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I don’t know what i’m supposed to be typing here, because i’ve done just about all that I can think of, but the Combine have asked once again for another page..

I was watching a “Worst Fates In Half-Life 2” (click here) when my mom walked in. Pay close attention to what my mom says.

“John can I come in?” Me: “Yes”. “John Can I Come IN?” Me: “YES”. (she walks in) “Can I Ask You A Favor?” Me: “No” (I had already ran errands for her today). Her: “Oh, your doing something”. Me: “No”. Her: “Okay”. (she walks out)

Notice it? She never tells me what the favor is, her main objective was to ask me if I could do a favor for her, which undoubtedly means that the Overwatch AI is controlling my mother, asking for more. Of this stuff.

That is a very high quality image of a Macaque. Open it in it’s own window by right clicking it, and selecting Open in a new window”. This was supposed to be support for the Macaques as they fight their way out of the laboratories. They are currently still in these labs, kept as prisoners and subjected to all this strange ass science experiments. I really would not ever do something like that to one of those animals, and my support for them must take the form of a small intermission:

So they have practices, social practices, that might be not exactly welcoming to say, their own young. But that’s their business, and placing them through medical trials, over and over, is still not righted by this fact.

All in all they are a more playful species, with most punishments amounting to a light punch or a big slap. Generally they do not test their young like this, not like, every day, they don’t do that. Once this young had passed the test of whether or not she was welcome in the group, she would generally have been privy to all manner of training, that would condition her to be a member of the group of Macaque’s she was part of.

So you can see the complex social structures that they are talking about. These ideas are almost as complicated as Human social structures, and yet these Macaque’s in laboratories have literally no rights. Obviously, like, this torture of these Majestic Macaque race of monkeys can only end when they have been given rights. They really, honestly, do not, in our society, have the right to live. They don’t even have the right to live, because we’re killing them every day, and you’ve kept me as a source of Trust, in other words someone who doesn’t lie, they do not even have the right to live.

I think all animals should have the right to live, instead we eat them because they are healthy for us, why else might you eat an animal? It tastes good? I don’t know, that doesn’t sound right to me, you have the right to eat them, and they don’t have the right to breathe air. So you might say that i’m just taking a stand in the form of what someone might say if they were very, very pro animal.

It’s not a lie, and unfortunately, this intermission must come to an end.

these combine pictures i’ve found recently are boss. The height of it is the Combine soldier’s riding horses in HD. That is like crossing the Half-men from the Wheel Of Time. WoT is a book series, 1k pages per book, and 14 books, by Robert Jordan, if you are into fantasy, it is considered to be next after the Lord Of The Rings, like LoTR came out, and then after that, WoT came out.

It’s sad to see what the Soldiers go through, it really makes you want to help, we often overlook this. We always overlook this.

So what might they go through? Like, they have to live with the rules that they enforce, that is who they are, or, who they have become. The rules are very strict, and there is kind of a separation between the Combine, and the citizens of the Earth, unless that citizen has joined the Combine. This separation creates a sort of mental problem, your tasked with enforcing these laws, but then you WERE a human, at one time, and these laws generally don’t favor the populous.

I don’t know if that last bit was appropriate or not? I will leave it there, in case that it is, and for the record. They go through what all soldiers who have seen combat go through, except, theirs is like 3 times worse. Not that i’m cursing anyone, just saying what I think they go through.

That is a scary man, especially if you were like real little, what would I think if someone explained to me the Combine Overwatch when I was really young? I know that when I was 18 and the game came out, I was terrified, like, I thought that these people needed to be stopped, there is no way I would ever support them, …

Then certain things started to sway me into their corner, until at last they had me fully convinced they were right.

It started off obvious, all the good things they had done for me throughout my life, the realization that they were in my life, and I wasn’t like, in some strange prison or something, I was generally free, these things have a pull on you…

This is quite scary. The combine on a horse, but how exactly do you define it? Just, a horsemen. You know what defeated Genghis Khan? Heavily Armored Knights. Their horses had armor, and they had armor. There is something about Heavily Armored Knights that just can’t be beaten, and most often a “Knight” is someone who rides a horse, it’s been built into the definition of a Knight.

I suppose the Combine have been knighted!

The tattoo is very cool. DOes this mean he actually believes that the combine are real, and that he believes he is one of them?

You know it’s funny, the combine could still use horses, they could use them, with really long sticks (like their nightstick) to keep the status quo within cities, although, traveling between cities just won’t work as well as a vehicle would. Although it doesn’t use any gas, it is still like kinda slow.

This looks like a cross between the Death Korps of Krieg and the COmbine Overwatch…

Here is an ultra high quality image, it’s like 4000×3000, and i don’t know that much about images except for the fact that it looks very high quality. From my understanding, an image is just some amount of pixels, like 1920×1080 cannot be any higher quality than 1920×1080, there’s not separate aspects like DPI or something, there’s none of that. That is my understanding. I don’t think that’s right, but it’s what I think.

