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It kinda seems like, as I was dancing on that stage when I was in 7th grade, I was thinking, there’s not anything that you can do, because of the speed it is going at. That is, the speed of technological development.

The Speed of Technological Development is so high that I don’t know what else we could possibly do. Tie it off and make sure that it continues? That’s a good idea. Now what about feeding it, like a fire? That’s probably a good idea too.

Looking for the next set of technology is not exactly what we should be aiming for, because it will just happen automatically now. Everyone needs to set their priorities to the greatest gain.

So I change the idea of what I just said. I think everyone needs to tune in to perfect shots taken. If you need help with that, ask for it in the air… I won’t say more.

If the speed of technological gain is so high, then, that speed, it’s almost like you can’t make it go any faster, these are contradictory statements I know but I think they are right sometimes in some areas, where in other areas they may apply in differing ways.

We must have some kind of work done to what is the optimal thing to be doing, and that, is kinda obvious, that the Queen can do that. I don’t know how much she has on her plate, but… I still need to add this.

Optimal Actions, targets, what to do about the fire burning?

Don’t come back! Anytime!

Report back to me if the fire is burning yet bright enough? Or will burn bright enough given it’s current speed at which it burns at a faster rate. Perhaps there’s like, until we get the actual product produced by this uncontrollable fire, there might not be anything we can do. That statement, it needs evaluated.

I don’t exactly know what to do right now. “Maintain Priority”?

So report back to me, finding someway to do this.

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