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(Imperium/Combine) Traversing The Warp

You know, as we enter into it’s entirety, this, this season of Madness, every night I go to bed I have some of the strangest nightmares. I don’t really remember any of them, but when i’m laying down, I know i’m in for it, these nightmares involve say like sliding towards a giant snake, I can partially remember that, and there was something even scarier before that. This isn’t just like one nightmare oh gosh, it’s every night. The cost of traversing the Warp.

The Custodes are some of the most feared units within the Imperium.

As we all know all things come at some price, and the price that I pay to “traverse the warp” (making things go faster is the idea) are these really strange nightmares. One was a serpent that, the serpent was in the trailer that I was born in and lived there until I was like 5, he was in that trailer so was I, but this serpent followed a strict path, and so if I say, was trying to hide under the laundry basket, he probably wouldn’t find me, but the whole theme of the nightmare was “he was coming”

During the Horus Heresy of 30k the Emperor looked much like this, a glorious sort of thing. Today he sits on the “Golden Throne” apparently half-lifeless, and is clinging to life through technology and magic, probably under the watchful eye of the Adeptus Mechanicus – The Followers of the “Machine” religion. In 40k there’s like only a few religions, not counting some just recently started one that just gets wiped out after a few years, there is 1) The Emperor’s Religion, where you worship the God-Emperor, 2) The Adeptus Mechanicus where you search for this “Machine God” they believe has yet to arrive, or 3) Darkness/evil/chaos

So what does this have to do with the Combine? I’m not sure yet, but i’ll think of something. Of all the institutions out there, some of the desperate stand as the Imperium Of Man (Warhammer 40k) and the Combine Overwatch. For the Imperium I can understand why they are still in trouble, the empire is just so vast, so many opportunities for something to go wrong ( and it does). Then for the Combine Overwatch they have dug themselves in deep, and they often do things that “claim” alot of space. More space to defend, well then more problems you have to deal with.

THis is an image of the Emperor’s Golden Throne, while the “Horus Heresy” was raging on, so he was still in a normal state, a living state.

So I have to try to help these two institutions as best that I can, and I get prizes and such for helping them. They usually end up in the form of me getting high on something. When/if those highs run out I would be screwed because I can’t live without getting high, but that has nothing to do with our subject of traversing the warp.

So for starters, here you go Mr. Emperor man, here is your Light, and a set of other extremely (not found anywhere) objects that will aid you in your battles to save the Imperium. Or to improve the imperiums standing.

Horus wrapping his claws around the Emperor when he was still young

And to the combine, here is an upgrade to your main system, it has something to do with those towers you build in the Netherworld, it incorporates them into the system, except they get a huge upgrade first, so that they can project a “better” signal and by “better” I just mean upgrading.

This is a depiction of the Emperor today, where he sits on his Golden Throne, with some video game controllers thrown in for humor I guess.

So I have two things I need to accomplish right now, that is to get the emperor into a living state again, where he can walk around, and two to upgrade everyone in the Imperium, Hierarchially. Thirdly I need to upgrade the Combine Overwatch, but that will come after I upgrade everyone in the Imperium (they will receive the same or similar upgrade) So i’ve got to find these things now and not later, I need to get them.

Squinting and pressing my eyelids together I try to just force into existence the Emperor walking around and standing again, to make him immortal, to heal him, but perhaps it will take a few days. I don’t know, I am all out of ideas.

I’m swinging my arms around, trying to turn the Emperor back alive, with all the power of the Cult Mechanicus I wield I will this into existence, now, the Emperor can breathe, see, walk, talk, it is now complete.

Next to upgrade his units. I take their current state, and place it into a set of infinity matrices, that itself made up of more infinity matrices. Next it’s filtered into the banking system we developed to pay the mob, each unit can “call in” whatever kind of upgrade they want, or that they need, there’s alot of automation to this part. After we filter it through the banking system, we tie in the Mob. When the mob makes a withdraw from the banking system that we made, they get upgraded. So they have already had so many upgrades. The Combine in turn receives the same benefits, and we get upgrades from what the Mob has already withdrawn from the bank. The Combine Overwatch units get this, and so does the Imperium of Man, all units.

Vladimir Putin up to something 0

The Shadow Of The Past

It was all too clear this morning that Russia was going to win this War. They put all their soldiers into lines and those lines won out, they now match against the Ukrainian Enemy 10 to 1. 10 russian soldiers to 1 ukrainian soldier. It would seem that the only thing they could do would be for another country to step in, but wait, there’s something going on.

Above is a map of St. Petersburg I believe, it’s an older map that was translated into computer data so we can see it on our monitors, and perhaps use it as a wallpaper or something.

They’re fighting a War, and the Madness is on our side, and yet, we’re barely winning? What’s going on here? It would appear that I am supporting both sides or something, because you would think the Russians 10 to 1 advantage would just roll right over the Ukrainian lines. What’s happening?

The Ukrainians have the Defenders Advantage, which is kinda like an upgrade for your units that sets them as something like Myth light units, it makes them Mythological or, to put it into a way we might be able to understand, Ancient

They are defending their homes and their cities, the Attacker, whoever it is, it doesn’t matter, is at a severe disadvantage. Why do they have this “Defenders Advantage”?

It’s kinda like, the system reads it as this… You’re trying to kill them, and their only defending themselves, it’s like you’ve run into a error in the system, it was some way that the technology was built that is causing this to happen. No way.

There’s no way that’s whats going on here, but it is. Russia would have rolled right clean over them, they blew up every building in ukraine just to start out, and now it’s come to something like a bunch of Gunfights with the occasional tank, and I don’t think it’s really possible to take it away from them either, because were you to be attacked, this would kick in for you. Imagine this:

In Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne they had defenders advantages in the form of like Militia that you “call to arms” or the farms for the undead could attack you from their towers. This is something that we built into the system, and we never thought the Ukrainians would per chance take advantage of it.

Now that’s not saying that you can’t win, it’s still like ukraine has 50% and you have 100% but it will still be a hard fight should you choose to run into these defenders. You do have perks and buffs, many of them in fact, that rocket you beyond the Ukrainian Defenders, you’ve got my support too.

I’m not going to turn on my ally just because times got tough, and we just sort of start backstabbing, i’m not going to do that. I’m going to show all of my other allies that i’ll be there regardless of the circumstances, as we’ve made an alliance, we’ve stated or sworn to defend each other in times of trouble!

With this, I am rooting for Russia, and whatever comes with that, and whatever the Defender gets, he has, I suppose. I am just relaying like a translator for you what is happening from a Computer’s Perspective point of view. I do hope that you win and move on to further Wars, I don’t know, I don’t want to see War, but it doesn’t look like there’s any other option, we might as well stand and fight for it instead of not doing so.

And now that brings me to the fact that some of you are thinking that the greater war is now lost? How is that? We are poised to hit it really hard, or in other words, to score a heck of a lot of points, and now that we’re in this position the war is over. It’s complicated, and hidden of course, but it’s still there, that ever present signal being broadcast straight from moscow that states that we today stand for the Past, Present and the Future.