Under The Watch

By “Under The Watch” or more specifically; “Under Watch” as in, “We are Under Watch, you know” and the meaning to it is that we are under the threat of like, something bad happening, we are under threat in other words.

With this explanation, this is where we find ourselves. I was feeling like laying down, but we are Under Watch so I decided to see if I might be able to remedy that. To me, Under Watch means that things I enjoy can be taken away from me, and we will be in this state until at the minimum my mother receives immortality, which is kind of weird — it makes me wonder.

Just now I was envisioning a siege tank on the stage, a terran siege tank. The tank was pointed on the opposite side of the audience of the auditorium, and I obviously pulled that string to make it take it’s shot. Next, I envisioned NFL goalposts and a dotted line going from a few NFL players kneeling where the siege tank was parked. It was in siege mode of course, to be able to take this shot over the goalposts to score.

Obviously, this is for some reason not enough. I do not really understand, I only know that it’s not enough, and that I must keep going until we find something that “is” enough, if that ever happens. I do have some doubts, like, look at the Imperium, they lose like 20 million soldiers per day or something, that is fucking insane, it’s not like your going to remedy that in a day — it’s going to take year after year to change that one.

So this is where we find ourselves, Under Watch. “Time Is Tight” — The if not THE premier german song, along with red river rock.

Adolf Hitler and the nazi’s used to listen to this before they would go out and break into bars after hours

And so begins our german part of this episode. This episode is actually supposed to be about using the Mayans to allot so much power that we can remedy this situation that we’re in. But we’ll make room for the Nazi’s first. I don’t agree that we should do extreme torture, but I also don’t do anything about it except to actually encourage it, i’ll explain.

Treffen von Adolf Hitler mit Benito Mussolini in München. Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler.

This is Heinrich Himmler. Leader of the SS (Select Staff) and 2nd in command of the Nazi’s during World War 2 (very important man). So you see I do nothing to stop the violence really, I outright encourage it, and then turn around and say that I don’t believe in that. So what do you then, Madness, believe in?

Treffen von Adolf Hitler mit Benito Mussolini in München. Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler.

Your asking ME what I believe in? I don’t exactly know why something so significant as the Holocaust happened, I don’t know why it occurred other than because negative energy. For all positive energy, positive things in the world, there are that many negatives to go with the positive, so to go with humanity’s rise and the digital age, we have ww2 to prelude that said age.

Heinrich Himmler (left) and Adolf Hitler (third from left) observe Stormtroop maneuvers in January 1941.

So why then did this happen, in the state of germany? It’s because what the Nazi’s did paved the way for us to drive our shiny cars on. It’s really that simple, it’s all just fuel for a fire that we call the “System That We Live Under” which is a rather strange sounding phrase, yes?

If it’s all about power, trying to raise the power level, then why don’t we just turn up the power level? Or wait around until it rises to a high enough level? It’s because we’ll never get to that level at this rate, your collecting pennies to save up to buy a real nice, new, car. It’s strange like that, but it’s the truth.

…And what can we do? Your looking at it, magicka scripting. You have to find a way to stop or delete negative energy, if all of you wrote one page describing your means of destroying the need for negative energy, this would be all over already. Remember you have to attack the “Need” for negative energy, not the actual negative energy, unless of course a direct attack would work better than an indirect attack such as one on the “need”

Berlin, Germany: April 20, 1939. Adolf Hitler, standing in a car, watches a parade in celebration of his 50th birthday, on the Wilhelmplatz square of the Leibstandarte. SS (Personal Bodyguard Regiment). In front of the car stands, wearing his uniform, Reichsfuehrer-SS Heinrich Himmler. ?Scherl / Sueddeutsche Zeitung Photo / The Image Works NOTE: The copyright notice must include “The Image Works” DO NOT SHORTEN THE NAME OF THE COMPANY

Look ! Over there! There’s a megadeuce inside our city!

And here at last we come to the actual point of this post. The aztec part of it. You know they say that the Moonraker Elite Soldiers are the greatest soldiers, but as always with things like this, there will be those that disagree, and i’m not saying your wrong.

I’ve got tons of pictures like this for this post. I almost don’t know what to write. I’m supposed to be using Aztec technology to try to remedy the situation.

So… Aztec technology.. Like, the idea of Quetzacotl, not the literal God who now has influence in southern america, but the idea behind him. We are fight with an idea, the idea of Negative Energy, or rather the need for it, but it’s still an idea.

What if we just match the strength of Quetzacotl with the “problem” that is we intend to remedy the situation with this?

Now I don’t really know what to do, but then I thought of it. We must take Quetzacotl’s half of the equation, and multiply it without multiplying the “need” (for negative energy). So I take that half of the equation, and then place it into a set of infinity matrices, with those being part of a much larger network. This network is like a stabilizer, it never stops working, and is always on to keep us going, to keep us safe.

See the guy in the middle is the guy from Saw. I can’t watch those movies because it gives me the creeps. I don’t know why he appeared when he almost never does appear.

I don’t want to go just yet, I have more commands to issue, and more networks to bring online. In addition to the network we just brought online we must put that network inside of another set of infinity matrices, that being one level, the next level is another set of infinity matrices, much larger, exponentially larger than the previous level. In addition to all these networks, there are other networks built around other concepts, but similar, to the 50% Quetzacotl networks and other networks.

Mind you, all of these networks are always on to modify our safety from being “Under Watch” or, “Under Threat” to “Neutralized”…

I’m running out of Material. So these networks are always on, and always evolving, we want an equal amount of towers to networks, at least that, like, at least if not more towers than there are networks, these towers I am only allowed to reveal so much about them.

Well, we must bring online another subject. There are Networks and Towers, so why not take the idea of networks being 1 thing, and towers being another thing, and then continuing along that line to bring online an infinite amount of things like networks and towers, but not exactly networks and towers. So place that idea into a set of infinity matrices, that itself part of an ever-widening sets of levels.

Mayan calendar

I must leave it at that. That has to be enough, and if it’s not, then I really don’t know what could be, I mean that is …alot… And as always until next time


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