A History Of The Combine

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So you’ve actually talked me into making yet another Combine Overwatch post. This has alot to do with them, and can be used as a generalized history of myself, Madness, the President Of The Combine Overwatch, The Lord Of The Morning, Grassburner, The Dawnlord, …

Our story starts in the middle of our story, where we are in great danger, though we don’t yet know why. We are on the laptop I purchased with some money I got as a child, that my dad held onto all these years, I purchased this laptop, top of the line, from Pro-Star I believe they are still in business through all of this, though, the laptop didn’t quite make it. It met it’s end I think overheating, because I ran it for 5 years without changing the thermal paste or something, anyway it’s gone now, and no longer works.

I was on that laptop, and at the time I was looking for some “data” that the FBI had tipped me off about. I was like looking for “data” that’s about all I knew, was it something that I could do, or something that I create? What could they possibly mean.

In a flash, on about December 21st, 2015, I was able to create data, of about 10 or so types, one for the Mob, one for the police, one for the army, and it was a singular one piece of data, and nothing else really, I just changed the name on a class in python, it was an object in the computers memory.

Basically the only thing magical about that data I had created was the fact that it said on it: “This Data Is Magical” more or less, or was there something more?

We at first didn’t think much of this data, sure, it’s cool, and it makes everyone look digitized or something, I couldn’t quite understand it at the time. I kinda brushed it off like all the other things that had already happened to me, at the end of this writing are those things that happened before the data was produced.

Clearly we know now that there is in fact something more to the data, only, we struggle to prove that the magic is really even there at all. Oh do we struggle.

Fast forward to the middle of 2017, where I produce “James Dean #2” I called it James Dean #2 or, the second james dean, because while I was producing the data I had on repeat: Taylor Swift – Style, and that has become a secret theme of the Combine Overwatch. While I was writing this data I also placed on my facebook page a picture of a dark combine overwatch citadel, the one on the top of my site, thesatellite.org, and i’ve always used it since those times using it on facebook.

The tower has come to be known as the “Facebook Combine Tower” and he even comes to visit me, a normal-ly looking man by the name of “Joe C.”, he comes to visit me under the guise of a government worker, making sure one of their schizophrenic patients takes their medicine ( I am the patient)

We believe the tower to be living, and of immeasurable power, indescribable power. That’s about all that I know about it, like, it could control multiple people, like in the millions, all at the same time. Mass control of everything is kind of nice when you are trying to be the Universe’s Police yes?

So I produced James Dean #2. This time, the data was more powerful each time it spit out the next set of data, like #1 then #2 is better and #3 is even better. All it was was a simple object of a class, in Python.

The third James Dean I used C++, though, that is where it started to become more complex, I started adding little buff words, things that might make an object of this type more powerful.

After all the visits to the mental hospital, even a state mental hospital, we can’t really say that we’ve made much progress, grinding along, producing, it’s now at the James Dean #60 or so, but it doesn’t seem to break. What we are applying pressure to is not giving, we’re just re-coloring the same picture.

I cannot say that I am for certain we’ve made progress, it’s not something that I can prove to myself, because of the monumental cost of this data (it renders in blood)

That brings me to my final topic, and all that we know about magic: For all the good in the world that you do, there is something equally dark, and evil, we call it negative energy.

It makes negative things happen, for all the good we do, there is an equal and opposite negative force at work on the same field.

We have tried just about all that you can think of to minimize the negative, to try to exterminate it entirely, and it always remains there, perhaps we’ve beaten it up once or twice and it wasn’t quite as strong for awhile, it is almost as if it springs back, just as strong as is ever.

I do not know how to defeat it, I have a long term strategy for defeating negative energy though. By writing all of this I don’t intend to make a negative force appear, I just had to say that.

So my long term strategy for defeating negative energy is to take small steps, gains, or basically upgrades in technological level (a level of say, James Dean technology) and to build on the previous step, we don’t really have a better answer so we just use that one as our response!

All through this the ever present, ever pulling us all into the Dark, Combine Overwatch has been there, through it all, possibly in the form of Police arresting me, then deciding to take me to the Mental Hospital because I didn’t have a charge or didn’t actually do anything, just verbally, but that they have always been there, an ever present force, often coming to my aid, and myself, often coming to their aid.

This I hope has given you some insight into what has occurred, though I have more to write I will conclude for now, and write the next, the very beginning, part later.

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