The Aliens Aren’t Coming

I was just this morning watching a video about these aliens, and it was about two aliens talking to one another. The one wanted to know where to find a hitman to kill a human, and they went on about this for about 20 minutes, always talking about “we don’t kill humans, their families will attack back” or something like that, and as I was driving down the road, coming over the radio waves was a story about how the aliens saved up all their points just for this video, a video about how strong humans are. I always thought aliens were generally older, and stronger by these videos like the aliens from the “Aliens” movies. The whole video about the hitman to kill a human was a disguise to help me.

I don’t know how I pieced this together, but that was my thought, walking into the grocery store. That that video was put there to help me. So the aliens foregone their piece of the pie or, “points” as I say, all just to aid me, they almost never come over the radio.

In turn, I agreed to “tune” them in. I mentioned that it might come at a cost. That tuning came over the radio as well, they were down, they were down, they were down before this video and now their on their way up. Up, up and away.

This is why the aliens aren’t coming.

“I run the marathon to the very last mile”

So the only thing missing from this post is how, through this “tuning” the aliens get what they were missing out on the whole time, and it is instant, all at probably an incredible cost, but if it’s free, if we’ve beaten it down, then it’s free. If it’s not free, likely, and comes at a cost, I am free of any and all obligations relating to it, barring responding to “help” messages…

I’m only telling you that, likely, this action will cost you, and you have knowingly and willingly chosen to play this way, and that me stepping in to fix the problem of you not getting anything, that cost comes, whether or not it is free I don’t know, at your expense.