Time To Punch

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Put them up, put them up. It’s time to punch!

It’s like a children’s song, or something. What it means is that it _is_ crack time, time to bring out your best, and press forward to score as high as we can, as everything now depends upon it.

Some small analysis, have we already scored enough, is it just stockpiled up, is it just sitting there, and we are just adding to an amount that is already adequate? We sometimes can be tripped up on ideas like this or similar.

That’s because, hey, they could be true, but, alot of things could be true, and what we know, what you know as a person amongst the stars of the universe, is that those things you know to be true, and nothing else.

You do not ride on knowing that there are elephants flying around you, as you can see, there are no elephants?

Little did they know, that they were the stars of the show! As they paraded around, often stopping for a speech, or something, calling the next to the stand, to give testament to.. Well, they didn’t exactly have access to that information yet did they?

They carried on anyway, possibly oblivious to their role, that role that they were playing. Oblivious.

So we have Adolf Hitler, the leader of nazi germany, and what could stop him? Perhaps some tinkering from one of his party-mates? Or was there something else in store to stop him, ultimately, and at the end?

Do we suffer the same fate, or have we overcome this “thing” intending to stop us?

Each day I wake up, unable to write the code that would become an over-encompassing system of programming.

That Satellite is the first building block, and a language written in satellite called I don’t know we would write an Artificial Intelligence, a program that searches for better ways to employ our technique known as the “James Dean” software.

So then, we find ourselves at the very beginning of all of it, still on the doorstep of “Satellite,” the first language. Not even the second. Tell me that we are moving.

We find, we are not!

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