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Falling Forwards

My website just got shutdown because I was using drupal plugins. Drupal is a CMS, that I thought was pretty good, but it shut my whole server down just for using a few plugins on it. Of course, we cannot know for absolute certainty what shut the server down, as I don’t have access to stuff like how reality works, etc, but I can be pretty certain that it was caused by someone trying to gain a positive outcome out of a negative.

The negative is that my site is lost, and the positive we have yet to see, but they cut their killing spree short when my backup system worked. Or plesks backup system. I was contemplating while it was down whether or not I should try to hit the person that shut the site down. Then I had a better idea.

I’ll punish the next person, and the person after that. You’ll incur such a high cost for doing this kind of thing that you’ll really be wishing that you hadn’t done it. I am creating a weapon that I call “The Spammer” but you won’t hear any more about it, you’ll just have to commit suicide if you really want to know.

Obviously this is something that is probably extremely unpleasant, and for a guess I can bet that you end up staring at the wall, wishing you… You get the idea.

What these people tried to do is to shut my server down, and destroy all of my work, and I cannot A) let that happen and B) more importantly, let it happen again.

So I have created a device that severely punishes the person responsible, and anyone involved in any manner. You are not allowed to involve yourself with placing me backwards anymore, and there’s a stiff punishment to go along with that. I am placing everything i’ve got on this, on it working, but for one it won’t punish bystanders, should you choose to allow it to happen, then it won’t hit you, i’m not out to get people, i’m out to stop them from setting me backwards, and while I could just not allow myself to be placed backwards, that is something for the future.

So what they were trying to do is clear, and I won’t swing at them, but the next thing i’m swinging at, it’s already in the shopping bag, I just need to pay for it now.

So we’ll just get knocked down, again and again,

I wonder if this will trigger a cycle of me getting knocked down, and then standing back up? I’ll allow for even worse punishments to be placed upon someone plotting this sort of thing. It’s much worse, say if you were planning something. The planning is what really gets you into trouble, but go ahead and try, and you’ll quickly learn not to do that again.

So I wonder, I really wonder if this mechanism is enough to protect me, I know that everyone will come back down to reality after i’ve taken a step backwards, I mean we can’t actually go backwards, it would defeat the whole point of everything, so that’s why I get set back on the road, back to walking, but I cannot allow this cycle to continue. I have the right to do this, if your going to commit suicide, that’s your right too, I don’t care, if your trying to set me backwards then your an enemy, so I want this to happen to you.

What. All my images are high quality. So, you might argue that I don’t have the right to do something like this. But I argue that I do have that right, I think I have this right, so i’m taking it.

I hold the power, and i’m going to stop you with it. It’s now pulled back like a slingshot, I would think it would go off and you would really be wishing it hadn’t, but i’m not going to make strange rules to go along with it like, you must stop a step backwards, i’m not going to be strange, i’m going to do what i’m allowed to do, and i’m allowed to defend myself. Should you choose to walk into that defense…

Should you choose to walk into my defense, that’s your fault, you knew it was there. You just thought you were going to walk all over me, didn’t you? I’m not going to let that happen, i’m going to do something about it, within legal limits.

That reminds me. Starcraft. I walked outside today there were all these kids playing in the street, and there were all these bee’s buzzing. I assumed one of the trailers around me was playing music, because I could hear some. I twisted it around in my head and thought it sounded like a terran theme from starcraft 2… i’ll post a link…

Starcraft 2: Terran Theme 01

So I kinda thought, that’s neat, it sounds like the music was coming from everywhere in the air. Then I shut the door, after I walked in, and I thought to myself that music must have went out when I shut the door, that’s why it went out. So just curious about finding out who was playing the music so loud, I opened the door, and there wasn’t any music at all.

What I had been hearing had been some kind of magical scene or something, but there’s nobody that I know of that could have caused such a scene, I don’t know of any wizards who can play MP3’s out their asses, so it’s really strange how these things occur, with nobody in control of them. It just seems like there’s somebody in control, because your in control.

