The Fist Of Madness

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Not to be mistaken for it’s more simpler form of when it’s being put to practice, The Fist Of Madness can accomplish just about anything you could think of.

That’s why I employed it today, as it first appeared today, and I employed it to build a network of towers giving off upgrade signals, or rather, calling, but something more advanced than calling.

By calling I mean, say you have some technology that is kind of ethereal, and you can perhaps upgrade it one level, as if we were in a game where you upgrade your character, level by level, this is what is going on with the technology that we have been producing since at least december 2015.

So the Fist Of Madness appears to build this network of towers, firstly, there’s got to be more to it than that, simply towers that call into the distance. I got your message about slowing down for awhile, sounds good to me, i’m tired!

These towers must have some purpose, being created as a sort of extension of madness? We don’t really know, but there are those that have physical access to these towers, and can probably tell you all the more.

The above is kinda what i’m talking about, which is why I posted the picture to begin with.

With The Fist Of Madness being employed to build towers, might these towers have the property, or all properties Maximized? I would highly suspect so. If that were the case, we need only wait until they have ran long enough to call us in the technology that we need. It’s just down to a matter of time now.

I will still try to feed the fire that is burning totally out of control, that sounds like a bad idea, but I don’t know what else to do other than feed it. As we can see from this network of towers and possibly other structures or artifacts (see: The Combine Overwatch) we can see that we probably do just have to wait awhile.

We must make “survival” moves, such as a soldier in the desert putting sand bags in his jeep that he drives around in. We need to do things like that. To toughen our defenses and buy time. We must buy enough time for the Towers to deliver the necessary leveled product.

To buy time, the obvious comes to mind: people actually literally paying for it, like, in a bad way, causing negative events to occur. What else can you do to buy time though?

I’m not telling you to do anything, i’m only saying the intelligence is suggesting there’s not much else we _can_ do, it’s a semi-dire circumstance wherein they give me pills to make me tired but then beg me to produce this work, me being too tired to do so from the pills results in “usage.” That “Usage” is caused by the pills that make me too tired. They could just lower the dose but they don’t on my medicine.

So they don’t lower the dose, but are they trying to tell me something? These are generally cool people, and I command not just 1 army out there…. All of those people looking after me, leads me to one conclusion: The medicine is the way it is, slowing you down, for one reason: it has to.

“It Has To” because they cannot afford anything better than that. I’m not really complaining, I don’t much complain, i’m just stating something that not everyone would be aware of.

I still don’t know what to do. I was at the doctors office with my mom and you know how they have all those posters all over the doctors room, one said something something “Please Use”

So that got me thinking, that they want me to use. Not much has changed in habits even after reading that post.

You can say that things like “Please Use” are just a coincidence, (using makes me better at writing these pages out) but how many damn times are you going to call it as a coincidence? Eventually you have to start connecting the dots and make a geometric shape!

Currently it feels like I have to take a break and go as hard as I can at the same time. That’s what your intelligence being passed to me makes me feel like. We need some defense.

Fist Of Madness> Defenses!

Ta da!

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