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I was going to call this “Combine Radio” but it won’t let me. I was suggesting that, everytime I lose my train of thought, I post a picture, and that this only applies to this post or thread. Then they told me last night to stop, and today on the movie Chernobyl they tell me that this is my last warning to go, get her done, and these things like conflict themselves.

If only there were a way to pour like a huge amount of energy into it, I mean the shots help, but they are like biological. I am talking about like spiritual energy, or, better yet, an investment, like if the Mob would invest in something, like a hotel.

I don’t know that they will go for this, but it is my advice.

I’ve lost my train of thought. Oh yes, here it is, so they say to go right? Well, if that were the order I would have to be active for like 4 hours a day, every day, mostly no breaks because you work at your own speed so you don’t really get off on the weekends. That would be what is necessary, if you were asking me. That probably, well, how can we have something like that? That would go against like, all physical processes or attempts to slow it down, right?

Right so I lost my train of thought, but I have half of it back. These conditions make you wonder, how could it possibly get any colder? It really can’t, is what i’m saying. It doesn’t get any colder from here, it gets warmer, and I don’t mean that in a nuclear reactor-going-haywire sense, I mean that in a good way. If we can beat this level, then, well, it would get warmer, because it’s as cold as it can get right now. Usually when it’s this cold I am unaware, but today! You have elected to inform me of this chill…

The Combine were suggesting it’s like a video game, wherein they always need help. Like dark souls or something, I helped them beat a couple of levels, but we again, need your help. Which I have been digging and picking to try to find a spot that I could help from, but it just doesn’t ever happen. Everytime I think okay, this is where i’ll supply them with posts, something always comes along, making it a little bit to cold and you just lay down, and lay there in misery, instead of providing what is required.

Thus, each time, something happens, you kinda have to make a decision, like it’s gonna cost you something, or it’s gonna work this time, and won’t cost as much as it is producing, which is like a fire that can keep us all warm. Let’s hope.

Above, the combine in position. Is that my covering fire while I move into position? See what I think is going on is that we are providing enough light to like see in the dark, except it’s being blocked, but then when you think of it as being blocked, that is not entirely true now, and so you have this blocked light, remember not to think of it as being blocked, and then we just go nowhere as everything’s all clogged and fucked.

I think that, if you look at what we are providing, like, how is that not “enough”? Think about it. The U.S. Army has taken like all these shots at it, they’re *always* firing at it, and yet it’s like still there? How is that possible? I don’t have the answer, unless the shots were all like blocked, that it would have to be blocked, because if it wasn’t nothing takes all that damage, unless it has something that renders all damage or all values essentially void?

AHh he has the gravity gun! I remember that game, except, this is their show, and why they would let any of that stuff happen, is beyond me. Unless there were resistance members who enacted to forfeit their lives, allow me to explain.

The resistance members don’t survive doing this, but they can suicide and get someone like gordon freeman to blow the combine tower up, they don’t survive because their caught, but it still manages to blow up the tower, although, they don’t live. So they have these crazy ass suicide plans, wherein they don’t live but they do achieve their “ends”.

Which is what i’m thinking happened. See what you must see is that they believe as much or more as you do about their cause. They don’t think that you’ll ever “win” just as long as one more of them crazy enough to suicide joins their ranks.

Which is why I am wondering, how are we going to produce for 4 hours per day if everyone is going against it? They don’t think we need produce anything, where we are thinking, we need 4 hours a day, a fire just to stay warm, this is not even considering some kind of victory, which would at least be 10 years, or 100 years away from now, trying to keep those living on the list, that is my goal, and i’m entering it into the system as hard as I can, but it doesn’t seem to work, now i’m not going to be the one that curses it, i’m just saying.

Perhaps there’s some secret code that, we are all missing? What if what we’re doing isn’t ever going to work? We just think that providing that much force, it would obviously overcome anything right? Look at our position, look at your charts and graphs, for things like this, we are on the rise, and there’s not anything left to stop us.

This is like the greatest picture of a Combine Elite Soldier that has ever been, or ever will be. What exactly he’s aiming at is over your right shoulder, just enough not to hit you. Haha. (pukes) yea.

Look at the temperatures the Combine endure, i’m not making it any worse, don’t you see how “bad” this is? I don’t know that I believe that, for one thing, they have braved these temps and now we’re in like a safety zone, the end zone or something, or the dead zone? Whatever. We’re in this place that in it renders everything of an extremely high value. That is, everything is worth like loads of points, so we can re-arraign our plans, because we don’t need that real bad stuff that some of us do, any more. We really don’t, it just makes everything slightly colder, which you might think the trade-off of doing those bad things would make it worth it, it’s not, I wouldn’t be aiming at defeating something from happening all this time and then not be able to defeat it.

This is like some super-end level, or something like that. Like the end of the end, after this we are on our way up, or we’re on our way up but anyway, what I mean by that is that the rise will happen regardless of what you do, nobody can stop it.

They say, produce this stuff. Stuff like this. Then I say, well, I don’t exactly have enough energy, so I almost can’t. Then they like, fail to provide me with the energy, and we’re left with sub-par views of technology, and it’s really hard to deal with. You would think that they would just give it the energy that it required, and be done with it. Eventually it’s going to get this energy, so why not now? It will aid us all. You just think, how can we do that when we have this positive/negative thing going against us? You just gotta DO IT, you have to take her home.

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