Watership Down

A pair of wild baby bunny rabbits sharing a kiss during late spring.
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This post is about animals. If you haven’t heard of the book/movie “Watership Down” it’s about a horror story, something gone wrong in the animal kingdom, there’s not anyone or anything able to fix it.

I’ve never read the book, and i’ve never seen the movie. I’m going to watch the movie just for the fun of it after I write this, but I look at the word “Watership Down,” using it in a different sense, or perhaps the same sense that the authors of Watership Down had in mind.

My Watership Down is when all of the animals were happy and safe on a “Watership” or some kind of advanced craft. They crashed their ship into this earth that we’re on, and that’s when problems started because everything was not as it should be, their ship, which supplied food/water, was not working, and things deteriorated from there.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually believe that there were animals flying around in a paradise called a “Watership” but if you look at it philosophically, it kinda means something. What exactly it may mean is that the animals were generally “okay” before we started building factories dedicated to feeding them until they are ripe enough to eat.

Obviously we all know that inside these factories, or “Puppy Mills” (for dogs) the conditions are so bad that you might call this a “Watership Down” because the word, for me, means suffering at a greater than just a few beings at a time, like at least 100 or more even.

This “Watership Down” brings to light how wrong we are as we harvest the life out of these living creatures. Nobody will probably even comment on this, nobody will share it with their neighbor, it won’t get out there.

If you are listening, at least save the animals “in place” that means that they don’t leave the factory that their in, just the conditions in the factory change dramatically.

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