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Your Doing It Wrong

So the net result of this is that you may not lose anything at all. Granted, by the time it comes back to you it will be like 5 years from now, that aside, we have to make these choices because I was looking around at the people. Some were poor, some were rich, very few were rich, we’re not taking your money away. In other words, we’re not taking your physical luxuries away, but we’re docking your mental luxuries.

What happened today on May the 4th, I was up at my step-father’s house and he was telling me about how the board of this company got all the money that the company made, and the workers didn’t get anything. I matched it up to what he’s really trying to tell me on this May 4th: My staff, My high command is keeping all the profits and the people are remaining poor.

Some might say, you gave all the money to the Mob, and nobody else got anything. That’s true, but this is energy, stuff that you need to live, and i’ve fought to hard for the person that doesn’t have anything, i’ve been the person that doesn’t have anything, I guess you might call this my revenge.

I’m setting it at 35% to the high command, and 65% passed out in a manner between Absolute and Relative to the people in general. You’re keeping much of your pay, but I can imagine you were taking like 100% or even more than that.

So this is that fight we’ve been waiting for, the one against the rat jesus. That fight against every time somebody has fucked you over, this is that battle. Now it’s time that we win one, and that these people stealing all the energy, just sitting there collecting a check, and thrown out. Get rid of them, we don’t need that shit.

I shouldn’t have to say anymore so here’s a slideshow:

LONDON, ENGLAND – DECEMBER 15: People dressed as Stormtroopers from the Star Wars franchise of films pose on the Millennium Bridge to promote the latest release in the series, “Rogue One”, on December 15, 2016 in London, England. “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” is the first of three standalone spin-off films and is due for released in the UK today. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)
photo: Balazs Mohai https://www.instagram.com/balazs_mohai www.balazsmohai.com
Picture of Madness, sitting at his Desk, Circa 1956 0

Welcome Back x3

I decided I would give it one last run, I say that because I don’t know if anyone reads this. There’s no comments, though, I don’t really comment on other pages…

I just got Windows 11 working on my computer, my motherboard had an issue that it came with it wouldn’t run any Windows, then they came out with a patch in september of last year, I had been on linux previous because of it.

I spent all my time distro-hopping from Redhat to Ubuntu and then back again, and then to Debian, different versions of Debian, then to Unix, so i’ve really tried all the Operating Systems and the amount of software for windows, although windows is slightly slower, it lags a bit when you first turn it on, or try to do something major, the amount of available software more than makes up for the slight speed gain, and the slightly-more amount of spyware and viruses.

So far it does actually run the different programs, Office, or Visual Studio, it runs these things, though, for Visual Studio (surprise) when I say this your gonna say, “No Way!” but Microsoft’s C++ doesn’t really function, it doesn’t really compile, so you have to download a specific Visual Studio that works with Intel’s (free) C++, so you have the Microsoft IDE and Intel C++ and that is as far as I know the only way to program C++ on windows…

I wrote a note to Lord Vader, it said something along the lines of…

Look at all these scenarios of pain and suffering, Jesus Christ, look at what happened because of his death, look at the death of me in Cooks Forest state prison, look at the result of all of these negative things. I had a really good conversation with this guy that stopped at my house, earlier in the day was the Baltimore Bridge thing, look at what all this stuff is pointing at…

We’ve got to do something to prevent something else from happening just as a result of us finding out about this, we have to be honest. I have always been honest, it’s a policy that I live by, to accurately report, whatever that report may be. I’ve never reported something that I didn’t believe was true, unless it was just to make a point or something.

So we have this situation where the requirement is like, lots of bad stuff happening, and we’ve got to rush to try to stop the initial race to cause something bad.

So I do push as hard as I can for the best possible situation, if 0 meant humanity is extinct, and 100 is like no damage being taken at all, I am aiming for 100, but will take 99 if I can’t get 100, and i’ll take 98 if I can’t get 99…

So it goes, we rush to try to make not the best we can make of it, but to try to make it best.

Tell me, what comes next, “Ba-wit-da-ba” _________________________

(did you guess da-bang-da-bang-diggy?)