You know, the Death Korps of Krieg rides into battle with horses, with bayonette’s on their rifles. What would become useful is heavily armored horses. THat would really be useful.

You know the Combine’s flat helmet for these horses reminds me of a Stalker…

These guys are truly scary and, for some reason the Resistance goes up against them, some times even knocking them down!

Coming up next is the picture that got me excited to talk about the Combine using Horses.

That is highly cool, and they can see with that thing on, obviously, they would have to be able to see… Seeing horses….

The Combine’s attempt to weild as much power as the Imperium.

I don’t know how well that will go. Them having as much power as the imperium. The reason for it is that “Helsreach” on youtube is (i’ll post it below this) a video made out of a cartoon black and white look, you’ll just have to see, it looks exactly like that picture.

Helsreach on Youtube, The Black Templars Of Warhammer 40k Defend A City During The Apocalypse

I won’t say anything more about the video, you’ll just have to see it, why doesn’t the combine come out with these videos? They really don’t have one like it…

Above, the Combine’s Elite Soldier Patch

That is highly cool, spec-ops combine, if you type into google like “combine soldier” in the image search button, you’ll find all sorts of pictures like this, sometimes you can come across images generated by an AI, and they look highly cool.

Someone mentioned these guys are lit up like christmas tree’s, they would be spotted by the enemy!

Hold the Line! (until I can make another post, then your free to wander around aimlessly)

I’ll leave you with this!@


TERMINOLOGY​Transhumans make use of different kinds of military terminology – alike to Civil Protection in its surgical nature. These terms are not necessary to remember but are useful in supplementing passive roleplay and the atmosphere that surrounds us


CODEWORDSAPEX | To guard someone or something.
BOOMER | To use an aerial vehicle.
ECHO | To pass on a message.
FLATLINE | To kill something.
HELIX | To perform a medical action.
ICE | To hold a defensive position.
ION | To escort somebody.
JET | To move to a location.
KILO | To stand by, idle.
MACE | To pacify someone.
NOVA | To use a ground vehicle.
PAYBACK | To commence a retaliatory sweep.
QUICKSAND | To regroup.
RIPCORD | To fall back.
SUNDOWN | To commence a shadow sweep.
UNIFORM | To resupply.


ALERTSWARNING | A typical warning to bring attention to an issue.
INCURSION WARNING | A warning to inform of the possibility of an attack of some kind.
PRIORITY WARNING | A warning of high importance, although below an alert.

ALERT | A standard alert to bring serious attention to an issue.
ALERT ONE | A high-priority ground team alert, typically used when engaged in a firefight.
SECURITY ALERT | An alert issued when internal security is threatened, e.g. citizen running around in the Nexus.
PRIORITY ALERT | An alert of higher priority that threatens a large area like a city, e.g. exogen breach.
VITAL ALERT | An alert that threatens something on the scale of a sector, e.g. multiple city uprising.


GENERAL TERMINOLOGYAdminister | Perform a given action.
Airwatch | The air wing of the Overwatch, from scanners to gunships.
Amp | Short for amplify/amplification. Refers to the increase of something, usually fire against a target.
Amputate | Kill something/someone.
Anti-citizen | A malignant individual.
Antiseptic | The metaphorical cure to a civil infection, i.e. through pacification or amputation.
Audibles | The volume of sound or general level of ambient sound.
Autonomous | Something that is free-roaming (in terms of soldiers) or rogue (Civil Protection).

Barrage | Covering fire.
Biotic | Any living organism.
Blackout | No contact, whether visual or audible, with something.
Bodypack | Ceramic kevlar plates inserted into the combat vest.
Boomer | Transport aircraft, e.g. dropship.
Boosters | Illegally-upgraded or acquired items, particularly in regards to attachments for firearms.
Bouncer | A grenade thrown by an enemy or one that is dangerously close in proximity.

Cauterize | Block all possible escape routes of a location.
Charges | Tactical explosive weaponry designed to destroy containers and doors.
Clamp | Block or oversee a position; sometimes a checkpoint, sometimes a doorway.
Cleaned | Refers to an area being clear or just having killed something.
Cleansed | Refers to an area being clear of an infestation.
Closing | Moving to an area.
Cluster | Group up.
Coagulate | Spread out across an area to cover as much ground as possible.
Confiscation Field | A dark energy weapon stripper, only seen within Citadels.
Contact | Audio/visual confirmation of a target.
Contain | Apprehension of a target.
Containment Field | An energy forcefield that blocks those unregistered from entering an area.
Containment Team | A ground team sent to contain an individual/group or, sometimes, a situation.
Contaminant | The cause of an infection, synonym for anti-citizen.
Converge | Moving to an area.
Condition Alpha |A role assigned for engaging in offensive maneuvers.
Condition Delta | A role assigned for engaging in defensive maneuvers.
Condition Shadow | A role assigned for engaging in backline supportive positions.

