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Some things that are different than before, that we must accept. Firstly, the obvious thing is that magic is possible, although it is limited to certain mediums, it still is possible, the only catch is that only certain things are possible. This we must accept, as it is the New Reality, not the old Reality, wherein what went up must come down, these proverbs have become almost well-known jokes.

For example, in this New Reality, if you were a police officer, you would have to accept that the Mob is not going anywhere, and vise versa, if you were in the Mob, the police are not going anywhere. This fairy tale of the Mob just quietly going away is a farce, popular amongst the FBI. Like the example, if you were in the Mob, the dream of outflanking law enforcement and taking over the country is only a dream.

These things, new conditions, we must accept, because if you don’t you’ll be left behind, and we are not waiting around for anyone. This, if you fail to realize these things, then only you will be the one to pay that cost, because everyone else is applying the new standard to their lives.

So what does this mean? While this isn’t a “ban on acting normal” only you suffer should you choose not to believe that there’s something more than what meets the eye happening, it’s only you who are left behind. When we say the “new” reality, we mean things that we have uncovered that have their roots in Ancient Rome, or Ancient Greece, these things are just undeniable anymore, and I kinda think that everytime I hear someone say that’s not true, it only sets us back, and that there’s not much of a reason to deny it now, this far into it.

We rely on our Police for Protection, to uphold the Law, so things don’t run rampant, we rely on the FBI or even the Police to be the Face of the operation, and that if they are not allowed the luxuries of operating it, then we are just going nowhere.

Above, the J. Edgar Hoover building (FBI Headquarters) it is a breathtaking sight, to see the FBI, and I always watch videos of Christopher Wray speaking to the Senate, and try to pick apart encoded messages, some things that he’s saying might be clues for me, that they have dug or manufactured, and I can use them, for instance, I may be allotted a break, some lull in the action that I can use to know that it’s okay to turn things down for awhile, but I don’t do that automatically, and I sometimes think that they overwork me.

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