Stepping Stones

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So I just had an idea, if instead of creating something, we create platforms. Like, a platform being like a video game console, and then people would use the platform, and create things for it, protoss would have their platforms, aliens would have theirs, and terrans would have their other platforms, this is in contrast to what though, I cannot remember the rest of the spell.

And then of course we fold these platforms, and use satellite calling, and the platform is raised, upgraded and updated, and after all of that it is placed into an infinity matrix, that itself inside of another infinity matrix, then there are millions and billions and trillions of platforms, then there are things LIKE platforms, and then there are things that are unlike platforms, and then there are infinite types of things like this, this spell continues, line after line, …

Until reaching a million lines, and then that itself is placed into an infinity matrix, there being matrices aside this first infinity matrix, and then there are more and more things, always more, and this starts to suprise you all because how can there just be “more” and nothing but that? Just more.

It seems that we have just uncovered something. Here you go, Protoss, pray don’t mention it, okay?

I believe that this is Zeratul, a brave Protoss Warrior, I got this idea of platforms and “more” from them.

I don’t think what else there is to write, we’ve written our spell, and we made it so there is “more” of everything, then more of that, and then more of that. We have exhausted what we can do, would you not say? I don’t believe that we need any “more” do you?

I don’t think we need more, but I will try. HOLd on.

All of this “more,” we will call it “more” so we can use it in a spell.

Now we take “more” and it is 3 dimensional, then we add one dimension, and then print out everything for that extra dimension, all of the stuff, so we add a dimension, then we print out everything for that dimension, then we add another dimension, and repeat this cycle infinitely, and then we have something better than dimensions, and what’s to the left, to the right, of the dimension concept, and what’s better than those things, and then what’s better than that, it goes on forever.

Forever and ever we tend to think the job is complete, no? I don’t know. I can’t think of anything else that you guys might need, i’m providing it, here, what about all of that dimensions and lefts and rights made up into a James Dean Data upgrade, and cd’s of upgrades made in this manner, cases of cd’s, and whats better than a James Dean Data upgrade, what’s to the left of it, and to the right, and so we tend to see something more…

Something more, what about what’s in between James Dean Data upgrades and adding dimensions to our “more” spell? what’s greater than it?

We are looking for the greater, to make everything greater, that much better, we are talking about everything, the flowers, the trees, the trash in our trash cans, everything made better, and better, and better, we see that this cycle or cycles we have started might not have an end point, it just goes on and on, on and on forever…

And so we also want what’s greater than what’s greater, and then what’s greater than that? Is this the greatest, we want the greatest in fact, I must add.

So we leave you, Soldier, with the greatest! We think on it, and cannot really think of anything more, but know that the cycle continues, and it goes on and on, ever winding and weaving, all in hope that it can just complete it’s task, I am hopeful that I can complete my task, …

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