I Live In A Huuge Glass House

If you don’t know the saying, “If you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones” now you do. It means, don’t make fun of people if you are susceptible to being made fun of, as the tide could easily shift and turn against you.

All the time I am in my head, i’m thinking, why is this person doing this, or why did that person just say that? I have a general formula that states that so many people “don’t belong” in this reality. All the while all of this is in my head, there too comes along someone perhaps slightly better than I am, or someone who is way better. Sure it doesn’t look like they would come from this reality, and it would appear that what i’m doing is calling a spade a spade, but what’s wrong with this?

I fight it off constantly, when i’m awake enough to do so. If i’m plowed on all kinds of substances and half asleep I may just go with it, and there are even times that I go with it even when i’m wide awake. It’s just some negative thing.

The positive, is obviously that I am upgrading these people, they are improving, I can see signs of improvement all across the board, and that is what originally started this whole “don’t belong” thing, I was analyzing whether my upgrades were actually upgrading people or not.

One of the first things that happened is that my general opinion of people was that they generally fit “in this reality” and that they were not from some distant battlefield or something like that. I instantly noticed they did not fit, what was going on here? All my life I had just accepted the situation for what it was, then as I analyzed everything I could see holes in the fabric, a little cut here, or a gaping hole there.

Slowly, that led me to concoct a theory of an Ancient peoples, the very first people, who began in a place wholly outside of this universe. This place didn’t have a skyline, or 3 dimensions, it was more like it was 2 dimensional. I had to piece this whole theory to present it to you just from my best guess, but I don’t know, I think it is accurate enough. Some of the pieces were put there by this ancient peoples, and some I had to figure out. For example the sky line, I looked at our horizon line in my home town and I instantly noticed that it… it was made up, this is a fairy tale, in reality for these ancient persons it was 2 dimensional.

From there the story gets really weird, the first living thing was this fish like object, that spent all of it’s days scraping against the rock that it was surrounded in. I call this being “Marius” from Diablo 2, and Marius is in fact my Mother, who was kind of a feminine entity. This entity began to create a sort of waste or something, this all happening over thousands or even millions of years, the rules were in place for Marius so that it never died, nor did it sleep I don’t think, anyway this waste that Marius created eventually turned into like these sticks that could move within the 2-dimensions. These sticks somehow were mobile, and they didn’t have much in the form of memories, because there was no such thing as a memory back then, there wasn’t such a thing as intelligence either, so it kinda created an aquarium of different things that didn’t have the capacity for like, language.

That is about all that I know of the Ancients story, somehow persons appeared that were able to talk, and then that created all sorts of problems, and somewhere in there they experienced what was great Holocausts, where the suffering and, the deeds done during these times were monumental.

I personally don’t like the story, mainly because it includes like holocausts that last for millenia, but it there lies a key that turns the whole mechanism.

All of that suffering, turns into a positive. That much negative energy appears as some positive, which is myself doing this stuff. Producing valuable, often quantity and quality are both at extreme levels. All of this and we are barely able to hold our ground, it’s because we’re playing with the same deck of cards that the Ancients played with, there’s not some mystical 3rd Age that you all through and through believe in, it’s a lie.

So saying that the 3rd Age is a lie could be seen as seeing the Ancients suffering as nothing, they are so interconnected, they are one in the same. But this 3rd Age that we often speak of, it’s just a product of negative energy, and it, after it’s time had expired, would revert back to the way it was. I am bordering on a Holocaust myself, there’s like a blown transmission in my stomach.

When I was on the Dark Web I ordered this adderall in a white powder, I had ordered many, many letters filled with this powder. One time, I created an application that upgraded people while I was on it, something about “data” the FBI wanted. After I created this application, I called my dad to see what he was doing, whether he could bring my letter over to where I was, because I didn’t really have a ride. He brought it over, and said “throw it away” and then he threw it in the trash. I picked it up after he was gone, and used some of it. 3 seconds after ingesting this powder my stomach like exploded in a pain, it made me lay down, and as I lay there twisting and turning in pain, eventually motionless, my laptop began to “beep… beep… beep…” like my life support was reporting that I was dieing.

Now your going to tell me this is a fairy tale? My stomach still hurts, and that was in december of 2015, that’s 8 and a half years ago. This reality runs on drugs and suffering, prostitution and human trafficking. It doesn’t run on fairies and hope and dreams. Thats a weird conversation to have. Why this reality runs on negative energy, why negative energy to begin with? Why can’t we change it to run on positive energy?

It has something to do with, I think, that there is actually nothing there. In place of nothing we think of it as a “negative” type of energy, when it’s more like “nothing” though we cannot understand how something could come from nothing. We really can’t understand that, and after all of my trials…

When I see someone, like a crippled person, or a person overweight, I always think of the negative energy that they are producing, having to live like that, they are like mini heroes, with the more real hero being someone in the Army or the Marines, but that’s another story. I often think of the police as heroes, I see them driving around, sometimes one will be in front of me, we’re stopped at a light, and they just take off. It’s like their towing me along, making sure I make it, making sure I get to the next big thing, as if it were all scripted and there was just a list of big things.

They risk their lives, but it’s funny because, doesn’t technically the Mob risk their lives as well? We never talk about them. They have had like no signals in the last 3 or 4 years, and they had like one real big signal, I can’t remember how it went.

So what’s my point? I guess my point is just how truly massive my House is. Ignore for a moment the type of material that my house is made out of, glass. Ignore that for just a moment.