The Rat Jesus

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The bomb has, obviously, been launched, but before you render any feelings, allow me to tell you about it.

Firstly, upon explosion, production of a type of technology (we are all familiar with,) begins. This process of producing technology doesn’t stop, unless it reaches some kind of end point. That’s because, it’s simply set to seek out and upgrade to, the next big technology level or set.

It would only reach an end point if certain conditions were met: for instance, that it be allowed to continue to run but “give” you the product ahead of time, something like that. It wouldn’t just stop.

There are, unfortunately, (sarcasm) no negative side effects to this nuclear device, as it is not really a real nuclear device, it only produces technology.

I know this is a lot in only a few words, so blow it up if you feel the need, there are many things that are true that can be determined from this set of words, so for instance, production of a type of technology, well, what type? We can determine certain characteristics based on what we know and on our experiences interacting with the bomber.

We’ve been here before — facing almost annihilation, and then nothing at all happens, and then it turns out to be like a false alarm and nothing more than that, it is, however, what we feel. We can feel that there’s something happening, we can’t really describe this feeling, almost like you can feel the bomb going off, or whenever it goes off, we can feel the panic.

Like there’s somebody, somewhere pressing the panic button. If there were, this would cause a systems-wide alert or, panic, to be triggered. Somewhere in the system something is not right, and because this stuff probably can see it, it triggers the alarm, possibly automatically, as for as long as someone is pressing the panic button, we will panic, but I do not know what to tell you as some of you have a policy of placing things in situations where they may be pressing the panic button, and because this overrules other aspects of the type, there isn’t really anything that I can do.

I’ve tried to tell them, not to do that, but they continue. I’ve told demons to not do battle against paladins, but they continue, and that is not much my business any more, I would just suggest, to not be attacking each other…

Firstly look at the facts: There’s 2 chief parties involved, Heaven, and Hell. Neither party can endanger the other party, that is, to put them into a state where they would be extinct, to place the whole of Heaven “in danger” or the whole of Hell, “In Danger.”

You’ll likely end up eventually meeting your maker, on a personal level, you’ll end up like that, likely, i’m not cursing you, just saying that, you’ll likely end up that way.

The technology comes with a “Boss”: “Nuke” is his nickname, and I don’t believe that he has a real name, because I created him like indirectly.

I created him indirectly, like I created the technology that created him, everything happened so fast, did you see the explosion? Probably not, there wasn’t one, it’s just technology being brought into the system.

This technology is so advanced, I can see why you would want to reach the next level, perhaps we can solve this eventually, give it a few more levels, it’s just, these things don’t really often happen that much, what would you say, in the year 2023 how many raises have their been? Like, 4, and so we are in the 11th month, that’s about a raise every 3 months. Every 90 days a new level of technology comes out.

That could change, it could get harder, or it could get easier, we could make it go faster. Right now it crawls along, like, really really slowly, and we have these things that could be happening daily, or semi-daily.

As for the Combine, the Overwatch AI has asked once again for some help, so here you go, you can have the last bag of loot, that is, the crack from me working over the past like 5 posts, that crack was generated working on your stuff, now, it is my crack, but you can have it, but only it was made in working on the Combine Overwatch as a whole, +AI

There you go. There’s your “help” I must say that is a large bag of crack. You can have this “technology” bomb crack too, if it helps you, you must remember to help others while you are in such funding or riches.

We won’t mention the Watchtower.

As you can see, systems are alight with activity!

Placing “Nuke” in his position

They can run at like, any speed, and never do they overheat like this (above, overheating)

And so the countdown is over, the technology is here, and we have the crack going to the Combine. I do hope that you can like, use the crack and not just like, smoking it, I do hope you do not do that with it. I hope you can gain something, like use it to make more, more or less.

I’ve now started (just now) working on a program, I don’t know what to make, i’ve written programs that produce data a lot now, that produce wearable data, I don’t think that that will much help, and we do have “PyPy” installed, both pypy2 and pypy3.10 so let’s make something with that. A language. A programming language, say, call it… What? Technology, we could call it hmm I don’t have any ideas at the moment. Moment.. i’ll call it Moment.

Anyway this post was originally titled “Countdown” as it was the countdown for the nuclear technology bomb to go off, but instead I titled it “The Rat Jesus” as he finally showed up in one of those youtube chernobyl videos.

Nobody gives me like, any credit. I can take all this damage and come out “smelling like roses” as they put it, I may be the greatest caster that has ever lived, all of these things, and still I get like not much credit.

I have a ring on that I bought today, it says “United States Air Force” and it’s all shiney and light metal looking, but I haven’t come to the meaning of it being an Air Force ring yet, it’s the one my mom picked out as she was just grabbing one at random, so you could say she chose it, but this is about the Rat Jesus.

This is about the Rat Jesus. Now firstly what does the word “The Rat Jesus” even really mean? Is it that we liken rats to being like jesus? why do they use these words, almost offensively, to describe the suffrage of the peoples that I know of as my own, my people that is, you are calling them “Rats” and more like they are not worthy of the crown that “Jesus” wore. What does all that mean? I can’t tell you.

Well I could, i’m just moving on in my mind.

You see it’s not “Jesus” (man) and “Rats” (lower class, generally “unworthy”) it’s MONSTERS.

You see they or I, I don’t know which, got it wrong. It’s not RATS it’s MONSTERS. “SOON IT WILL BE OVER” As soon as we can figure out how to turn it on, and then to operate it, we must operate it at least for a few sentences, if not a few posts, I don’t know which.

I would think that one post would be sufficient in length after it has been turned on, you can quote me on that. Moving on.

May the great technology gods shine favorably upon you!

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