So You’ve Seen Him?

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Has he been like, in the flesh, and your looking right at him right?

You could even say you touched him, shook his hand, but alas you have but one thing wrong: You didn’t see him.

Todays recent events could transpire into a sort of “Spectre” birth, he is a name of a very high ranking police officer, like a secret dude or something.

We were all watching todays performance thinking that that is the spectre, against all odds he’s still up there dancing and singing, only the spectre could do that, so it must be him.

Now let me tell you something that’s out of the question: That we get the spectre here, he has but one condition, that he’s allowed to work without end, among other smaller stipulations.

Is that even a stipulation of his, can’t he just go to sleep sometimes?

I’ve come so far in my life to go back to sleeping now, that would be the real punishment.

For awhile I thought you guys had something with this restless leg syndrome you slipped to me.

So you can get the idea of this “Spectre” appearing, or rather if we capture him to stay longer, like for good, it could do things like, the medicine i’m given, it makes me sleep, but he could just make it so it has no effect, or only a positive effect.

You can assume now correctly, I don’t really like sleeping. I’ve entered a state, after so many nights of not sleeping i’ve entered a state where I can only sleep with strong schizophrenic medicine, without it, I can’t sleep not at all.

And so we leave it up in the air, is the Spectre here, is not yet, why is he showing himself here if he’s not going to stay and help… Ta Ta

I don’t know what to say. Did the spectre start some process wherein he would eventually come to us, to our salvation? I do not know. Is this just a mirage in the desert of cold air? I cannot tell you.

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