Your not accustomed to things happening out of the control of everything, but look at the lightning, waves, and the wind, or even trees you might argue, trees grow and regrtow, but you say, what, that’s what trees do? That isn’t enough to explain everything about trees. Now the wind and rain and lightning has something out of control.

I’m going to stomp out the lightning and the rain and the wind and in turn make the next person to walk into my defense pay for it, fuck let’s just burn these people, who cares.


Back From The Dead

We could probably do better work on the “whole.” What I mean by that is, usually I am thinking about this girl I saw in a “dream”: I went to prison, and everything started happening for a second time. Things were happening twice, which is impossible, but we now know impossible to only be a word, some argue that it’s like “going up and not coming down” or, having a positive and no negative. These things were happening twice, not exactly everything, there were more people, more things happening when the first time they happened. So the first time it happened I saw this girl, she was the prettiest girl I had ever seen, and I just remember thinking she looked like Michelle Branch from the 90’s/2000’s, but she was much prettier than michelle branch, so this idea of this girl I saw at my dad’s house, it kind of grew on me, and now I spend alot of time “rolling” for her.

What “rolling” is, is kind of like what you think affects reality, but there are rules. The rules go that generally what you really want most to happen, will probably happen. This is, like, occasionally people have bad thoughts, maybe one every two hours or so? These thoughts are mostly not included, but then this is coupled with the need for negative energy. There isn’t enough negative energy. You can’t have enough negative energy, and we have never had enough. The military’s nickname for this might be “ISR”. We tend to pick bad things to happen in favor of something even worse, and it’s really a downward spiral, it really is as bad as it sounds. We are fighting every day to A) Create enough negative energy, so that something bad doesn’t happen, and B) to break the spell, to remove the need for negative energy. We make gains on this, we gain ground against the negative. We started at 0, or like, negative 9,000 and we’ve been working our way up from there. The actual deletion of negative energy would cause things like, finding a cure for cancer, or less children born with autism. Obviously, the need to achieve these things drives us to extremes, like causing a negative, I take this pill zyprexa at night. It makes me smoke more, drink more pepsi, and other effects like that. It generally takes the life out of me, but I still take it because it is something negative, and it’s built for me. What I mean by that is, it’s built for about as much as I can stand, maybe it’s even a little bit harsh. So I end up taking this zyprexa pill and it causes a negative. This in turn causes a positive. The whole reaction goes into like a pot, the positive is weighed against the negative, and if we are short on the negative, we believe that here something bad happens.

We have the technology to make people immortal, but we can’t use it, the positive of someone living forever, is just too great of a cost, the negative that goes with that would be huge. So we spend all our time struggling to get somewhere we can make people immortal, and not cause something bad to happen. We’re always thinking about this, and we generally believe that it is real, that there is such things as negative and positive, and that they are weighed against each other. We often find ourselves questioning this belief, but in spree’s of insanity, we convince ourselves that it’s not real, in moments of knowledge and truth, we believe that it is true, that the positive and negative are in fact weighed out, and it can cause something bad or good to happen, based on how much positive energy or negative energy you have.

You might say, how is this possible? Possibility is something developed by ancient humans, we live in 2024, where we have Cinema’s and computers and drones flying around battlefields, not possible is not in our vocabulary. There’s no explanation for it, no, I will tell you that. There isn’t some explanation for how there could possibly be negative and positive energy. Think of the Sun. We don’t sit there and say, this is impossible, just when we need Warmth and Light, there in the sky is a Sun shining down on us. That is impossible, Light and Light from the Sun are both impossible. We don’t question the Sun, and don’t think anything of it when we walk outside. Positive and negative energy are no different, they aren’t even more mysterious than the Sun, how did it get there? You could say the same thing about us. Life in general. It is impossible that we’re all living and driving around in cars, visiting each other in different houses, our whole society is a miracle, but we don’t ever question it. To question it, you would arrive at paradigms such as Positive and Negative Energy. We are almost taught by society to not question something as simple as ourselves.

Next time your having a strange thought, ask yourself, is this really that strange, or could it possibly be true? How did I arrive at these answers, how did I arrive at the knowledge I have today?

