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What I was just doing, I was watching some Warhammer video that had a bias towards the other factions other than the Imperium, like aliens and stuff, so I was thinking about how large the whole thing is, “The Great War”, and I thought, there’s no way to put this fire out. No way.

There’s no way to stop it just because, it has as much “say” as it does in it’s “deaths.” So, for instance, for all the people dying, it has that much voice, and that is a lot of voice, so we say to ourselves, how do you put out a fire “THAT” bright? You can’t.

I am afraid I do not know how to “stop all violence.” Reducing the amount of death is like impossible, but I did have one idea, and that is to put your troops in harms way the least amount of times as you possibly can. So, they die less, as there is no reason for the death. I believe that we are reaching some point of understanding how to stop it, but we have not exactly got there yet, we’re just on the right road.

So for the last time, stop killing each other. Your anger against another race or persons is only a chemical reaction involving positive and negative energy. So you say, we need this War, it fuels progress, well, I don’t think that’s reason enough to be doing some of these things.

You say, so you’d just let it all happen as it would, and not “take action” there is some actions you can take, but they don’t include generating negative energy with blood as your main ingredient, it doesn’t exactly help, it seems to give “Voice” to the negative energy, like, your confirming, that’s the best you can do?

I guess that is what I am saying, what is the best that you can do, just gutting aliens and blowing up their space ships? I don’t get it. What else could you be doing, I don’t know. That’s for you to decide.

This is just my opinion, and I do not enforce these things in anyway, shape or form. I do _not_ enforce these things, you are free to kill and kill as many as you can, free of backlash from some software that I wrote, as that software that provides the backlash was never written, you see you are free, and I wouldn’t force anything.

What I am forcing is the negative energy _off_ of the table. That now it must be gone, and we must try to make some sense of what is, and what isn’t, it’s doings, what did it cause, is the whole horus heresy a heresy itself? I am not supporting either horus or the emperor in this one, because I support both of them so thus I support neither of them, but was it just caused by negative energy? We are starting to think that it was. A need for the negative.

If we need this negative energy so bad, you see there’s things that you can do. You could be constructing something, working at some job, instead your out there killing and materializing the negative energy. There’s like, Towers that you can build, fortifications, take things slower, you could be doing all of these things, if you choose to do them.

But you have to choose to do them, I cannot make that choice for you, but I can present it to you.

So here I am, presenting the choice of doing something other than physical war.

One thing i’ve got to say, if war does take place despite this document, if war just rages on and on, then at least we tried. We tried to stop it. I can’t really see turning around all of the wars that the whole Imperium is in, around, and something horribly wrong not happening. It would seem that if you could turn those wars around, then, it would like, cost something.

I don’t know, i’m just theorizing, I think that turning around that many wars and nothing going wrong is like impossible. It seems to be an impossible situation, but just allow me to bash back against it, as none of us need it here, I am hoping that I can dispel it just in this document.

But don’t get me wrong, I support the Imperium, firstly, and secondly, didn’t we all kind of agree that there wasn’t exactly a way out of this War? Did that not happen or am I hallucinating? I don’t know. If the Imperium does decide, their generals and intelligence, to continue this “Great War” then I would stand by them as they do it, but I also would suggest not to, but then that could lead to a negative that is like, out of control, or something like that.

They often decide to take it all the way to warfare, they generally are poised at warfare, it just makes you wonder, all this war, is it really necessary? Then we have signals such as the fact that we only _just_ broke through, like that _just_ happened, and it took all of that to do it.

When you add up facts like that, it would appear that there isn’t anything you can do but to have these Wars. It doesn’t seem likely that there is some other option, maybe somebody has more information on it than I do, I am just like a ghost, not something else.

But I can act as commissar, bending minds, etc.

I will just put these here.

If you right click on these images and press open in new window or something you can then click on the picture and it will zoom in, so you have the fullscreen view of the image. They are very big images perhaps second only to the james webb space telescope images, as far as images i’ve dealt with.

So we just broke a hole into it, what I mean by that is that I produced like a “map” of the satellite software’s data, or how to render it’s data in code. Now I have to actually write the code, still, but the “map” is something new. A map of the satellite’s data format, all the way down to each bit or byte. That is something new. Something that’s not really appeared, it did appear once before about 2 and half years ago I was writing pieces of it. So you say, so what?

So what? That is a piece of the software that will come to get us out of this mess! It’s a forward step! We are not going backwards but rather making real progress, although it was slow, it is kinda like a gun, now that we have the gun, we can continue to take shots at it, and then the whole of the satellite bytecode system will be written, and we can rule the world, yea.

This chapter that wears white, it does look good on them, like it’s a unique look, it’s nice.

Meet grimaldus, the subject of the Helsreach movie. What I want to see is the Death Korps of Krieg movie, because they don’t have any armor, and they don’t give a fuck.


Again, you can right click on these images and select open in new window.

Well that’s all, I press as hard as I can, I can only repeat the same thing so many times before you’ve got to wonder, are you going even crazier? I don’t even ponder the subject of going crazy, I leave it alone.

As for trying to stop “death” we are just not there yet. We have awhile to go before we can put an end to bloodshed, or to save the space marine death rate, now that would be cool. Significantly lowering the space marine death rate would put us in a much better spot, to the factor of like saving 25% makes us 25% more points, hey, I can dream.

Dreaming the space marine death rate down is something that only big brother can do, and he isn’t here so we are all out of luck.

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