone landing at the same time. This is to ensure you have adequate forces to instantly rescue someone were they to be captured, these people risking their lives deserve every protection we can give them… Every protection we can give them…

Also, I expect you to take no prisoners. Something going on, on this scale, is obviously just a manifestation of negative energy, and we must just snuff it out, not continue the same practices that they were doing there by dragging away prisoners and then ourselves torturing them. Kill them with speed, and move on, there’s nothing else that you can do.

Don’t worry about getting there, I will take care of that, it’s my job to do these things you know, just point yourself in the right direction and…

For carnage apply within

So did I forget anything? oh yeah, there’s a hell of a lot of points to be dispersed from this whole thing ending. Centuries of this stuff going on, making these points. I’m letting them keep half of them, and the invading armies get the other half, because they shouldn’t have been doing this, so they don’t get to keep all of it. The ones who will be stopping these lunatics will receive their portion of 50% whatever that amounts to, so you have some incentive to fight for your country on the field of battle!

So I didn’t really mention that, their breaking Ancient laws by carrying out torture, or some biblical law somewhere. With that being said, I submit this will all my hopes and prayers…