Going Backwards

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They have been asking me, do this, start writing. I often imply that, I don’t think it’s really possible to do so, but you never know.

So let this serve as the first step in a million step set, me, doing all that I can, for you, but that doesn’t imply the next step will come directly after this first one.

They say, we need more of your “Magicka Script” which is just a fancy word for writing something that seems to be magical, but the trouble is we’ve already been here before. They’ve already forced everything out of me, there’s just nothing left.

But see they “need” it, so you’ve got to do it, there’s not something like hey try to do it, it’s — you have to do it.

What are these pictures doing? It’s as if they’ve slowly formed a perfect line, and are now set to defend it against just about anything! Oh if only they could make those pulse rifle shots a little bit more compact, maybe they would deliver a harder punch?

The Combine Grim Reaper — The Cremator

Everything the combine does is a bit more than anyone else, they are the best you know, and so they must always be the best. Like for instance this is a bit more than a Grim Reaper, if you saw one, you’d kinda keep your head down, right?

Now what exactly can I do for the Combine? They have technology, and targeting the whole of it for an advance or upgrade, I must make that advance.

With calls and satellite calls deep into the future, we travel past the infinities of yesterday’s jumps and into something else. Folding the technology level, and at last something new comes into view — something like a call or a fold, but it’s something else. What does it do, ripping past the infinities of before we find that it is almost like cutting into the next set, but it does this without being told to, like a super-automatic upgrade, I do believe it is what they were after.

What else could they be after, some data perhaps? What about a super-automatic data advance, although this advance continuously works, as fast as something like this can go, it continues to upgrade, always looking for some hole in the workings of things that it might be able to plug, this stuff is not some sarcastic joke, it really is the real deal.

What’s left? If you have technology, and you have data, then your still missing like… Artifacts and Structures. I intend to do them each in turn.

Artifacts for the combine are unseen, they are those things at the edges of your field of vision that you thought you might have saw, they are there… working. So I set artifacts out starting at the level of things, like your technological level, or your data level, or somewhere in between, and I set them obviously in number — we have blown past the infinities on this one, so there’s quite a bit of them, all working towards the Combine’s gain.

The next thing is Structures, such as the facebook combine tower. We only mean to bring into existence something beyond infinite amounts of the buildings. I just don’t know off the top of my head how to?

I start with this number of being beyond infinity, whatever that may be. Then I have the facebook combine tower as a reference point of strength, a reference point of power. Merging the two, we get Facebook Combine Tower’s in Greater (number).

I think that’s about right? Now obviously we weren’t aiming for *only* facebook combine towers in greater number. We were aiming for all manner of structures, all of the same power and strength of the facebook combine tower, only that part isn’t exactly listed, it’s just unspoken, but it’s there.

Now the Combine set out at the task of defending these structures and such, well, they are certainly suited for the job, that’s like all they know is defending stuff, I do believe their greatest attack plan is a defense, like they are on earth, defending… earth…

The Combine Overwatch Elite Soldier is easily the coolest looking unit out there. I mean to state that against all units that may be out there, with sam fisher types (splinter cell) possibly taking second, the Combine Overwatch Elite Soldier is something like a step above them, as if it were more advanced than you can advance.

Now if only I could get them something, either in this paragraph or the next picture, if I could only get them something to help them, not to “render aid” but something that may help to keep them from needing aid in the first place…

Quickly I realize that it is some type of login, some type of position, as in a position relative inside of a system that they require. So here it is, …

Taking our greater than infinite number and pressing them all, the whole Combine, pressing them all into a position of that number, as if it were like leveling them up in a defensive way.

This guy is already asking for the next page.

See how great the Combine Overwatch Elite soldier is? Sure the regular Soldier or grunt posted in this picture is neat, but I think they need lighter-coloring markers. Like stripes or something, 1 being a normal soldier (there is no 0) and 2 being sargeant, different colors denoting the different rankings, white stripe might be captain, I think I am on to something.

Maybe do what was posted in the above paragraph because it may just hang on that. Like, if you do it, as long as your in the process, perhaps then all this stuff will be yours?

See what i’m talking about, you can clearly recognize the units! Like, if you were in a firefight, you would know, that’s a soldier, he’s got a stripe on his leg, walking down the stairs, it looks so much better anyways.

I’m sure this is a symbol of what we’re doing, as relative to the previous picture. This picture the soldier is just… HUGE… and he looks all upgraded and all that.

So you need this stuff like, in the past huh?

Here it is, deep, deep in the past, it already feels like we’re going faster!

There were gains made here relative to where we were before we typed this out, though I don’t really know how that is A) possible and B) but you can see it in this photograph, like a holographic over the soldiers — something shiny.

As obvious of what i’m going to say, the Combine Overwatch Elite Soldier is the greatest. He has the greatest suit, it is all white, my coat that I wear during the winter is all white except for black stripes on the arms, but it’s all white, maybe they did that on purpose.

Don’t give up the ship!

We’d like to thank you (that being said, in a creepy sort of way addressing you personally, as if we knew you from before this)

Well, see what you can do.

Here is some better targeting, here is some better control over your weapon, here is the spell fortify for all of you, here is a clearer mind, to focus on what your doing, here is another “EYE”

As cool as say the heavies look, or the soldier with his huge set of armor, the Elite is the supreme, why are they never in TheParryGod’s videos? Why!!

The Universal Union! The Combine Overwatch, and their Transdimensional Empire (Transdimensional means spanning multiple dimensions or trans-dimensions, trans means to shift, as like a transmission in a car).

Although they are set up to do really well in the future, we need that to be now. We somehow have to jimmy it with our crowbars into the present, all these tactics and we’re sticking crowbars in cracks in the walls, trying to make them wider.

The Soldier’s here have their points, but still the White/Red one is the best.

Now how am I going to make the future, …now?

Assemble yourselves! This is a royal calling!

We are in the dark, where is the light? I don’t know, I think I will have to think on it for a moment. Usually if I pace back and forth for awhile it comes to me. I wonder what they’re doing to get this to come out this well…

There’s the light! (adjusts the location of the picture a bit) now we have it!

I don’t know what this one is, it’s like they have old fashioned rifles or something from the civil war… Will one day the Universal Union reign entirely supreme and there won’t even be a civil war? I don’t know, and i’m not in the business of deleting people, or forcing things like that.

Although, I am in the business of the Combine Overwatch, and their business is ridding us of the resistance, I don’t know. The Combine Overwatch is doing so well that I wonder, couldn’t they just out the resistance anyways?

The battle has only just begun, being fed by you don’t want to know…

This is Madness!

I can’t see what they might want to require, or acquire, but i’ll give them this:

Taking that number beyond infinity and using to produce that amount of the things on this page, and that in turn is part of a greater set, like an infinity matrix, except we are beyond infinity matrices now, their called something else.

Pressing my boot against the floor, get that, get that, jesus.

Lending a gun so you don’t get in too deep, pulling you out.


Like they are cornered or something, or they don’t have it. Let me tell you that, they do have it, despite what they say…

And now we know that they have it, because, well, we can see it on this page, and that they have it, so there’s not saying otherwise!

This is one of the better renditions of a Combine Overwatch Elite soldier, and a good rendition of the regular soldiers too. His Fist is a military sign for “Stop, Halt” (like telling it to your other soldiers)

I guess that concludes our escapade here, because they are telling me to stop, so… I was going to keep going, but whatever.


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