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That this page will stand here until all animals are saved, like remember in Sonic, you would save a bunch of animals from dr. robotnik at the end of the level, you would step on this spring and it would depress and out would come all these squirrels, bunnies, whatever, and the animals would be saved.

Today the Cows have delivered to me a message, stating that I must do something, I must try to save them. My first reaction was, i’ve already tried, and there’s not anything else that I can do. I’ve tried to save all of the animals “in place” meaning that, if their in…

If their in a facility that generally has policies that harm the animals, these policies would be changed, but the animals wouldn’t be moved into a different, more safer facility, they would be “saved” “in place” and that that was the best we could do for them.

So that that was the best that I could do for these animals in testing facilities, to render better conditions but, would this page just become something from a time where we thought we could save the animals?

That is a rather grim, or dark, conclusion to draw, and I don’t see much that I can do about it. It seems to be one of those things that we are just destined to live with. It seems that the hurdle is to much to high to cross over and continue, we end up barrelling into it, missing the mark, or the jump.

You see they have appeared, like Jesus Christ, we don’t intend to make them like Jesus Christ. We do not intend to do that to them, they will be saved.

I do believe that, that they will be saved, so perhaps not instantly, but that they will be saved in the end, yes, I do believe that.

So what that means is that instantly, nothing happens. In the long run, they really won’t have to pay, and making any living thing “pay” for something is really, really sick and we generally must set a course for the salvation of the animals in general.

And so we must nurture this light, we must assume that it is the correct light, and that the lighthouse that it is coming from is upon an allied land. That they not, let’s get this right:

The animals shouldn’t have to suffer or “pay” for the cost of this, nobody should have to do that, it’s generally thought there is no “jesus christ” type figure for the modern era, they made into “jesus” via a “rat jesus” type of scenario (where the rats are made out to be Jesus) is not going to happen, and what will happen is their salvation, and we make it as soon as it can be made possible.

These 2 year, or something, plans, must be thrown away, we don’t need them anymore, for all that we have done against negative energy, there is not anymore a need for it, for we have conquered that mountain. You need not make them out to be Jesus, and need only save them.

I hope this works as a light for the animals.

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