The Looking Glass Wars

The Looking Glass Wars was my first name for this kind of thing, and what it has become is to some, A Monster. The daily activities, just the daily coming and going, all the War and Chaos, Death and Pain, it has evolved into something like a monster.

When I wake up in the morning, I don’t say to myself, “I’m a Monster, and i’m going to like Burn someones house while they’re in it” I don’t do that, and the reason I have brought this up is because we must, must, must at least try to do the right thing. You can’t go around planning to light a house on fire while it’s occupied. We all understand how things can get out of control if it does happen to happen, but your mentality is what i’m really talking about.

We all know that theres no way out of this “Endless War” we know that, but we shouldn’t go the other way and say to ourselves we’re just going to go all out and just destroy. That’s not a good idea. Generally your mentality should be, not that your in the business of harming people.

And if that’s not your mentality, well then you are just one of those destined to cause these scenes with the police and the FBI searching for the attacker. But what i’m saying is that if your thinking that way, take this as the time to change that kind of thinking, and I must say this sort of thing should only be carried out when it is agreed upon, like perhaps by a larger group than just like 10 people.

Now we all know how these events occur, these negative events happen even when somebody is like not intending to do anyone harm. It’s just like somebody picks up a weapon and just starts using it, without any real thought of trying to use the weapon. We all know that that is the reality that we face. So therefore, we have to try to do the right thing. I can’t really explain why, or how I know that we should be doing the right thing, I just know that we must do this. I drew this conclusion from the experience of Death and War. It is not something that should be manufactured in someones basement. War is a painful thing that should, we should try to lessen it.

In fact, I am cutting the ties that cause these events to occur, so that the string attaching the event to the person causing the event, to the actual cause OF the event is now broken, and that that line is now blocked and so it cannot reform. Now it’s up to you.

To be diplomatic and save people alot of pain and suffering. Alot of people view War as something that’s like a necessary, going-to-happen no matter what kind of thing. It’s not that, and your not only hurting your own soldiers when you don’t use Diplomacy, but your hurting the other side too. Like for example, Heaven and Hell, they have been going at it perhaps more recently with games like Diablo ushering that sort of thing in, but perhaps today they might see a chance to take up a diplomatic solution to the problem that they face, because just beating on each other really doesn’t solve anything, unless you manage to eliminate the other side, then you’re left “victorious” when you both could have lived, had you both relied upon diplomacy.

Maybe you could even do something together, like work on a project, like build a giant tower and argue over whether it should be Black or White, instead of tearing into each other, you could take up the defensive role this tower brings to you, and perhaps join me in the game of Chinese Poker. See if you can defend the tower, in a certain place, or something. How you arrive at where that place should be, I don’t know.

This is in contrast to like, just plain killing each other. We have all seen and had enough of the killing and death, we have to do something about it, and there’s a reason for doing that something… It’s like the right thing to do, down the path of War does not lay happiness and prosperity, War lies in bed with corruption and treason, to invite those kinds of things in.

Perhaps there are special circumstances, like the Emperor had so many people supporting him, (40k) that he was able to hold onto his position and cause war at the same time, because the negative was that there were other things going on in his empire, other than treason, so he traded treason for like the blood of something innocent, like perhaps all the animals that have been eaten by all those Space Marines, not that I would deny them this, i’m just saying that’s alot of blood.