What is it that your doing?

I was going to delete the last post, because it had a negative vibe and I believe that negative things can translate into something physical. In essence, this translates to.. the fact that somebody could be injured by just this harmless post, because we are weilding magicks, but there are, many, security mechanisms in place.

First of all things like the last line of defense for this website, Plesk’s built-in security and added-on securities. These can prevent something from going terribly wrong, but we have yet to see evidence that it entirely blocks or ENTIRELY mitigates the threat. But i’m going to leave it there.

Because, if there was damage, it has already been done, and I want to leave it there as a record of what has occurred here, the battle we have all fought, I want to present a completely accurate, nothing held back, portrayal of the different events.

By different events I just mean, sometimes I present, most often, a positive themed post, where we’re talking about upgrading people, or somebody is to receive a great deal of power, always try to present a positive theme/vibe. Then there are occasions where that positive vibe and theme goes south, usually when I think myself or someone i’m close to is threatened, now i’m not really talking about just someone saying something threatening, that happens every day, i’m more like, someone is threatened in the form of total defeat, or something like eternal slavery, should some particular event play out. These things almost always come around to be worked out, or just plain not true.

So i’m leaving the post there, in all it’s negative glory.

An example of Plesk!

Plesk is the software that controls everything for this website (server I should say), and it’s makers know nothing, I presume, about negatively-themed posts, and how the plesk software might work to prevent those negative physical events from transpiring, except, when you start to see how it IS doing just that, you begin down that rabbit hole everyone was talking about, it is in fact bottomless, cold and dark.

Like for example, plesk has firewalls for when your being bruteforced, or some other type of attack on your password. That these perpetrators be brought to justice is almost impossible, but when you see that what they are doing is not just wrong but, they almost assume their going to get away with it. All it takes is a little push of H into their streams and it’s all over, and plesk walks away the victor.

But we don’t really need to live like this, we really don’t, which is why you shouldn’t put up walls that I have to find my way around, and there shouldn’t be anybody bruteforcing my server, it’s not supposed to be going on, one time this group of hackers was at it using like names that revealed what group they were a part of, but not revealing anything personal, I dunno, they were like taking credit for the failure.

However! We do have to live like this, as you are choosing to poke me with a stick, eventually, I must attempt to take the stick and break it, or throw it, and that someday we always arrive at, always.

What about the story, the one where “hacking” is actually programming and “cracking” is what everyone thinks of as hacking? Hacking something together, like hacking out a program, you don’t “crack” out a program, you guys have it all wrong. I wasn’t supposed to write that but I did.

One thing is that I don’t think with the way the internet works and bruteforcing a password is so unlikely to succeed, I don’t think they have ever even succeeded in breaking in, but that is much blood that has been shed attempting to.