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We often hear of “Light” triumphing over “Darkness” or, “Evil.”

I have come to learn that this doesn’t mean a literal, like, the armies of heaven defeating the armies of hell. It’s not that.

What it is, is that bad things happening to people, like, a holocaust, ends up *not* happening. That blood being spilled, it does not get spilled.

This is what is meant by the Light defeating Darkness, eventually we reach a state of no suffering.

So to get to this state of “no suffering,” we end up having to fuel an operation, or like an expedition, that is all encompassing, everything is included. For instance, in the operation to reach a state of no pain or suffering, John Kramer is included, and here is why:

That to get there, this “state” of “no suffering” it must be bought. We start with nothing. We want to spend points, each person, that I have ever encountered wants to “do something” whatever that may be, even if it’s just “eating food.”

These actions cost points, or, a certain amount, because remember we started with nothing, so from nothing we come to want to spend points.

This must be paid for, and a state of no suffering, or a “Free State” would be so expensive as to almost render it impossible.

So you can see why this suffering today even occurs at all, we think to ourselves, we wish it was free, we even think it is free, however, it is not, and all the rolling in the world can’t roll you all into a “Free State,” it must be purchased.

And so we have the extremely high value of the money that was transfered to the Mob. The U.S. Government, or U.S. Army specifically, transfered a large amount of money to the Mob as an attempt to buy this “Free State” with just U.S. dollars, and they used an incredible value, something like 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 and the zeroes just keep rolling on.

So they took this money and attempted to purchase, with my help, a free state, or as close as they could get to this Free state. They wanted as much as they could get, and it turns out they got technology as included in this incredible amount of money, but did it work?

We stand today as it may be, we stand today on the verge of reaching a “Free State.” Have we reached it? We are purchasing still, we are still purchasing Technology. That means we are in a state of, we must recover the points spent from the purchase, and still we are generally not having to “Pay.” So let’s recap: We are spending points, and still not having to pay.

That sounds to me like a Free State!

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