Reading The Clouds

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I was driving around and, I was looking at the clouds from my car when there wasn’t any tree’s blocking my view. They looked like they had lines in them, a puffy amount of cloud and then a line dividing the other puffs, they were like someone drew them like that. As I drove around the lines kinda dispersed and left way to something like sunshine.

I took it as meaning something, those lines, and them breaking in the same turn, I took it as we would, if we just worked at it, be able to break through, although it could take say, 4 years, I don’t know, if it will only take 2 years that seems hard to believe.

But the clouds seemed as though they would allow for a break!

And now for something completely different…

The various Mexican druglords will all rally to supply the one, the Mob, with that precious white lady! so multiple lords working in coordination to supply them, that is what we are suggesting.

And i’ve got such a long way to go…

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