Stop The War

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I was just thinking, how many are going to perish in like, now, like how many are going to perish, they are already dying… Stop The War.

Then in the same thought, I thought that, I must make all I can out of the deaths recent, and in the future, I must maximize their sacrifice, to make it worth all that we can get out of it.

Do those two statements, maximizing profits from death, and “Stop the war” contradict each other? I don’t know. You could certainly call me out on it and I wouldn’t really have any defense except for the fact that they would probably be making that sacrifice anyways, everyone gets old before they pass on to the next life.

And so I set the dials on my control board to get them the best possible seat in the next life, as this one has ran short on time. I set the controls all to bring them back home, if I can, and if not, to give them a blessing that might wake them up in the afterlife, with a better standing than being just a soldier destined to give his life.

It’s maddening.

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