Intelligence Gathering

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The Imperium has asked me to turn in some kind of “win” that was how they put it, a “win.” So without denial I will, under one condition. Now you will fight and die together, with the totality of the Imperium. If one group dies, it will affect the whole group, and if you win, everyone will win.

It is my way of taking away your ability to suicide your units. Not that you were, just, it was becoming a problem. I don’t know how long this will last, perhaps however long the war goes on for?

As such you will stand together or fall divided, granted, there’s almost no way for you to lose, i’m just saying.

What, more rules? There’s almost no rules that govern you, we must enact these lines for there isn’t anything there at all!

What is this all about? It’s about allegiance to the Emperor Of The Imperium, Imperian! Support me, support him!

Due to lack of funding, this message will end here, sorry.

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