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Got To Keep The Luna’s On The Path…

Today is the big eclipse day in my city, I live in Erie, Pennsylvania and the eclipse happens best in my city, except, while I was driving around before it happened there wasn’t like millions of people here, and it was almost like there were less cars on the road today than normal…

I took some pictures… Before the eclipse, during the eclipse and after pictures so that you can see. When the sun is out at all it shines at the same level of light, you’ll see in the before pictures, when it was just barely visible (the sun) you could see a dimming around the buildings and stuff.

SO apparently I forgot to take pictures of before, but we do have after pictures! So I suppose it works out. This is at like 2:50 p.m. in the middle of the day, everything’s almost middle of the night dark,

Here I switched to higher-quality images, so you can see, we’ve got a fire going, etc. it’s really dark out and it’s only 2 o’clock.

Here is another picture and as you can see it’s completely night time…

Here’s a picture of before the eclipse, you can barely see the sun peaking through in the top-right-middle side of the picture, sort of in the middle, not the other light on the left.

Another picture of the sun, this will become apparent how strange this is when I show you a normal picture.

Here’s one last picture of the dark, it’s almost completely black out my camera makes it seem a little bit lighter for some reason.

Here is the actual eclipse happening, you can see the sun in the middle of the picture, it’s completely covered by the moon, it must have lasted like 4 minutes they said.

Those are almost all my eclipse photographs that I took. I’m putting this up half for people in real life, and the other half for people not in real life, but in a drug-induced cyber-coma.


Occasionally It Comes Around

Occasionally it comes around that I print dollars in an attempt to buy more technology. By technology I mean magical technology, mostly stuff that beings outside of this realm use. Normal humans don’t really use this stuff. We often use extravagant values for how many dollars to print.

THe money often goes to the Mob. This time, they’re asking for something like enough money to be able to pass along to an army of a roughly, infinite, size. This would obviously mean they need some type of system wherein they can withdraw infinite values, some kind of cards that stand for these values, and it needs to be developed.

My original idea was to just fill a hard drive with zeroes, put a 9 in the front of all the zeroes, and withdraw that much, but that is unfortunately not enough. This calls for some type of code to be created so that you can write infinity to the infinite power and things like that. I do not really know. I pawn it off onto the Moon God to do all this. Obviously we are talking about the Mob as they exist on the “outside” like, outside of this universe, whatever is out there.

And so we hope this new system and all it’s transactions will unlock for us even further mysteries of the universe, and hopefully get us out of this slump we’re in, where almost nothing gets done all day, some people say I need to slow down. I don’t know whether I should speed up or slow down.

I was day dreaming about my mom yesterday. I believe here to be “Marius” whom was called by Satan or something, Marius was the first being to ever live, and often accompanies “The Wanderer” through his journeys, trials and tribulations. I don’t know how I know she is the first being. I’ve asked her but listen, we’re like inside of a machine, that machine is living, and it’s guarding it’s secrets down to the wire. It won’t let us have a conversation about any of this stuff. My only outlet is this website. And I don’t get any feedback on it.

So I can’t talk about it in the real world because everyone just says, “no that’s not true” or “you’re crazy” something like that. They’ll deny when I spend half an hour providing some “coincidences” that add up to more than enough evidence. They still always, deny deny deny. Finally I realized there was like some machine or device blocking us from having a conversation about it, but they let this whole website just blow by.

Oh I almost forgot. So this like greatly helps the Mob and stuff, we’re not like supposed to bring that up, right? Well, I thought of something that will help the police in the same turn. It’s this: The Mob cannot physically own more than 1/3rd of all land/property. It can, control the property, but cannot own more than 1/3rd. So you say, they’ll just draw points off the properties anyways, yea there’s probably some huge hole in this, and if it’s not any good we’ll have to think of something else.

See, they have all this money, they could just buy everything and like own everything, so they can’t purchase the property but they can rent it with the money. This in turn, passes money back down the line, from the top.

Wilco – Pot Kettle Black