Hail The Start Of The War!

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So you witnessed it, the very, very beginning (Officially speaking,) of the “War” or what will become “The Great War” or, …

It started with blood gang members on the wallpaper and I was playing… Counting Crows – Omaha, which would mark a hard landing onto the start of what would be World War 2, except this is much greater than World War 2 (obviously?)

So Hail The Start Of The War!

Celebrations abound as our Soldiers and Troops make their landing onto Occupied Territory! (this is of course, not literal but philosophically speaking, as there is no real “Omaha” of what this war is called, the “Great War”)

Troops everywhere are hailed for their landing, codenamed “Mexico” because mexico kinda makes the same shape as the beaches landed on during World War 2. Complete even with animal hostages, we really have thought of it all~!

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