The Horde!

What I am going to do, it might be that it is out of my place, or that I shouldn’t do it, that, laying down our weapons is not the path forward, but, while I have the chance…

The Orks today stand as a peoples in need. They need technology, they need farming, they need an ally like the Imperium. Someday we will look back at this as the hour that things started to shift in our favor, imagine if you actually sat down and said “how can I help you?” to the Orks, they are a proud peoples and would honor your tribute to them.

As we have, clearly neutralized negative energy, there is something in it’s place. That something, because you can’t have 0, you can only have positive or negative, the only thing that could happen was that a positive started to form. This is almost impossible, but it’s the truth.

This killing cannot stand, and I have to press against it, not that I am betraying you, merely trying to get you to see it my way. There isn’t anything good that can come from 6 of your knights slaughtering 300,000 Ork warriors. It was not meant to be that way.

You can take the opportunity to enrich the lives of your Soldiers, who would clearly lay down their lives for you, or you can again try at failing methods to ensure the survival of you and your people.

That positive on one side of the equation and positive on the other side, it points to one single thing: That positive be-gets positive. That if you do something positive, such as helping them, then in turn something positive will you receive in return. I know it does sound that it is not true, but I do believe that it is, and the death cannot be allowed as it stands.

Your casualty rates, those brave 6 knights who slew 300,000 ork warriors, only 1 of them were left alive after all was said and done, and that cannot be. It would have to be re-adjusted, and you must now re-adjust everything, although it might seem impossible, I can aid in this, I will stand and fight, for something that we all might receive as reward, it doesn’t need to be that 300,000 Orks lose their lives for the death of 5 others, it would seem you have developed a negative and a negative.

So it seems that all of this is well and true, but is it? How can we be sure, look into your inner self, and you will see that it is true. These numbers of death do not need to continue, nor do we need more death than what we are currently at. I have heard you lose 20 million soldiers per day, I do not know how that might be possible. I cannot fathom that. But I can help you to lessen that, by enforcing a rule that will ensure that it goes down, and making it a law, that death does not stand in place of something that should be kind, or compassionate.

Besides, you can just get the Orks to fight your wars for you, just give them some ships, some technology, and they’ll be your friends.

You must, must follow this policy. It is the only way to get it to work and in return your death rates of your soldiers go way down…

How far down?

Like, 300,000 per day, and even that is rather high. We seem to have this rate of “lockup” outside of the multiverses, that people get locked into rather dire situations, and it happens at a rate I don’t believe that it is safe out there, and we must hold, we must hold our ground, and stand for what we know is ours, what we know is ours rightfully. Help is coming.

For God And Glory,


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