The Wall Comes Down

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Today the “wall” comes down! I don’t yet know how I will exactly knock it down, but it will be complete. That I do know it’s going down.

Knock down the only wall!

But i’ve got some amount of time to knock it down, I was hoping to use a heating device to take it out at it’s base, like installing some kind of plate at the bottom of the wall that always grows hotter and hotter (and starts incredibly hot) with this plate in place, some chains, heavy chains, will drag it straight to it’s grave.

Obviously you’re waiting for me to tell you what this means? What the “Wall” coming down means is that it was a huge score, however, we are so far behind in paying, nothing, almost nothing changes. I hope that makes sense.

25 years ago! they broke out! (of the wall)

with the heating plate, and the infinities of things that come with it, we did here score very, very high, but however our debt is so high to like, the ancients, that it renders us poor still. These things all happen automatically, and as I don’t steal energy, they are probably getting a good portion and Commander Bill and company getting a good portion, leaving us with only enough to keep going…

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