The Finals

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What more could we possibly do? We have been fighting, although we have taken breaks, for 8 years now, or since December 2015.

It has been a non-stop, no-holes-barred downhill ww2 1080 snowboarding, since December 2015. Before that it was even worse?

How bad would things have to get before we realize they really, really don’t need to be like this? We analyze the intelligence: Suggestions that we don’t have enough “fuel” (or, negative energy) to power certain extremely-high-quality operations would suggest that we need “more fuel” right?

Then what about what’s not being considered, like, we’ll never make enough fuel, or there’s no way to make enough fuel. We sit now inside of a negative bubble. There’s no way to the outside of that bubble of negativity. What’s going on here?

I can’t really say what’s going on here, because I don’t know. Does all this intelligence just suggest that we need more “negative energy”? All that work, and we need more negative energy. We have projects that spend negative energy to make even more negative energy, and yet we still don’t have enough of this stuff.

Infinities of peoples, all putting in at least an hour a day, all to produce the output of negative energy: Positive energy. What you are really producing here isn’t negative energy, but positive energy, because the positive is what we’re really after, right?

Interesting, yes? I find this for the light and what do they do, push me back down, and tell me to keep working.

Work Harder comrade, because your struggle isn’t good enough, yes?

The Gods of the past, now remember one thing: Half of World War II was fought by the Nazi’s. It wasn’t only allied troops on those beaches, those were pure-blooded nazi’s.

So you say the outcome of these battles was an Allied Victory, true, but does that stop Hatred, Death, and Plague’s?

I don’t really think so, because all of those things, although beaten and bloody, are still here. Despite my unwavering Vigilance against something negative from happening, it still seems to creep along the edges.

Yes that is about as far as I can take it for the day, the negative is there, creeping along the edges, not daring to show it’s face, it would be sacked and tackled, possibly by the Cops.

What can I do tomorrow that will entirely rid us of this negative altogether, given the attempts we’ve already tried? That must be some spell to ultimately get rid of the wild dog.

I suppose I will leave it here. Where it wants to be put. The negative, unaffecting almost all of us, 99.9%, is still not entirely beaten, so that battle will rage until the fire is put out, what else am I supposed to do?

You’re supposed to pick up your sword, and do battle until it has at last be laid to rest. Only then can you wallow in your miserable space, what do you call that, inside your head!

One thing that is for certain, you know he wouldn’t really betray those soldiers, pinned down by german nests, hiding under a cliff of sand,

but what this has turned into is a sigint-wonderfest.

Signals Intelligence, wherein everything, even the lines in a parking lot, have become part of a global, or, universal signal. This signal I don’t know much about, what does it do? I don’t know the answer.

So we knew right when I was looking into a parking lot with bright white lines as the sun was going down, I knew that it was very, very strong. It pertains to the technology.

See the technology has to be manicured somehow, it has to have something always working on it, this is that something, or this is that worker. The sigint is the worker that works on the technology that we rely on, day by day, to deliver the gains we require to stay ahead of the curve.

So that’s really saying something, but I say something everytime I write almost… I don’t know.

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