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I was day dreaming just now and I thought, saving my mom is like a ball rolling downhill, and you have to try to reverse the downhill speed into going in reverse, or, uphill. It’s not like a ball rolling down the street, which is flat.

This is like saying, what you are trying to do is altogether impossible, the ball is rolling faster by the second (it’s getting harder) and what your doing is not going to stop the ball from rolling, let alone reverse it’s inertia completely, that is out of the question.

So 3 speeds, uphill, which is what we want, we want to be gaining ground or, going uphill, and then there’s rolling along on a flat surface or, going nowhere, and there’s rolling downhill, which is losing ground. We have been losing ground but, I have a trick up my sleeve for this, and I do think that it will work.

Firstly what are these pages really? Casting. I am a caster, so I will cast because, that is what a caster does. There’s no way to reverse the motion that the ball is in to going uphill, doing what we’re doing, so I had an avalanche race down to where the ball was, rolling downhill, and bury it so we don’t lose any more ground.

Now we just have to wait to be rescued, if we ever are, and hopefully we will eventually find ourselves onto level ground, with a giant mountain far off in the distance to one day climb.

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