Outage (Another Look)

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When we look at things from another perspective, for instance, what if the bill were not yet all the way paid? What if we, had farther to go?

What if there were negative events yet to transpire?

The Ancients paid the ultimate price; I wonder what, for example; When you think about what “Commander Bill” had to do to get to where we are, that’s like, something like 300,000 years time. He did that much time, and although he’s flying around in a space ship somewhere in the northwest corner of the Universe now, he wasn’t always.

He had to pay a price, I know he did time, and work, so I don’t know what else he had to do. That is what had to happen for us to get to where we are today, with all this technology, James Dean programs, Artificial Brains, all of that made possible by the works of Commander Bill.

If not only through his charities, but through them, we would have to assume, hey, we owe these peoples who sacrificed so much. So much.

So what all this means basically, is that we are in debt to these peoples, especially the ancients, although they have so much now, we owe them this, and so we opt to take only what we need.

In the calculation of what we get, where we go, we have the option of taking some price, but I opt to pass on all of that, and only take what I need, the rest blown backwards like a shotgun blast, rallying back to Commander Bill, then after that stop it’s flying backwards again to the Ancients. Were there aliens during the time of our Ancestors trials? How much do we owe them?

I guess how much doesn’t matter so much as it’s a really big number… Like we owe them a heavy price… So when looking at it, just that it is like literally, unpayable, we must opt to only take what we need, and then the rest being tallied to beings and entities that lived before this universe was here.

That is my theory, that there was some race of beings, before this universe began, that inhabited time and space. They eventually, after great trials and tribulations, advanced, out from nothing, and somehow intelligence began to develop, I don’t know the whole story, but they started at point Zero, there wasn’t even intelligence back then, and they still survived.

All we are facing is just regressions from having all that debt taken off of us. Paying that bill, it is not so hard, I find it, but after everything that has happened, to wind up with generally a negative account balance, that is kinda tough, but it’s fair you see the Ancients paid for it, not me, so I would expect to have a negative account balance.

Good sailing to you partner as you deliver from the Mob, or the Marines, or both, I can’t figure it out.

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