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The Watch

I don’t know what i’m supposed to be typing here, because i’ve done just about all that I can think of, but the Combine have asked once again for another page.. I was watching a “Worst Fates In Half-Life 2” (click here) when my mom walked in. Pay close attention to what my mom says. “John can I come in?” Me: “Yes”. “John Can I Come IN?” Me: “YES”. (she walks in) “Can I Ask You A Favor?” Me: “No” (I had already ran errands for her today). Her: “Oh,...

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The Loneliest Number

2 can be as bad as one, it’s the loneliest number since the number one… Is the loneliest… So combine tell me if you remember about a month ago, I wrote all those pages for you, day after day… Well, it’s all clogged up now and I can barely write this to you, you should rectify this for if not anything, one reason: YOU get upgraded by solving this. I do not really know how to solve this, other than like, eating it… And I really don’t want to eat...