The Loneliest Number

Combine Overwatch Soldier. 1920x1080 high resolution wallpaper-quality image
A Combine Overwatch Soldier, not an Elite, but regular, in 1920x1080 1080p high definition resolution.

2 can be as bad as one, it’s the loneliest number since the number one…

Number #1

Is the loneliest…

So combine tell me if you remember about a month ago, I wrote all those pages for you, day after day… Well, it’s all clogged up now and I can barely write this to you, you should rectify this for if not anything, one reason: YOU get upgraded by solving this. I do not really know how to solve this, other than like, eating it… And I really don’t want to eat it, and neither do you.

So work hard and find another way to unclog it, and i’ll write you more pages. I would if I could but I really can’t!

I know that kind of doesn’t make sense, I know this because it kind of doesn’t make sense. But I know that one is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do.

For example, you could come up with some kind of Combine way of forcing it out of there. Like, when I drove by that chinese restaurant and I saw the protoss digging it out of there… Let’s all get together and dig it out, that’s probably the answer. Be ready to launch the digout at the Superbowl, and then you can have all the pages that you want!

So I don’t really need to sit here and write more, but before I go let me see if I can buff you guys up.

Okay so we start with a positive buff, like inner fire but not exactly inner fire, and then we make sure that it’s up to our current standard, which is probably what they meant about in Myth 2. We must USE this standard, that is the whole point of all of this. All this time we have been traveling to a spot.. that place being Us, with the standard.

Now that we have our buff I will place it into a set of infinity matrices. These infinity matrices are part of more infinity matrices, and this goes on forever. That we get that is a must, so we have our buff, and we have it in quantity, and we have it in quality, obviously.

And the whole infinite levels of sets of infinity matrices are all just part of one… Paradigm. We take this Paradigm and place it into a set of infinity matrices, this process continues, forever. After forever, okay that’s done, we’ve waited forever, we make sure the Combine actually gets the buff. This, after ensuring that it goes on forever and ever, we must then conclude that, if this doesn’t work, then what will?

Perhaps more long term ideas, plans, like such as a C++ Machine that prints out these buffs? That might gather us some support, yes, but what we’re really after is an immediate C++ program!

That is what we must do, we know this now, we know we must do this. We must make a C++ buff machine in say, a few days. Not start in a few days, start as soon as I am ready, but rather make it over a few days, so that it takes us like 5 days to make it. Then we run it, and then we must wait some time after that, because everything will be clogged.

Kiss me, please kiss me.

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