Duck And Roll

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I was listening to “The O’Jay’s – Love Train” and thinking about my dad, what was he trying to accomplish with this love train song. Then I just let that go because, there’s not really any way to tell what “Love Train” might mean, then I started thinking…

Russia is like the actual appearance of say, “it”, and China/Korea are worse, and America is the least harsh, with maybe Britain being an appearance of something perhaps slightly above America.

This gives us a very important glimpse into the inner workings of the System or, “System”

I don’t know really what to make of it yet, but I will figure it out. What it means, if Russia is the actual physical state, and America, fuck yea, is slightly less harsh, for instance they aren’t running suicide lines into the Ukrainian Army’s trenches, they do that in Russia, but not in the United States, as if the United States was an appearance of a covered version of Russia, as if it were blocked from the actual physical, harsh reality of where we are in time.

We know we will prevail, we just don’t know how long that is going to take, but I am guessing that if this has taken this much, with our technological level raising by the second, it seems that it’s going to take a really long time.

Like, if what we’ve done so far isn’t enough, or is “not good enough” then what would be good enough? What we’re doing, rubbed on the Construct over thousands and thousands of years, that might be enough to break it and claim an absolute victory.

That is, after all, what we’re after here, “Victory!”

What are all these Giant Rubber Ducks doing floating around the country? I can’t even!

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