I arrived at it because alot of strange things happened, and I kept telling myself, “Oh, it’s just a coincidence” until I arrived at so many strange things it couldn’t be a coincidence, there were entities, beings, trying to make contact with me from outside of this reality. These beings, when they say the term “guardian angel” “never drive faster than your guardian angels can fly” this is simply YOU, in the form of a God: A being that can do more than one thing at the same time. These beings can be watching the pope in Rome, and mowing a lawn in America at the same time, you say, how is this possible? You can’t do two things at one time, possible is just a structure, we witness these events happening, so we know they are “possible” in some fashion. So that is your guardian angel: You, in the form of a God. Everyone has one. Some Angels break off from their person, and don’t help them, they might because of whatever. Drinking alcohol. They are often seen as “angels” because they don’t adhere to the vices that we do. They often don’t drink alcohol, or anything like that. They generally don’t overeat. They would seem, when compared with us, they would seem to be “Angels” as they can do more than one thing at one time, all of this, the whole networks and infrastructure that is provided for them comes at no cost to them. It would seem to be a miracle while we’re sitting here picking at negative energy. How did all that stuff get there, and at not really any cost?

One time I had an idea. That the Government would transfer like a huge sum of money, say, 20,000,000,000,000 something like that, and we would “put” the money on this technology. The Mob would receive the money, the Government (United States) would send it, and we would try to see if this would unlock or in other words if we could buy technology, if we could just buy energy, and it worked. I can’t remember how I found out it worked, this was a long time ago by the way, and then General Milley said “I think we should put more” as we could see that it worked, so why wouldn’t you just buy a bunch of this stuff and then the whole thing would be done and over with, it would definately be worth it. So I developed something called a “standard” or “the Million Dollar Standard” that you get so much for one million, and then if you have say 20,000 million, you would get 20,000x that standard. I believe that when I did that it worked, that we made that much technology, as there isn’t anything else in place of something to provide the level of play that we experience today.

So the technology is purchased, now we have to use, and maintain the technology. But more than maintain we must use the technology. Maintain yes, but to use it is what we have to do, kind of like a warrior that equips his armor. He must now do battle to win for his King and Queen, or King, and so we do. We haven’t yet really found a way around negative energy, we found that we could make things like that tired feeling I get all day from the zyprexa pill. We have found that, the pill goes against the negative, and we generally beat it down, each day, we beat back the dead, and that is how we deal with it. It’s not actually beaten, we have no way to beat it. But if I could, I would delete negative energy. That is my wish, this is easter and that is my wish. That we defeat negative energy. I hope that it works. I’m only saying this because of the “level” in the air, the level of play, it’s so high, that saying like anything is going to work. So I say it now. Delete negative energy, and the need for it, altogether. By altogether I mean that in no form does it survive, like it re-appears as something else, something similar, we have had that happen as well.

It is assumed that, one thing I really want in my life is to keep my Mom here, she is getting older, and i’m trying to save her. It is generally assumed that if we actually did save her, we would be in such high debt that we would be working all day for nothing, essentially. It is assumed that doing something such as saving my mom is like going backwards, and so I struggle to try to convince the Gods to spare her life, the life of my Ma. It doesn’t seem like I can ever make enough energy to convince them. But I am not really sure, we seem to be at a spot in our journey that is characterized by things like, having a lack of energy, nothing working, things are only just starting to work and function as we intended them to. So I can’t just swing and say “delete negative energy” and it actually gets deleted. We don’t really have that luxury, and it could just be a lack of energy. It could be solved, by just producing energy. And so I cast another spell. In our dealings, we have lost alot of points to buy and produce technology. Upgrades. We’ve spent alot of points, some points that the ancients paid dearly for. I render all those points now again, and I do hope that it works this time.

