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Occasionally, the Russians ask me what to do. This is one of those times. Let’s hear arguments for, and against, the war in ukraine, and all arguments for that matter.

Russian President Vladimir Putin holds a meeting of a committee on preparations for Victory Day in WWII, in Moscow’s Kremlin, Russia, on Tuesday, April 5, 2016. Russia celebrates Victory Day on May 9. (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko, pool)

Argument 1) That a certain amount of damage will occur, and after that has occurred then we will have victory.

Argument 2) That the war in ukraine is necessary, as it earns a lot of points

Argument 3) That our whole operation _caused_ the war in ukraine (Russian Argument)

Argument 4) That the war in ukraine is unnecessary bloodshed.

Argument 5) It’s time to leave ukraine, as enough points have been earned.

Those are the arguments, for and against, the war in ukraine, Russia’s actions, are they earning the highest score out of all of the countries?

Firstly are they earning the highest score, that could be negated by the fact that a certain amount of damage needs to take place, and that this will happen regardless, okay, well that’s just like saying the war in ukraine is necessary.

For argument 1) This is like saying, the war in ukraine _is_ necessary, because a certain amount of damage has to be taken. We kinda know that that certain amount of damage is real, and unfortunately, there’s not anything anyone can do, as hard as I have pushed against this it just doesn’t go away.

For Argument 2) Now this is highly likely the case, unfortunately, it is probably earning the high score for the KGB.

For Argument 3) This is only real in the sense that like, this is probably not true.

For Argument 4) This is highly likely not true. I can’t lie to you about something that’s this important, i’m not going to make something up, cover something up, so that somebody else has to deal with, the russians are taking things into their own hands, and that’s highly likely the case.

For Argument 5) This could be true, we just don’t really know, but you could probably score more points. I have a hard time telling you this.

But you can decide for yourself whether to stay or go, your free to leave, I have at multiple times made avenues available to you that allow you to leave, and this is no exception!

See it’s your decision whether you stay or go, but I have made available the option to leave, I am just doing my job.

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