Dagger | A firearm, sometimes also refers to ammunition.
Dagger Renew | Changing magazine for a firearm.
Debride | Removal of a malignant infection.
Deploy | Bring forces into action, from ground teams to turrets.
Desist | Stop.
Diagnose | Determine the nature of a problem.
Directive | An objective.
Displace | Spread/separate out, usually to some kind of cover.
Dissect | Determine the root cause of a problem.
Distribute | Spread/separate out.
Duty Vacated | The death of a soldier, having been vacated from their duty.

Ended | Dead.
Exogen | Insectile alien species, e.g. antlion.
Expired | The death of something.
Expunge | Kill something/someone, harsher word than amputate.
Exterminate | Kill something/someone, a synonym for expunge.
Extirpate | Kill something/someone.
Extractor | A grenade thrown by a friendly or yourself.

Field Dressing | Temporary medical aid provided while in combat.
Field Promotion | Temporary promotion of a soldier due to the death of a superior.
Fixing Visuals | Looking for the target.
Flatline | The death of something.
Flush | Clear out.
Forward Pressure | Advance.
Full Active | Refers to the activation of a soldier.

Ghost Drop | Deployment of elite soldiers.
Ground Team | A prosecutory team of soldiers deployed in the field.

Hardpoint | A fortified position to defend from.
Hotpoint | An area where combat is present.

Inbound | Moving to an area.
Incursion | An attack on something.
Infection | Anti-civil influence.
Infestation | Parasitic, necrotic or exogen influence.
Ingress | An entry point.
Inhibited | Dead.
Inline | In position.
Isopod | Isolation pod used to transport and hold prisoners.

Lightvis | The intensity of light or general visibility in the area.
Low Value | Injured, referring to someone.

Malignant | A dangerous individual/group.
Mandate | An official order to carry out something.
Multipliers | Accomplices of a particular target.

Necrotic | A biotic under parasitic influence.
Negative Movement | No movement or actions committed to.
Non-citizen | An individual with revoked citizenship.

Ordinal | The leader of a ground team.
Outbreak | A distress call or alert, sometimes indicate that an area is overrun with something.
Override Codes | Orders that override a set of previously issued orders.
Overwatch | Typically refers to the Overwatch voice but can refer to the entire forces.

Pacify | Incapacitate an individual.
Parasite | Any form of headcrab.
Perimeter | Outer areas or entry points of an area.
Political Conscripts | Archaic term used for enslaved vortigaunts.
Polyphasic | Having multiple stages.
Prime | Primary target.
Probe | Search for something.
Prosecute | Attack something, usually used when entering combat.
Provisions | Ammunition count.
Proximity Data | The location of something.
Proximity Violation | Friendly fire.

Radial | A compass direction, measured in degrees.
Realigning | Changing position.
Recalibrating | Changing target.
Recall | Return to a pre-designated location.
Red Leak | Injured, spotted blood.
Redrawing | Peeking from cover.
Reforming | Regrouping.
Regenerating | Sometimes refers to reloading
Releasing | Leaving a particular position or status.
Reserve Activation | Activation of reserve forces.
Responder | Someone who is actively responding to a situation.
Restrict | Deny access to something, synonym for lock.
Restrictor | A thumper used to deter antlions.
Resyk | Retrieval and recycling of deceased soldiers.
Ripcord | Retreat, tactical or otherwise.

Screen | A thorough search, e.g. block inspection.
Secondaries | Accomplices of a particular target.
Setpoint | A specific muster or form-up position.
Shade | Defensive cover.
Shadow | Defensive cover or a hiding spot.
Sharp | Engaging.
Sharp Zone | Refers to the direction/area of engagement/exchange.
Shield | Body armour.
Sightline | Line of sight, what is seen by a soldier.
Signature Imprint | Readings of life.
Skyshield | Aerial attack craft, e.g. gunship.
Solo Active | The only unit present in a ground team.
Spikes | Bullets, usually referenced when being fired.
Stabilization Team | A ground team deployed to stabilize a situation.
Sterile | The absence of an infection.
Sterilize | Removal of something.
Sterilizer | A turret of any kind.
Stimdose | Performance-enhancing, pain-numbing drugs, e.g. morphine.
Subsumed | Absorption into something, e.g. a small team into a bigger team.
Subvector | A location, usually one that’s undefined, e.g. a particular apartment block.
Suppression | Covering fire.
Suspend | Stop.
Sweeping | Searching.

Time Limited | Injured.
Transmission | A radio message.

Vector | A location.
Virome | A poisonous headcrab.
Viscerator | A manhack.
Viscon | A visual on something.

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