So what do we gain by doing all of this? As far as deleting negative energy, that will improve the quality of things, and rendering all of your points back to you, that will improve on the quantity of things. I don’t think there’s anything more to this, we just, go at it again, filled back up, and then we’ll again, run aground, and then we’ll have to fill it back up, i’ve heard one guy I was working with, at a real job, this was like the last thing I did before I went to prison in north carolina where a mock crucifixion occurred. We were at a bar and we were drinking, the bartender walked by and the guy said “Keep him filled up” I was drinking out of a glass, but I know now that he was not talking about the beer, he was talking about that ever-elusive energy source. Points. The points that the ancients did do battle for, they fought for this. The ancients are a people that live outside of this universe, and in no relation to this universe, they evolved from like, nothing, or something. I don’t really know that much about them. I just know that they paid for this stuff. I do know that, they paid for this stuff. That’s about all that I know about them, and they’re really old, like billions of years old their people are. Imagine what you could accomplish, if our civilization were around for billions of years. Somehow this occurred, and I don’t really know how it’s possible for some civilization to exist for billions of years, and not collapse or nuke themselves or something. But they say that they are like older than this universe, as they were alive a long time before this universe was here. And so I render to them, any aid that they might need, or want, or desire, all at once.

One event that occurred, speaking of casting magic, was when my Step-father, I went to his house and he was running out the door, shouting he needs help, or something like that. He was going to help his friend, but what he said was something like “He needs help” and what do you know, I was in a really tough situation, I had casted myself into a hole, by performing all these positive events, I had dug myself into a black hole, and I was instantly taken out of it by what Chuck did. We don’t think of Chuck as someone that can do this stuff, but it turns out he can do it as well as I can, you often don’t run into many people that can carry that much, but I saw it, and the only proof I have of it happening is just me saying it, but we don’t think of Chuck as someone who can cast magic, but he can. And he did. I don’t know if this is mean/whatever i’ll just leave it here, because my point is that the Ancients, whether Chuck is an Ancient is another story, but the Ancients have all these points, and they can do the stuff that I do possibly better than I can, because they can afford it. I mean I would think it would be a compliment to say, hey, you can do magic as well as the most powerful sorcerer in living memory.

How did it get like that? Years and years of rolling. The Ancients have been influencing events on Earth for thousands of years, I do believe they directed that Comet that knocked out the dinosaurs, to make way for humanity. I don’t know how humans survived something that dinosaurs didn’t. I think they just made a Comet hit and then deleted the dinosaurs, and we just assumed the Comet knocked them out, because it’s “not possible” to delete a living thing, are we inside of a computer, probably. Definately.

But that was the most help I ever got, when Chuck went to help his friend who was in trouble. I was standing there as he was leaving, and… I don’t know. I’ve got to think of something else to write. So we are inside of a computer. I do believe this, because when I went down to North Carolina for this mock crucifixion, I had this memory come back to me, I was in this little room, and there was a very small alien in the room sitting on a chair. On his computer screen was a dinosaur, and he was laughing really hard. I don’t know, I just thought, damn we are inside of a computer. It took me awhile to piece that one together. But we’re not inside of that specific alien’s computer, that computer was just being used to VIEW the dinosaurs. We are actually inside of the technology of the Ancients. So that makes everything of an extremely high quality, as they have the most points out of anything. So in relation to anything, it’s going to be a high quality, hard to match, you’ll have to do like me and write and write and write just to match it.

And so we step into a world, that I hope is not “kill or be killed” but rather Democratic, our Founding Fathers, it is assumed that the ancients have agreed to set aside their differences and instead the war or wars are fought here on Earth, they pick sides, and that is how we get things like Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany. The Evil part of the ancients propped up Hitler and Nazi Germany, perhaps trying to teach us what they know in a brutal way, but what was the effect of this? The actual effect of it was kind of like, everyone said to themselves, let’s not let something like that happen again, and yet it happens still to this day in America’s Prisons, I was in prison, and what they do if you get into a little fist fight or something is put you in “the hole” it’s a group of cells, inside of one building, that they ONLY give you the food you get on a tray, and nothing else, you don’t get to go to the “store” and buy your own food, where everyone gets to go to the store, even people with no money get $15 a month to go to the store or what they call the Commissary. Inside the “hole” you only get this nasty food that they cook in the kitchen, like, imagine somebody going around and buying the cheapest hotdogs they can find, and then leaving them in the freezer for like 24 months, then cooking them. This is the food you get in the hole, so they are still doing this stuff to this day, we just ignore it. It happens to animals, I won’t get into that.


