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I have been watching the movie “Chernobyl” from HBO, on 123movies. The Address that I use is:

Basically what it is about is a nuclear meltdown, except it’s in the form of an Explosion, and it’s real too, a true story, but the core of the reactor blows up into little pieces and the manager, or, president, whatever, of the staff at the nuclear power plant are from time to time seeing that the core is gone, reporting it to the manager, but he doesn’t believe them so the decisions that he makes are based on the fact that there’s no way the core could have blown up, thus, it gets even worse for awhile before they manage to make some recovery efforts.

The manager is made to do 10 years hard labor, for criminal mismanagement, which is why I called him the manager.

This is the old KGB building, which they claim is a prison now, and others say that it is the headquarters for the FSB — the Russian sort of FBI, kinda. Here’s a picture of it all lit up at night:

Very interesting. We see here clearly that this will not be done by say, a bomb or an explosion, it won’t end instantly, to end it, it probably has to be grinded down like the ocean bashing up against a cliff or mountainside, there’s just no answer, we have to fashion ourselves one, and that will take a long, long time. I do not see this ending ever really, this battle we all fight in, The Looking Glass Wars, if you want to call it that, are an ever going phenomenon, but see like, there will come a time say, 5,000 years from now, or something of that nature, a long, long time from now, when there won’t be anything else that I can do, and I will have “paid my dues” so I don’t have to pay anything more, but it won’t be over at that point. It will just continue on and on, forever, it doesn’t matter how high or low the pressure is, but if you want me to turn it up then I will.

So you see, at some point I will have exhausted the possibilities, it’s like building a pyramid, eventually you reach the top. It starts at the bottom, slow progress is made against the negative, and this progress eventually becomes greater, and greater, like an exponent, but it comes to a fine point that at which time I can do no more, and I will have served out my purpose. This will be deep in the future, however, so we don’t have to worry about it now.

But that day will someday come, see the levels of the pyramid, your options or, bricks, become less at each level, until your only option is the options that everyone else has, you’ve “done it” I guess you could say.

So you see, all this stuff has yet to be accomplished. For instance, a machine that produces these posts, Magicka Script, written by the computer, by a C++ program. That has yet to be accomplished, and your asking for like, some kind of answer or solution in an instant manner, this program, is not written in a day, nor does it take a day to run, but rather how many years or months will you count before it reports that it has run it’s course?

Is there nothing we can do? Imagine a stack of papers, on a table, theres multiple stacks, but for that paper to get there, it was put together one piece at a time. Pieces. This is how you must look at it, because asking me to turn it up is all great and stuff, but I can only make a piece of the program today, or one view, or however you want to look at it.

It would appear, that observation from the outside you would conclude that I could just end this right now, and believe me i’m pressing that button, like each day I press that button, but it always goes on. It would appear that I could just end it by pressing some button, look at in chernobyl, all it took was pressing the “Off” button to screw things up. We are in a state of “We have to keep working” not a state of, “Off”.

This is like the greatest, KGB, Russian wallpaper. Now we are getting somewhere. The Russians and Vladimir Putin have taken a stand, and are probably dumping like half of it into what i’m doing, but I always come through for them. I always make sure that they are paid or, get whatever it is that they are looking for. This system, these things that are being revealed, this is, what you need. It’s what you came for.

But this system is only a system of the Russian Government, the KGB, The Spetznas, whatever you want to call it, it is not the actual “Victory” that which you must fight for, and fight they do. I wish there was something that I could do for them, so let’s take a look.

The war in ukraine is like, a long, crooked, line, going through ukraine, on one side we have the Russians, and on the other side of the line the Ukrainians, armed by the Americans. Both sides pointing weapons at the other side. Neither are willing to back down, so it looks like there wasn’t anything that I could do, right? The soldiers on either side are going to die regardless of what I do right, there’s nothing you can do, right?

That is not correct. You can apply and supply upgrades for the Russian Army, the Spetznas, you can upgrade them. So with this boost, you say, that will make them able to defeat ukraine, and then there won’t be a war anymore, right? That is not altogether true either, with upgrades on the Russian side, there must be some balancing out that the Ukrainians might get something, I am not sure, some secret technology maybe, technology in the form of the James Dean technology, but so say that the Russians are upgraded, I do not know how they haven’t stopped ukraine by now, whatever, but so the Russians are now upgraded so they generally beat ukraine, and then the war is over.

This I don’t know, what are you looking for? Your trying to do something that is impossible, President Putin, it’s like your trying to go Up without coming down, it doesn’t happen, except, we left impossible long behind.

So here I am casting a spell for you, Mr. President, it’s so that you get what you are seeking, or reach the goal you had in mind, whatever that may be, and maybe you even need to make something up now that I am providing it, but here you go. So that you obtain whatever it is, I now cast this for you.

And so it is folded, a thousand times over, and calls are made, deep into the future to try to bring back the technology of the type that is, described above, systems and reaching whatever goal you are trying to reach, these things are placed into infinity matrices, so that there are infinite amounts of them, it’s just, we need the time.

So you see the Rocket has been launched, it’s just, it hasn’t reached it’s destination, and as hard as we try to force it to get there quicker and quicker, we are still left with time.

Still we are left wondering, and pressing back against the negative, as hard as we can, avenging the fallen. It is the redemption of those who have passed on, that we are after, so you see the bill is paid.

Obviously it’s been paid for, so we don’t need to pay for it again, that wouldn’t make sense, and would suck. This is the conversion of those peoples who have made a sacrifice, we must see that they are rewarded for it.

And as for Commander Bill, I have received like all of his messages, and I am trying to get him his money, but I cannot get it in just one sentence, or instantly. I cannot process all of this instantly, I am only one person, anyway you get the idea. I don’t have any more information on it than that, but it is okay because I have received the order. That itself is something to go on, the order has been received, and I am trying to Redeem all of your time but that itself takes time.

I was just going to say something and I forgot what I was going to say. They do that all the time, or it happens all the time, it was like something really good for Commander Bill, it was like so it gets taken away, because we can’t have anything like “really good.”

FILE – In this image made from video released by Roscosmos State Space Corporation, the Soyuz-2.1b rocket with the moon lander Luna-25 automatic station takes off from a launch pad at the Vostochny Cosmodrome in the Russian Far East on Friday, Aug. 11, 2023. Roscosmos, said Saturday, Aug. 19, 2023, that the spacecraft ran into trouble while trying to enter a pre-landing orbit arounthe moon. (Roscosmos State Space Corporation via AP, File)

ANd so while I can give it to you now, we still need to find it, or to write it up, or to work on it. We’re working on building something that’s already been built, in the same place that we’re building it in, it’s already there. Here we go.

100 year’s of the KGB. So I probably just got it for you, Commander Bill, but now you at the very minimum have to use it to dig us all out, I don’t know how long that takes, or what that entails. At the least you’ve got to do that, and who but you to dig us out, let’s all just start digging, fuck it.

The Russians have quite the treasure in their Magicka stuff, like the lubyanka building, having to press on the gas without it bottoming out, like they have clocks, and towers, and towers in clocks, the KGB Sword And Shield, all that magicka artifacts, those things that we cannot see but effect everything, they do have quite the set of treasures.

The soldiers are willing to go to extreme lengths to protect those treasures, it’s not me your dying for, anyway I just had this feeling, I was listening to music and the volume was turned up only like half way, and it was really loud. Recently I couldn’t turn it up high enough, the damage has been reduced, there’s not anymore that we need concern ourselves with.

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