How To Stop Death

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These are the instructions I am seeking.

How many times has it been said on God’s Earth, “You Can’t Stop Death” or something like it?

Now is that not exactly what we’re trying to do here? Although we didn’t at first recognize how bad things were, it was a bit of a shock to find out that mass shootings happening every year for 20, 30 or 40 years would be akin to “nothing”, and that in other dimensions it could be even worse. So trying to push back against that threat, the threat of something bad happening, is like impossible, or relatively impossible, because that is what is required, but it’s alot more than that.

To understand the threat completely you must understand these rhyme’s we have, things like “everybody dies in the end” something like that, the gravity of it, EVERYONE dies, not just a few people die, or some small thing like that, but EVERYONE dies in the end, as if to say, we’ll never win.

We then retreated to “winning later” shaving away death inch by inch, and then after that came we’ll shave it off over centuries or millennia, like the waves coming up on the shore, although our wins are small, we will still provide our services, until the job has been completed.

…And so without further adieu, I will say it again — “If I Knew How To Stop Death…”

If I Knew How To Stop Death, we wouldn’t be trying all these strange things, trying to get something to happen in our favor. It’s like playing risk except you can only lose, you make moves, but eventually, you lose, every time.

If we are facing a loss, we try to save the day, try to get the least amount of loss as we possibly can. What might that be? And besides, it’s like making a deal with the devil to begin with.

And as for defeating death, I generally think that all of our intelligence gathering has made one thing blatantly obvious — that this won’t be a “one and done” sort of thing, but that I think to defeat death, we must “build something” and that artificial intelligence that produces data, first step of that being the Satellite programming language, is our best option.

I do have another thing that I work on, the “James Dean Program” which is producing data that humans or any entity wears. It upgrades you vastly, if your not currently wearing any data, an upgrade today would take you to another level. It may have negative effects, but those are behind us, so let’s enjoy the positive effects now that the negative is gone!

The james dean program is built all on one concept — that is, make a box inside of the computers memory, then put something on it that states “this box is magical” and then fill the box with something that is like the magical writing, but to describe a very high level equipment. As if we were playing World Of Warcraft. So the only thing magical about the box is that it states that it’s magical. For some reason unknown, this has produced results for us. I have upgraded people and then walked down to my local gas station, and could see that they were all looking like Gods.

I have that James Dean program to upgrade us until the artificial intelligence can be brought online, and now that is far, far into the future we get this AI online and working, but by then, whatever happens after the AI upgrades us, will be so sophisticated, so advanced, that the negative energy won’t stand a chance, we will have it licked.

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