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One thing that is entirely up in the air until this document is in a “Finalized” state, are the amounts that each company receives as from part of the “Loot” or rather, “Points.”

This started particularly when, a member of “Gaia’s” forces, seemingly a commander or at least captain said: “Let’s discuss business, here’s all your coin back, now how about 5% of the take for Security?”

In other words, they would provide Security for my operation at 5% of the profit. At first I thought this was high, 5% seemed like alot. As I thought over it day by day it seemed to be a highly precise calculated amount. So firstly I grant them that.

GAIA’S — 5%

The second partition that came to mind was the Mob. They were asking for 25%. Immediately I thought it was high. I wouldn’t want to offend them and say, like, 5%, I thought they deserved more anyways. I eventually arrived at 10%, but that’s not quite “mob like” enough to pass as a payment program for the Mob. So let’s make it 12.5%.

Mob — 12.5%

Then I immediately iterated over the Combine Overwatch, and being that the Mob got 12%, I would just quickly give the Combine Overwatch the same — 12.5%

The Combine — 12.5%

So i’ve adjusted the Mob to 12.5%, it was at 12%, but the whole 25% thing is not fair, and I suggest that you accept the 12.5% because it is first of all, a very high amount of pay, and secondly, nobody would be aligned with you if you were just scooping up all of the profits at 25%. I know these words seem harsh but this is a very important document…

My Bloodline — 15%

As I am at the top of the pyramid, and we need these kids to work effectively and efficiently, I am allocating 15% of the Points to my Bloodline, one thing that I always wanted was to be able to be a good Father or Patriarch to my descendants, and in this way I see that I can. It means just so much to me to provide for them everything that they could possibly ever need.

Don’t forget, these percentages are percentages of a total amount of points — that amount of points could be just about any amount, depending on how high we score that day.

I also want to make clear that this is a daily thing, say, 8:00 P.M. EST the points are divided and passed out — the days works.

The Templars — 12.5%

They have certainly earned their way to where they are now, and this goes out to them, in whatever it is that they’re doing. I don’t have much to say as everything they do is a secret I am not really in this secret loop, they do stand to defend me as a large standing force, so here’s your twelve fifty.

Also note that these percentages are percentages of WHAT? They are percentages of the Global Prize Pool that is generally generated by Madness, and not another being or entity. What does this mean? Say, with the help of the Mob, I might be able to score high at the Millcreek Mall or something. These points are part of the Global Prize Pool, and an exact definition of this Prize Pool eludes us currently.

The Girls Of Olde Town — 12.5%

The Girls of Olde Town have fought, some being sacrificed entirely with almost no fix in sight. I won’t mention the name of that one, but they sure have earned their keep. The points that they score as pertaining to the Global Prize Pool are myriad.

The Orks (Sauron’s) — 12.5%

This prize pool percentage is obvious, the Orks have fought and died, bravely to say the least, against impossible odds, showing up often in force, forces so large, this includes the Orc of 40k, who do know loss and confusion, if not some things that are worse than loss…

The Police (The 5-0) — 12.5%

Allow me to make amends with the past we have almost all shared, and for the work that they do everyday. I won’t mention being on patrol, often at risk, well, I guess you could say anything is a risk in that sense. I know the Mob won’t really like this, but i’ve given them 12.5%, because they have fought and have, I believe, earned their way.

The Tubbies – 5%

Tubbies generally feed off of their parents, but here is something for my favorite!

One grouping that this document doesn’t address is the 65 million year old groupings of the Dinosaur Gods, and doesn’t even touch upon the Ancients. What I will be doing is adding a percentage for each group, and that the system is adjusted so that (right now it’s at 100%) if I had 30%, the 30% becomes like 20% as it is factored into the document thus becoming 100% as a whole. I hope that makes sense!

Commander Bill’s — 65%

I have given him 1% for each million years he’s been here, I dunno, I kinda believe in everyone getting the same thing, but that doesn’t work when your talking about someone doing 65 million years time. It doesn’t make much sense, but i’ve added to him 65% for his group, the whole of the dinosaur groupings, those gods who have been around since the time of the dinosaurs, and are generally responsible for our current standing (which is really great).

The Ancients — 100%

The Ancients have obviously earned each little percentage that they are allotted, there is no question about that. It’s just, they now receive so much and in comparison other groups on here receive not as much. Remember that this list pertains to the Global Prize Pool, which kinda just seems like a document that pertains to Commander Bill’s and the Ancients prizes, as they get so much more than anyone else.

Anyway all of this is something to think about. There’s no doubt that these last 2 groups have earned it, the question is, is it the best way forward? What is the best way forward? I’m sure opinions abound, whatever, I will work towards what is the best way to go forward, how do we get them their money? We owe them, that is for sure.

On the subject of “Owing” them, we have to pay it or, make a payment or do something. This document is subject to change, perhaps after they have been paid? Someday free of the shackles brought on by the years and years and years and years of their service, we now work as almost slaves to this debt, but imagine getting ourselves out of all of that debt? Hmm…

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