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Our Ancestors

What could possibly have driven the evolution from being in water, to going onto land and braving so many trials and tribulations? We can see that obviously in reality these trials that our ancestors went though, those homo sapiens 300,000 years ago somehow survived for THAT LONG.

How did they survive for that long in a world filled with traps and other threats? Obviously there is some driver behind this evolution, but is it simply what we might call “Nature”?

Nobody knows for absolute certainty, but we can be pretty well sure there is something called Nature, and it’s probably a real thing, but not real like we are real, it is probably real, but that’s where the similarities stop.

How have we, in recent, (the last 2,000 years) survived so many times, how have we been able to survive all of this:

There’s no way. by the way, 4.3 Ga stands for BILLIONS of years. Thats: 4,300,000,000 years living amongst threats that could knock you out in a day, and surviving for that amount of time. So we can clearly see that something is at work here, you really can’t deny it, and if you do, you’re just like lying to yourself. You can’t survive for 4.3 billion years, not without something like a being looking out for you, something like a GOd, or of that nature, who can make sure you breed over here, and over there, so if a tornado comes to wipe you out, you’ll still be over there. Stuff like that, and they survived all of that .

So what is it? It could even be a being that just has alot of power, such as me. I could have placed into a box all the things I wanted evolution to be, and then made sure that they survived under any circumstances, and just left it alone. In other words, our history could have “come in a box” like they say, as if I bought it already made from the store. But it could be any number of things going on here.

We know that the Ancients, who live outside of this universe, have immense power, they have technology we haven’t ever even written about in our Science Fiction, and they have possibly been alive for in the trillions of years, so they, from their bases outside of this Multiverse, have been controlling everyone so that the humans make it, but even then, that seems like a stretch and it seems more likely that it did come in a box, somebody who just pressed a button that states that humans live. It’s like there was a rule built into reality that humans survive.

And so Ancestors, your journey is finally coming to a close. Although we probably won’t ever figure out how they survived, if it was a combination of things, we do know their journey is nearly complete, and they can go off to do whatever they please, probably many of them taking part in the Chinese Poker games.

Chinese Poker is the name I gave what this stuff is. Like playing with life, I call it Chinese Poker, because your always at risk or, this next action could cause a negative event to occur, things of that nature. But now Ancestors, you may breathe a sigh of relief as your journey is at it’s closing point, and a new one opens up for you, it’s direction is under your control, so choose wisely.


The Aliens Aren’t Coming

I was just this morning watching a video about these aliens, and it was about two aliens talking to one another. The one wanted to know where to find a hitman to kill a human, and they went on about this for about 20 minutes, always talking about “we don’t kill humans, their families will attack back” or something like that, and as I was driving down the road, coming over the radio waves was a story about how the aliens saved up all their points just for this video, a video about how strong humans are. I always thought aliens were generally older, and stronger by these videos like the aliens from the “Aliens” movies. The whole video about the hitman to kill a human was a disguise to help me.

I don’t know how I pieced this together, but that was my thought, walking into the grocery store. That that video was put there to help me. So the aliens foregone their piece of the pie or, “points” as I say, all just to aid me, they almost never come over the radio.

In turn, I agreed to “tune” them in. I mentioned that it might come at a cost. That tuning came over the radio as well, they were down, they were down, they were down before this video and now their on their way up. Up, up and away.

This is why the aliens aren’t coming.

“I run the marathon to the very last mile”

So the only thing missing from this post is how, through this “tuning” the aliens get what they were missing out on the whole time, and it is instant, all at probably an incredible cost, but if it’s free, if we’ve beaten it down, then it’s free. If it’s not free, likely, and comes at a cost, I am free of any and all obligations relating to it, barring responding to “help” messages…

I’m only telling you that, likely, this action will cost you, and you have knowingly and willingly chosen to play this way, and that me stepping in to fix the problem of you not getting anything, that cost comes, whether or not it is free I don’t know, at your expense.