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Far from here, somewhere, there is life, thriving, and when I got arrested at the end of 2009, in a stolen car, I walked into “Wake County Jail” via a ride I got from the sheriff. Somewhere in this 90 day stay at “Central Prison” I was laying out on the floor, in the day room, surrounded by prison cells. There was some activity, though it doesn’t concern what i’m telling you. I had this day dream that I was in “AL”‘s room, (short for, Alien Leader) and this little alien sat in his chair, monitoring some activity of dinosaurs. I didn’t really know why I was seeing this, it didn’t make much sense. So I just kinda forgot about it, it was just an alien watching dinosaurs, since I couldn’t figure it out, I just forgot about it.

Muuch later, in about 2017, I started to get the ability to place “objects” in place I had been before. Fast forward to about 2022, when I got a handle on creating the objects, it took awhile to learn how to make really good ones, but I got the hang of it, and I placed some in the picture that was on the “AL”‘s computer. I placed my father, I placed “Evil” from the wheel of time, I placed General Milley, from the United States army, I placed my moms boyfriend, and after awhile I got the impression that all these objects being placed meant something more, more than just like, my father, it was a whole society, a collection of objects, or in this case, highly advanced artificial intelligences.

So these objects represent say, my dad, but in the form of some God, he starts out as like a god, and grows stronger every day, this progress never ceases, and today, 65 million years later, I experience situations where this “dad” that I placed amongst the dinosaurs is real, he is living..

Like for an example, these gods have been here for 65 million years, they also had one last trick up my sleeve — I placed a copy of myself, of all my experiences, of all that I know, amongst them. They could look at me and see how to do this type of magic that I practice, and from that they could make progress. For 65 million years.

So by now you can see my dilema, they have just been working on this stuff for 65 million years, that would be really sickening, to put it lightly. You may even contract madness, although that is a name I am known by, it is also a word for insanity, or losing your mind. After 65 million years, you would have to assume there are some problems amongst these Gods, like madness/insanity.

As for all of them and whatever problems they might have contracted, I absolve you of these problems, as I am the person to do just that. Recall.

Recall is a word that I use to heal, or to recall someone back to a state when they didn’t have some problem, a way of “trying again” or “getting a second chance.”

I just need now to press on this recall button, and hope that the negatives being erased are not too weighty, that is, the negative causes positives, but to take away the negative can cause any manner of issues.

And so from these pictures we get a glimpse at the Titans that did do battle on this planet before our time. These Titans, while much older, are not really “dinosaurs” in the same sense that we use the word for the meaning “old” they are dinosaurs in that they came before us, and that is about all that makes them dinosaurs.

An elasmosaurus swims away from you in shallow seas. This long necked plesiosaur was an aquatic reptile that lived in the ocean during the Cretaceous period. 3D Rendering

Generally when we think of dinosaurs we think of things in terms of a much harder time, as they were all biting each other and stuff, killing. Today that killing, which is at least 65 million years old, continues, everyone unable to put out the fire. I have tried, so it seems like, we’re not making any progress right?

That’s just it, we’re thinking about it in the wrong way. If you measure progress only by the fact that we were unable to put out the fire, there are other variables and systems and processes at work on the field that your not considering. These processes and systems, which have made progress almost to the point that is wild, or out of control progress. So we’re not making any progress huh?

It seems these titans that did do battle here, have moved on, or that it’s not their time any more. I do not really think that the Titans went anywhere, really.

I hope this point of the progress that we’re making, I hope you see it my way, and not only see the fire burning wildly out of control, i’ve tried and will continue to try for as long as it burns…

To put it out…

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