This Message is part of the Emergency Response System::

There are two clearly identifiable emergencies going on in this situation: Hell, and the Imperium thing, with hell possibly being the worst of the two iLLs.

Upon further calculations we have concluded that we are not in error, but rather are even more right about the shutdown of mass war and other suffering.

This is partly based on the fact that, with the Imperium’s death rate of 20 million soldiers per day, or in other words, a “Millcreek Community Hospital” every 5 days, the bill would have been paid in full a million years ago.

Would it be that blood is still required after this much, we must then conclude that there isn’t anything that we can do about the situation — we are left with two options: stopping, and, “doing nothing” which amounts to the stop of these institutions…

We still don’t really know why this happened, or why these things, clearly opposites, Heaven on one side of the field, and Hell on the other, it doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t add up to values we hold to be true, looking at the sky we can clearly see that it is blue, but that this is registering that it is black, and dead.

With the Heaven vs Hell incident, we made an observation: That Hell is the stronger, but Heaven is more Intelligent — Putting the two together? You’ve got BOTH traits that are highly wanted: strength and intelligence.

Where Hell would prevail in a battle of strength, such as the NFL, Heaven would claim victory over a battle of the use of your Mind, which is the current situation.

It would appear that the Combine just trumps everything, but I really can’t tell anymore, it’s become such a fog.

In our conclusion, we are demanding that both of these emergencies be brought to their neutralization.

That is, all.

So what did all that have to do with Russians, and the cold war? It’s cold everywhere… We’ve not gotten rid of that, let me assure you that the cold air will be sticking around for a long, long time — it’s not only become conscious, it has developed an attitude, and I don’t mean that in a negative way, but more like a Fonzi from Happy Days kind of way…

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