The Russian Affair


Mission Impossible – The Kgb (game music)

Now that we have that. I was writing to you almost directly after the previous post was published. I totally forgot what I was writing here. Oh yea;

It is unfortunate that Russia is footing the whole bill. I am driving as fast as I can to get you some relief. I am writing this to get you some relief. I do not know what to do about the situation because it seems like whatever I do, however much I do, whatever, it’s not enough, and it spells out the word blood in blood.

I found this beautiful picture that I am using as a desktop background currently. But what do we do about the Russians having to like foot the whole bill? Sure, they are tough, yes, but it is unfair to them that we call them like… Traitors, and criminals, when they are doing all of this so we don’t have to do it? You don’t make very much sense.

See the Russians over there, fighting it out, dogging it out, it’s generating a force, that force materializes itself in my work, but this piece of information everyone already knew. I do not know how to get russia any more points or such.

Here, you can have the crack;

That was supposed to go to the Mob. Take it, and use it wisely, mind you to always keep this in mind. That you must use it wisely, to try to improve our situation, my situation, your situation. Perhaps you might dig us out (not that your not already doing that).

I also found this cool-ish image, that I will switch to my background now hold on. Yes that’s my desktop now. I must help them now.

I don’t know that I can really raise Putin any higher, or to raise his Soldiers in combat any luckier. Your not supposed to use the word luck, but ironically, here we will. I do hope his Soldiers better luck than they have been having, like, they die less, and stay alive longer as a result.

But what I am going to do now is to take the metal rods that reach into Russia, “The Rake” and to create a sort of movement of them turning faster than they are already going. Next, I will place this function into a set of infinity matrices, that itself part of a network, that network having sister and brother networks (especially brother). So we have this spell…

Unleash It, Press Go!

Okay I must say that will activate it. These networks, infinite sets of infinite amounts of these networks, are always online, attempting to turn the rake, in your favor, Russia.

Now for this;

In The Hall Of The Mountain King

Good. We have made progress here, by directly turning the rakes to make them go faster. Now the rake is going faster, we’re scoring higher, and it’s costing us less, so I must conclude this to be adjourned!

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