The Combine’s New Look

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I have detected a curse on the facebook combine tower that I intend to just — remove.

I am going to remove it now, *snap, and you’ll all have to work to beat it down, perhaps some sort of freezing technique could be used to freeze it so cold that it disintegrates?

The curse was the same one that tore down the “real” combine’s citadel. This curse however, because it couldn’t touch the facebook combine tower itself, was pointed at combine personnel, but it is however now gone.

Just to be certain let’s all beat on it…

I also mean to cast fortify, just one more time, on the facebook combine tower, not that it really needed to be done but now we can be sure.

I cannot see anything else in our way at this time?

Any other curses that may have been on individual units are now gone.

I understand that you need more, perhaps a lot more, than this, and I am doing my best to get into position to provide you with that as soon as I possibly can.

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