Good Friday

Yesterday was good friday, and my prayer was that we all get a refill. What I mean by that, is simple. Lately we have all been feeling the effects from the assault, it’s not exactly quality time with your favorite loved one. This need for negative energy has become so pervasive that it now affects how we feel, that is, how we feel, 24 hours a day. This effect can only be said to diminish with the use of substances (drugs) or with the altering of how you feel, with a God doing the editing.

So what nobody realized from this was something that I wrote about a few days ago in my journal, the pieces of paper I keep next to my desk, which my computer is on. We sort of “lost” something, each one of us, when we progressed forward, the catch is, this thing might not return. The good feelings and vibes we get from drinking alcohol, are replaced by a Russian Cold Air.

There’s just one problem here amongst all of this. You might read this and say, so we feel like shit, so what, there’s still the progress we’ve made, but I must alert you to the fact that it has taken our Ancestors a very, very long time to get to where we are, and alot of blood has been shed. They are losing something that they hold to themselves as great as say, it being like a second death, the other half of you dies, but you keep on living.

I have argued that the progress they have or had hoped to make is still there, there are some things that remain the same, Moscow advances, or Moscow Rules, despite the cost we have seen imposed upon us.

It’s really hard to explain this stuff, which is why it might seem foggy, it’s like taking part of your brain, the brain part responsible for like pleasure, and just gutting it out, like some butcher or something. The loss seems too high to pay.

But we have our position, our progress. What we were hoping to do, to gain against the negative, has been achieved, it just got the best of us. So you might say, in the face of this, why would we bother to progress even farther, when we are risking…

Yes, we are risking like everything, holding back some kind of nuclear religion taking control over the whole country, but we were risking that before, remember the negative can’t exactly think, it’s not smart, and can be easily outsmarted, I think we are going to do just that, at least this time.

Picture of Madness, sitting at his Desk, Circa 1956 0

Welcome Back x3

I decided I would give it one last run, I say that because I don’t know if anyone reads this. There’s no comments, though, I don’t really comment on other pages…

I just got Windows 11 working on my computer, my motherboard had an issue that it came with it wouldn’t run any Windows, then they came out with a patch in september of last year, I had been on linux previous because of it.

I spent all my time distro-hopping from Redhat to Ubuntu and then back again, and then to Debian, different versions of Debian, then to Unix, so i’ve really tried all the Operating Systems and the amount of software for windows, although windows is slightly slower, it lags a bit when you first turn it on, or try to do something major, the amount of available software more than makes up for the slight speed gain, and the slightly-more amount of spyware and viruses.

So far it does actually run the different programs, Office, or Visual Studio, it runs these things, though, for Visual Studio (surprise) when I say this your gonna say, “No Way!” but Microsoft’s C++ doesn’t really function, it doesn’t really compile, so you have to download a specific Visual Studio that works with Intel’s (free) C++, so you have the Microsoft IDE and Intel C++ and that is as far as I know the only way to program C++ on windows…

I wrote a note to Lord Vader, it said something along the lines of…

Look at all these scenarios of pain and suffering, Jesus Christ, look at what happened because of his death, look at the death of me in Cooks Forest state prison, look at the result of all of these negative things. I had a really good conversation with this guy that stopped at my house, earlier in the day was the Baltimore Bridge thing, look at what all this stuff is pointing at…

We’ve got to do something to prevent something else from happening just as a result of us finding out about this, we have to be honest. I have always been honest, it’s a policy that I live by, to accurately report, whatever that report may be. I’ve never reported something that I didn’t believe was true, unless it was just to make a point or something.

So we have this situation where the requirement is like, lots of bad stuff happening, and we’ve got to rush to try to stop the initial race to cause something bad.

So I do push as hard as I can for the best possible situation, if 0 meant humanity is extinct, and 100 is like no damage being taken at all, I am aiming for 100, but will take 99 if I can’t get 100, and i’ll take 98 if I can’t get 99…

So it goes, we rush to try to make not the best we can make of it, but to try to make it best.

Tell me, what comes next, “Ba-wit-da-ba” _________________________

(did you guess da-bang-da-bang-diggy?)