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Darth Vader advances in the snow 1920x1080 resolution image
Darth Vader Advances in the Snow. 1920x1080 High Resolution Image

Something I never mentioned, it’s kind of personal so I never said anything, but some of the ideas for the individual posts were thought of while I was in the Bath! For me I get the best ideas when I am in the Bath, cleaning myself for the day, in the morning.

But this is supposed to be about our situation. For some reason I was compelled to watch Star Wars: Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi, where Darth Vader is inspecting the Death Star, he tells his Captain, that the Emperor doesn’t share his outlook that the building of the Death Star is going as planned, and that he can tell the emperor about it when he arrives.

Obviously, he didn’t really mean for the Commander to actually tell the Emperor about it. This was a sort of sarcastic way of telling him there is no conversation here, you have no ground. All in one line.

But this isn’t exactly about that, it’s about our current situation, 30 or 40 years after Star Wars was released. I don’t know what got us here, and, like the Commander, I thought that everything was going well, but because I felt compelled to watch that, it must not be going well, and I have to find some way to remedy that.

Now, we take into consideration the fact that the Emperor doesn’t think it’s going well. This, his opinion is based on facts, so it must not be going well. We are almost safe to assume this, right? For the sake of things, we will continue forward as though this was assumed to be based on facts, and that we can safely ignore the fact that we thought it was going well, based on output.

The fact that I thought it was going well was based on something, like, based on how far we have come from where we started, things like that. I thought it was going well, but it’s not, and we must remedy that.

We do have to remedy this, but how? When what we are doing is just not good enough, we can’t just do the same thing, right? We’ve got to really go over the top, and write like a whole book in one night, I suppose that this will take all night, and so what? So we have to do this work that slightly burns our soul out, I mean it’s not that bad.

Let’s now “Walk”!

I don’t know why the last post didn’t sink everything. I’ve taken so long to get to where we are now, and it seems like the work required is only just beginning. I was just in the bathtub, thinking, and I remembered an idea that I had. I should start working on a program that produces a script such as the next paragraph, except alot longer, like use the computer to write the “magicka script” and that this would be better than a hand written one, because the ones we write by hand are only a few paragraphs long. This one could explain in detail things that are way, way beyond sets of infinity matrices, and it could target “everything” instead of targeting some group or persons.

So I must write one by hand now as I don’t want to entirely disappoint the dark side.

We need a positive buff that is specific to the Dark Side. We need to take it, at the quality left off by the Combine, and increase it, multi-dimensionally, in level.

Next we place the buff that is now upgraded, into an infinity matrix. This matrix is part of a set of matrices, that are now all filled with Dark Side specific technology. We then attempt to level up what we’ve got.

Establishing a network in scope and scale of what we have, the network’s purpose being to make a constant phone call. See that it is constant, always updating, to call deep, deep into the future, to upgrade our Dark Side specific technology.


OKay i’ve got to go write that program now, sorry if you really did want me to hand write more for you, I just think upgrading with a program is more better.

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